I Became a God
50 Tim
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I Became a God
Author :KrisSirk
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50 Tim

Aphy giggled. "If that's all, I'll happily send you guys over."

Mutyx laughed. "Shou' be. Need anything else, Garrik?"

Garrik shook his head. "No, I don't need anything else."

Aphy smiled at the two. "Well then, off you go."

Aphy channeled her mana. Usually, when she would teach at the school, she would use normal mana instead of divine mana. Since divine mana was very pure and distinct, but transporting people to a whole different continent takes a lot of mana, so she had to use her divine mana.

"Have a safe trip!" Aphy drew a symbol with her mana and snapped her fingers. Garrik and Mutyx disappeared with a snap of her fingers, appearing on the continent of the humans.

Mutyx appeared safe and sound with both of his feet touching the ground, but Garrik, on the other hand, fell a few feet off the ground, landing on his back.

Garrik groaned as he stood up, wiping off the dirt on his clothes. "Ughh, how come I'm the only one that fell on my back?"

Mutyx slapped him on the back. "Dinna be such a baby. Ye kinna die, remember?"

"Just because I can't die doesn't mean that I don't feel pain. And what happens if the ring comes off my finger?" Garrik asked.

"Dinna worry aboot that. As long as tha ring be touching a part o' your body, ye will be immortal," Mutyx reassured Garrik.

"If you say so." Garrik took a look around. There was grass everywhere with a forest in the distance. He could see smoke rising from the forest. "So, we're here now. What do we do?"

"Talk ta tha locals an' rest. It's still night an' i dinna want ta work at night," Mutyx said.

Garrik nodded. Like Mutyx, he was also tired and would like to rest. "But master, wouldn't the locals be scared of us? They've probably never seen anyone like us."

"You are right." Mutyx stroked his beard, wondering what he should do.

As Mutyx was about to reply, the two heard a scream from a human child, "AHHHHHH! Mother, mother! There's a monster! There's two!"

The child dropped the stick that he was holding and ran into the forest towards the smoke.

Mutyx let out a sigh. "Do I really look that ugly?"

"No you don't, master... You look... I'm sure every dwarf lady would want a piece of you..." Garrik said, trying to make his master feel better.

The child arrived at his village, screaming. "Mother! I saw two weird monsters!"

The child's mother went to her son and hugged him. "What is it? What's wrong?"

The child hugged his mother back. "There are weird monsters. They look like us, but one was really tall with grey skin, and the other was really short and had a really long beard."

"Maybe you are just seeing things. It's dark, and you know what I told you about being out in the dark."

"But I know what I saw. What if what I saw was bad?"

"Bad? Who's bad?" a man asked. The man was the child's father. "I'm here, and no one's harming anyone in this village as long as I'm here."

"Our son was out even though I told him he wasn't allowed to, and he apparently saw 'monsters,'" the mother explained. "Tim, could you go and check it out?"

Tim nodded. "Definitely." He walked up to his son and bumped his fist, smiling at him. "Don't worry. Father's got this."

Tim wasn't the strongest in the village, but he was one of the guards. Having a healthy body with big and strong muscles worked to his favor, and that was how he earned the love of his wife.

Tim left his house and made his way to the forest to search for the 'monsters' that his son found.

"Tim? What are you doing? Didn't your shift end a while ago?" a man asked.

"Yeah, but my son apparently saw a monster. I'm just going out to show that he's safe," Tim replied.

The man laughed. "Alright, be safe."

"I will." Tim walked into the forest. It was dark, and there was nothing that gave off light except the moon, but Tim saw just fine. For some reason, he could see at night like it was day, but it wasn't night vision. It was something else.

Tim could feel the energy of things. He didn't know this, but subconsciously, he had been using chakra to enhance himself.
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As Tim yawned, he suddenly heard voices. He hid in a bush, making sure he was hidden and didn't make any noise.

"I think we're getting close to the village," Garrik said as he saw a light in the distance.

Mutyx nodded. "Hmm, we better be."

Tim watched the two walk towards the village. He had never seen anything like them before. Just like his son said, they looked similar to him but different. Whatever they were, Tim didn't know their intentions, and they could be evil like his son said.

Deciding to go for the one that was the strongest, Tim popped out of the bush and pushed Garrik down on the ground. He placed his weight on him and wrapped his hand around Garrik's neck.

"Don't move, or I crush his neck," Tim ordered, tightening his grip on Garrik's neck. "What are you, and what are you doing here?"

Garrik groaned. Although the humans spoke in a different language, Garrik could still understand them as the system was translating it. "We're not here for trouble. We just need a place to rest."

Mutyx let out a loud laugh. "Dinna even try, he's unkillable."

"Nothing is unkillable. Only the gods are unkillable," Tim said. "A place to rest? I'm sorry, but I don't buy that."

"Please don't crush my neck. That would hurt a lot." Garrik glared at Mutyx, making Mutyx chuckle. "I know we're very suspicious, but just trust us. In return for giving us a place to rest, we'll help you with anything."

Tim still didn't trust Garrik. Unconsciously, He sensed Garrik's chakra and felt that it was good, with only a little bit of impurity, so he wanted to believe Garrik, but what if he was wrong.

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    《I Became a God》