I Became a God
48 Mutyx“s First Time in the Floating City
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I Became a God
Author :KrisSirk
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48 Mutyx“s First Time in the Floating City

Garrik and Mutyx enjoyed the ride, Mutyx, more so than Garrik. The fresh air hit them, making their hair flow with the wind. They kept continuing in a straight line above the clouds, looking over everything.

Flocks of birds flew under them, landing at a lake to drink water. Large herds of animals roamed the ground below, eating away at the grass.

Just like that, half an hour passed. Mutyx fell asleep, snoring away on top of Alpha. Garrik, on the other hand, was wide awake. Unlike his master, he couldn't sleep.

Garrik looked around and saw some familiar landmarks. "We're almost there." Garrik pointed to his left at the savannah. "Go that way."

Alpha jerked left, changing his direction and heading for the savannah. The savannah is the Lolleon's territory. The savannah is where the Lolleon's built their first city.

As they flew over the savannah, they saw buildings in the distance. They were mere dots because they were so high up, but Garrik had an excellent vision, partly because of the ring, and Alpha had perfect mechanical eyes.

Threats rarely came from the skies, so the residents of the city didn't bother looking up. They just continued going by their day, unaware that a mechanical dragon was flying right above them.

Even if they did look up, all they would see was a golden streak in the night sky, comparable to a shooting star.

Thankfully, they flew right above the city, undetected. They continued flying through the savannah, Mutyx still asleep.

After flying for some time, they finally saw a jungle and something floating in the sky. The thing floating in the air was, of course, the floating city.

"Go land under the city, but not directly under it. A few several meters away would be perfect," Garrik ordered Alpha.

Alpha nodded and turned his body downwards to the ground. "Hang tight!"

Alpha started plummeting downwards. He brought his wings closer to him so he would be more aerodynamic.

Garrik held on tight as they gained more and more speed. The speed and air together lifted him from his seat, which scared him even more. Somehow, Mutyx was still sleeping and showed no signs of flying out of his place.

Alpha smiled as he plummeted downwards. "Whooooo!"

Garrik watched as they got closer and closer to the ground. "Alpha, stop!"

"Don't worry. I got this." Alpha got lower and lower, but he knew that if he got any lower, it would injure his passengers, so he raised his wings last second. The wind caught under his wings and gently brought him down for a soft landing. "That was fun!"

"I... don't know... about that..." Garrik jumped off the saddle and started puking on the ground. He groaned as he wiped his mouth. "Ughhh."

Mutyx finally began waking up. He opened his eyes, looking around. There were trees all around him. "Be we finally here?"

Mutyx got off Alpha and saw Garrik. "Ye dinna look too good, what happened?"

Garrik coughed. "Don't worry about it. I just got a bit motion sick. That's all."

"If ye say so. How do we get into tha city?" Mutyx asked.

"We can't bring Alpha. He would attract too much attention," Garrik replied.

Mutyx nodded. "I have just tha thing for that." Mutyx went up to Alpha. "Storage Mode."

"Confirmed," Alpha said in a robotic voice.

Alpha's body started changing. His massive body turned into a golden ball, just the size of a marble. Mutyx grabbed the golden ball, placing it in his pocket.

"How is that possible? He was big, and now he's small. That shouldn't be possible." Garrik asked, confused.

"Shapeshifting enchantments. So, how do we enter tha floating city? We're down here, an' it's all tha way up there."

"I'll tell you while we walk." Garrik started heading in the direction of the floating city, Mutyx, right beside him. "You don't have to worry about that. On the ground, there's a teleport pad that you can pay to use. It'll take you up to the floating city."

Mutyx nodded. "So how much is the fee?"
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"Last I checked, five silver coins, but there's a chance they raised the cost. Either way, we have more than enough money to pay for it," Garrik replied.

The two arrived at their destination, under the floating city. There was a big platform with magic symbols, five guards around the platform, and two guards sitting down, taking money.

One of the guards that were sitting down waved at Garrik. "Hey! Are you going up?"

"Yup, how much? Is it still five silver?" Garrik asked the guard as he walked over with Mutyx.

The guard shook his head. "No, they lowered the price. It's four silver now."

"Great." Garrik took out four silver coins and gave it to the guard. "There you go."

The guard looked at Mutyx. "Is he coming with you?"

Garrik nodded.

"It's per person, remember?" the guard reminded Garrik.

"Ah, sorry." Garrik took out four more silver coins and gave it to the guard.

"Thank you! Go stand over there on the platform, and enjoy your time."

Garrik and Mutyx walked to the platform and stood in the middle of it. The symbols started glowing a bright blue. A blue light surrounded them, and the two disappeared.

Garrik and Mutyx reappeared on a similar platform, but this time, they were in the floating city. A woman greeted them in blue clothes. "Hello, and welcome! Is it your first time here?"

Garrik shook his head. "No thank you, I was born here."

Garrik knew who the woman in blue clothes was. They're a group of criminals that targeted unknowing tourists. They would take them for a 'tour' but rob them by the end of it.

Garik turned to his master. "Master, do you know where the person we're looking for is?"

Mutyx shook his head. "Nope, I've nae idea," he said. "Dinna worry aboot it. Me an' tha person have a connection so ta speak."

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    《I Became a God》