I Became a God
46 Leaving the Dwarven City
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I Became a God
Author :KrisSirk
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46 Leaving the Dwarven City

"It's ta help a race that me master has recently brought into this world, humans," Mutyx explained.

Garrik's jaw just about fell to the ground, hearing this. His master, a god, had a master? "Master, what do you mean you have a master? Aren't you a god?"

Mutyx nodded. "Aye, I be a god, but I wasn't just born. Someone created me, me master."

"Then what's your master? What's greater than a god?" Garrik asked.

Mutyx grabbed another piece of steel and started working on the next sword. "Hmmmm, I guess ye cou' call him a supreme god. If ye had ta label him, he wou' be tha supreme god o' creation. He created everything."

God of Creation. Garrik had been around a long time, roughly a thousand years, and he was close to the end of his lifespan until his master saved him. Throughout his whole life, he has heard of a lot of myths about gods, the God of Destruction, Magic, Crafting, and even the God of Death, but he has never heard of a God of Creation.

Thinking about it, it made a lot of sense, but it was still a bit crazy. Garrik thought about what his master said. The boat was to help a new race called humans. "So this boat is for helping a new race called humans? How come I've never heard of this race?"

Mutyx laughed as he hammered away the piece of steel. "Because they're new, an' they're on a different continent."

"On a different continent? I always thought that there was only life on this one," Garrik said.

"Yer thinking too little. It's kind o' weird that your kind has a floating city, but your kind never bothered ta leave tha continent." Mutyx heated the piece of steel so it would be more malleable.

Garrik rubbed his chin in thought. "Yeah, that is weird. Wait, we tried to leave the continent, but every expedition we sent out would never come back, so we never bothered to leave again."

Mutyx laughed as he hammered the steel. "What do ye expect? Your people be predators on land, but your people have never bothered ta even set foot in tha ocean, except for fishing. Tha ocean be a big and dangerous place. Did ye know there be more water than land in tha world?"

"I'll be sure to let the king know about that then," Garrik replied.

The Ancient Ones are some of the apex predators on land, and they've done so well on ground that they've never once considered the Ocean. The Ocean is filled with dangerous creatures, some big enough to eat a city. A lion might be strong on land, but it's defenseless in the Ocean with sharks and vice versa.

"Ye know tha king?" Mutyx asked. "I dinna know ye were popular," he joked.

Garrik chuckled. "I'm not. I only know him because I was one of the earliest ancient ones to be born. Back then, everyone knew everyone."

The day went on just like that. Garrik would help Mutyx, asking questions whenever he was curious about something. Mutyx finished his orders, and eventually, it was nighttime.

"Finally done!" Garrik exclaimed as he swept the shop, cleaning it. "So how are we going to get to the humans? Didn't you say they were on a different continent?"

Mutyx grabbed a broom to help Garrik clean the shop. "Dinna worry. I know a guy, well... I shou' say. I know a girl. Whatever, just know that she can take us there with a snap o' her fingers."

Garrik waved his hands in front of him. "Don't worry about cleaning. I don't need help."

Mutyx placed the broom where he took it. "If ye say so."

"It's the least I can do for you helping me." Garrik continued sweeping the floor at a fast pace. It wouldn't take him long to finish. "So, where is this girl?"

"Tha'ss'a tha problem. She's located far away in your homeland, tha floating city o' tha ancient ones." To help out, Mutyx decided to close the windows and lock them.

Garrik nodded. "Tsk, that is a problem. I'd say it would take us a week to get there, but that's on a decently fast mount. Walking would take us a long time."

"Dinna worry aboot tha mount. I have an idea, just point me in tha direction o' it."

"Alright, but whatever we do, we have to go properly. Going into the city illegally can get us arrested, which can slow us down." Garrik finished cleaning and put his broom away. "Alright, all done."

"Good, follow me." Mutyx left the shop, with Garrik following beside him. He closed the doors and locked them so no one could break-in.

"Where are we going?" Garrik asked.

Mutyx walked through the streets of the iron fortress, making his way to the gate. "Leaving tha city."

The two arrived at the giant, iron gate where the guards asked them a few questions about where they were going, and why they were leaving. After answering the questions, the guards allowed them to leave.

As soon as they left the city, Mutyx looked around, trying to find somewhere flat and empty.

"Master, what are you looking for?" Garrik asked.

"A place tha'ss'a flat an' empty," Mutyx replied.

Eventually, after looking around, Mutyx found one. It was flat and empty, just like he wanted, and the ground was hard rock. "Move out o' tha way."

Garrik moved out of the way and watched his master channel his divine mana. Mutyx channeled his mana into a solid, solidifying it. He now had solid divine mana.

Mutyx grabbed his hammer and got to work. He hammered on the piece of divine mana, changing its shape.
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Garrik watched his master in confusion. The solid divine mana broke into many different pieces, and to Garrik, it just looked like a mess, but he knew that his master knew what he was doing.

Mutyx solidified more divine mana as he ran out. He turned the new solid divine mana into many different pieces.

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    《I Became a God》