I Became a God
44 Demon King
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I Became a God
Author :KrisSirk
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44 Demon King

"It's not, but it is strong." Adum looked at the demon with disgust. "The demons know that we've taken one of them, so they'll definitely try to help it out."

"How did you even capture this demon?" Karl tapped on the glass, making the demon move.

"The residents of the city were reporting what they called a ball of flesh that was alive. At first, we didn't take it seriously, but we were forced to when it started devouring people."

"It devoured people?"

"Yup, it just absorbed them, making itself stronger." As much as that was evil, Karl thought it was badass.

Meanwhile, far away from the city of the dead, eight demons were having a meeting. These eight demons are the strongest demons, with each one of them sentenced to over ten thousand years in the afterlife.

A male demon covered in rock-like scales spoke first, "When can we escape this hell?" This wasn't an ordinary male demon. It was the one who created demonic mana and the first demon, The Demon King.

"Ssssoooon," a female demon said. Her lower body resembled that of a snake's, and she had a long tongue. "We are making big progressss. The dimensional ripssss are almosssst big enough for ussss to crossss."

The Demon King nodded. "That is very good, Sthise. When do you think we'll be able to escape?"

Sthise blushed, her tail wagging back and forth. "Maybe in a week? It'ssss hard to ssssay."

"Good, we'll finally be able to go back to the mortal realm." The Demon King looked around at the other demons. "Does anyone have something else important?"

A male demon that resembled a tiger spoke up, "My king, I have something important."

"What is it?" the Demon King asked.

"We didn't think it would be possible, but we've found a Kaitera that wants to be a demon," the tiger demon replied.
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"Interesting. Are you sure it's not a spy?"

"That is unlikely as even if it's a spy, the demonic mana will corrupt it, turning it to our side."

The Demon King laughed. "Good, good."

Back to Karl and Adum, they were back in Adum's office.

"So, anything else?" Adum asked.

"No, that should be it," Karl replied.

"Master, can I ask you something?"

"Go for it."

"What should we do about the demons? They're evil and will cause a lot of chaos in the world. If you want, I can go and eliminate them right now."

"NO! You mustn't interfere. Let things happen, and I'll tell you if you can interfere."

Adum nodded. "I understand."

"Good. Now, I'm gonna go and explore the world." Karl waved goodbye at Adum and disappeared.

Karl changed his form, appearing as an elderly human. He had a long beard, and he wore white clothes. For his first destination, he went to the floating city of the Ancient Ones.

Karl laughed, looking around. "A lot of things have changed."

Karl walked through the streets, following the crowd. He didn't have a set destination; he just wanted to walk around and see everything.

A lot of things have changed in the city of the Ancient Ones. What used to be a city on the rooftops of the jungle, was now floating and looked over it.

The discovery of mana and dungeons was like the industrial revolution. As the race that was most proficient with magic, most items were based on mana.

People's houses were enchanted that so long mana was supplied, it would be just the right temperature. Of course, the city charged people with how much mana they used, and that was their mana bill for the month.

Houses weren't the only thing that has changed in the past thousand years. Weapons have changed significantly. The dwarves discovered enchanting, and the Ancient Ones soon after.

Enchanting usually paid very well, as good enchantments were very expensive. People used enchantments in a variety of ways. Making a sword sharper, or sturdier, or even give it the power to wield fire.

Using enchantments, the Ancient Ones made something called a mana battery. These were bright crystal orbs that held a certain amount of mana, depending on the quality of enchantment.

These mana batteries were very popular with mages as a backup in case they ran out of mana.

Mana is an essential resource to the Ancient Ones, but there was one thing everyone knew about mana. Everything mana creates, would eventually disappear and transform back to mana.

There were exceptions to that rule, like Divine Mana, but only gods and the descendants of those gods would have access to that.

Since everything that mana created turned back into mana given enough time, people couldn't just make wood out of mana and use it to build something. They had to gather the resources physically.

People still used this rule to its advantage, though. Let's say if someone washes with water that was made by mana, the water will eventually disappear.

There is something that stays the same with mana though. Anything mana does, won't change. So if a fire created out of mana burns down a forest, the forest would stay burned down, but the fire will disappear no matter what unless someone made it with divine mana.

Using his divine mana, Karl created a gold coin. He was walking around the streets of the floating city when he saw someone selling street food. It looked very good, but he didn't have any money, so he just created one.

Karl approached the street vendor and looked over the list of food he could order.

"Good morning sir. What would you like?" the street vendor asked Karl.

Karl stroked his beard. He enjoyed it quite a bit. All his life, he never had a beard, and it felt pretty nice. "Hmmm, can I have the rabbit nuggets? Ten pieces."

"Why yes, you can." Usually, the street vendor would ask the customer to pay before he made the food, but Karl was an older man and looked nice. The street vendor got to work. He had already prepared the rabbit nugget pieces, and he just had to fry them.

"Thank you." Karl nodded his head at the vendor and watched him cook his food.

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    《I Became a God》