I Became a God
49 Krofora
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I Became a God
Author :KrisSirk
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49 Krofora

Garrik didn't precisely know what Mutyx meant by that, but he trusted him. "Ok, lead the way."

Mutyx started walking, trying to feel the Aphy's presence. It was weak, but it was there. He made his way to her presence.

Mutyx knew he was getting closer and closer as the presence was becoming stronger and stronger. He also felt other familiar presences like Hoemis, and his master, Karl.

Mutyx knew why Hoemis was in the city, but why his master? It didn't affect him, so he just ignored it and kept following Aphy's presence.

Mutyx kept following Aphy's presence, Garrik behind him. It eventually led them to a big school that was walled off. The school only had one entrance, a large steel gate. He looked up at the sign above the gate.

'Krofora, School of Magic,' the sign read.

The gate of the school was open, and there were many students in the courtyard. Some were practicing magic, studying for their next tests, or just relaxing under the bright moon.

"Master, is this where the person that can help us is at?" Garrik asked Mutyx.

Mutyx nodded as he fixed his beard, which had been flapping around in the wind. "Aye. I think she's a teacher, but I cou' be wrong."

Mutyx garnered some looks from the students, as for many of them, this was their first time seeing a dwarf. They've studied about them in the textbooks, but reading about them is different from seeing them.

Mutyx paid the looks no mind and approached the front door of the school. The door was a big wooden door with intricate designs carved on it, and there were even some enchantments on it. He turned the door handle and opened the big door.

When he opened the door, students and even staff members looked over at him. Mutyx looked around, trying to find Aphy.

A man dressed in a fancy robe came up to him. "Hello sir, how can I help you?"

"I'm looking for someone. Her name be Aphy, do ye know her?" Mutyx asked.

The man looked at Mutyx with a weird face. "Aphy? Do you mean the Goddess of Magic? As far as I know, there's no one here named that."

"Master, is this person who I think it is?" Garrik whispered to Mutyx so that the man wouldn't hear.

Mutyx nodded, confirming what Garrik thought. "Hmm, do ye mind if I look around 'en?"

The man shook his head. "No, of course not. Although we do have a rule, visitors can only visit for two hours a day, and they can't participate in any classes."

"I'll keep that in mind. Thank ye very much," Mutyx said.

The man left Mutyx and Garrik alone, going back to what seemed like the school office.

Mutyx went back to following Aphy's presence, Garrik behind him. Her presence was becoming stronger and stronger. He went up a set of stairs, going to the second floor.

Mutyx followed Aphy's presence, walking through a hallway. He kept walking, but suddenly, he stopped in front of a door, room 208.

"Ah, this be where she be." Mutyx opened the door and saw a woman sitting down at a desk and writing something.

The woman, named Aphy, looked over to the person who opened the door. "Mutyx? What are you doing here?"

"Me an' me assistant need your help," Mutyx replied.

Aphy stood up and walked over to Mutyx, leaning down and hugging him. "Well, as long as it's reasonable," she said. "What do you need help with?"

"Do ye know tha humans? Tha new species that master made? They're on a different continent an' it wou' really help us if ye took us there."

"Come in first." Aphy moved out of the way, letting the two enter the room. "I know the humans. I know every race that uses magic."

"Tha'ss'a good. So, can ye take us there?" Mutyx asked.

Aphy nodded. "I can definitely take you there with no effort, but why do you want to go there?"

"I'm thinking o' building a big ship, but instead o' it being in tha ocean, it'll be flying in tha air," Mutyx replied.

"Umm, ok, but why do you need to go to the humans for this?" Aphy asked. "Can't you just build it here on this continent?"

"I cou', but I'm building tha ship ta help humans. They're far from everyone an' a big ship wou' help them," Mutyx explained. "If yer wondering if master will allow it, he already said that he's fine with it. He's tha one who suggested tha idea."

"Alright, since master allowed it, I'll help you. Where do you want to go? Anywhere on the continent?"

"Take us ta a place close ta tha humans, but nae too close."

Aphy nodded. "Alright, get ready."

Just before Aphy was going to transport them, Garrik interrupted her. "Wait! I understand you're the Goddess of Magic, right? Well, could I get an autograph or something?"

Aphy giggled. "Sure, honey." She grabbed a pen that was on her desk.

"How come ye never asked me for me autograph?" Mutyx asked, feeling betrayed.

"Uhhh, well..." Garrik rubbed the back of his neck.

"Don't worry about it. What do you want me to sign?" Aphy asked Garrik.

"Oh, umm." Garrik opened his bag and searched around in it. He took out a small wooden wand. "Could you sign this?"

"Definitely. I'll even make it better." Aphy grabbed the wand and signed it. It wasn't a regular signature, as she signed it with Divine Mana instead of ink. On the wand was Aphy's signature, inscribed with golden letters.

Garrik grabbed the newly signed wand and inspected it. "Thank you very much!"

Aphy giggled. "This is actually my first time giving someone an autograph, so treasure it well."

Garrik nodded. He placed the wand back in his backpack. "I will!"
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Aphy looked over to Mutyx. "I like him, where'd you get him from?"

"Dinna let his appearance fool ye. He's over a thousand years old," Mutyx revealed.

"Master! I'm sensitive about my age," Garrik said.

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    《I Became a God》