I Became a God
43 Demon
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I Became a God
Author :KrisSirk
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43 Demon

The residents of the afterlife were shocked at hearing that Adum had a master. Adum having a master meant that there was something above a god.

Adum told the three guards to go back to what they were doing. The guards were shaken, the mysterious force that was pushing them down, and trying to make them kneel was powerful. They would remember Karl for the rest of their lives.

Karl listened to Adum and followed him to his office. As they walked, Adum asked Karl a question, "Master, what is that form you're taking?"

"Well, I couldn't take a form of an existing race, or else they'd think they were superior, so I chose this form. Why? Do you not like it?" Karl explained.

"No, it's not that. That makes sense, and I like it. I think it suits you very much, master," Adum replied.
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Adum greeted two guards as he entered his office. "So, this is where I do my work."

Karl looked around. It was very white. It looked as if everything was made out of marble. "Did you create all of this? It looks good."

Adum nodded. "Yes, I was the first to discover that you could shape the afterlife with spiritual mana." He grabbed a chair for Karl. "Please, take a seat."

Karl took a seat, and Adum sat across from him.

"So, what would you like to know?" Adum asked.

"Anything. Good or bad, I don't care," Karl replied.

Adum nodded. "Well, some of the souls are becoming reapers like the Kaitera."

"How does that work?" Karl asked, curious.

"They go to school and are taught everything that a Kaitera knows. This is a temporary job, as the more souls they transport to the afterlife, the less time they need to wait for reincarnation."

"That's pretty smart. So is that what the bad people are doing to shorten their waiting time?"

"Ehh... Not exactly. Some people have done a lot of bad things that I've sentenced them to over a thousand years in the afterlife. As you can expect, they didn't like this very much. A small, evil group of spirits has gone around, recruiting the evilest beings in the afterlife, and they're trying to find a way to break out of the afterlife."

"That's bad. Have they made any progress?"

"Unfortunately, yes. They call themselves demons, and they've managed to corrupt spiritual mana to create their own type of mana that only they can use, Demonic Mana."

"Demonic Mana? How different is it to the other types of mana?"

"Very different. It's an evil power that will corrupt the user no matter what, at least that's what we've seen. Using Demonic Mana, they've made themselves a physical body and have managed to change their species."

"Let me guess. Their new race is called demons?"

"Yes. Demons come in many shapes and sizes. Sometimes, the user wants to look as they were before, or something completely different. Whatever the form, all demons have black eyes, if they have any. Their mana is a deep crimson, and they all have horns."

Although Karl knew that they were evil, he couldn't help but like them as they sounded badass. "So how many demons are out there? And have they managed to break out of the afterlife?"

Adum shook his head. "Thankfully, they haven't broken out of the afterlife, but they will eventually. I've been finding small rips in the afterlife. They're small enough that nothing will escape, but that means that the demons have found a way to escape. It's only a matter of time before they perfect it and escape."

"And for the demons' numbers, there aren't that many, only about 24, but we found out that anyone can turn into a demon as long as they accept the demonic mana, they'll turn into a demon," Adum continued.

"Hmm, so I could turn into a demon?" Karl asked.

"That is highly unlikely. You are my master, the Supreme God. You'll only turn into a demon if you wish to be one."

Karl laughed. "You're right. Can I see one of these demons? If it's possible."

Adum nodded. "Yes, we have one in prison, but please be warned, it's repulsive."

"That's fine, but it does make me wonder. If it can choose what it can look like, why'd this one choose to be ugly?"

"Our theory is that it was originally a monster, probably a slime. You'll see why, follow me."

Karl nodded and followed Adum out of his office and to the prison. The prison looked pretty good, and looked nothing like a prison, but on the front were six big, and bold letters, P-R-I-S-O-N.

As Karl entered the prison, he passed through a secure gate and followed Adum down a set of stairs. They kept going down until they arrived at the basement of the prison.

"Only the worst are kept here. The good thing is, there's only one being here, the demon," Adum told Karl.

"That's good," Karl replied as Adum led him to the demon's cell.

Karl saw that the entire cell was made entirely with transparent material, showcasing the demon in its full view.

The demon was repulsive, alright. It looked to be a massive blob of flesh with eight horns atop its head. Black eyes dotted the sides of its body as it moved across the cell.

"It is repulsive. What if it breaks out of this glass cell?" Karl asked.

"Don't worry, the chances of that happening are close to none. I made this cell myself with my spiritual mana, and the only thing stronger than that is Aphy's and yours," Adum replied.

"Ok, that's good." Karl scrutinized the demon. "It does resemble a slime. Do you think it can shapeshift?" Karl asked.

"Maybe. I know that when a mortal slime gets strong enough, it can shapeshift, so this demon slime probably could."

The demon looked at the two with its many eyes. It made its way towards the two, pressing itself on the glass.

"It doesn't seem very smart," Karl said.

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    《I Became a God》