I Became a God
53 Designing
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I Became a God
Author :KrisSirk
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53 Designing

Mutyx left the storage, ready to work, his trusty hammer on his back. Just like yesterday, he attracted attention from the locals, but they quickly went back to work, because slacking off would get them less food, or worse, no food.

Mutyx asked around, asking the locals where the ocean was. Some laughed at him, wondering if he really didn't know where the sea was, but the rest were helpful and pointed to the direction of the ocean.

Following the directions the locals gave him, Mutyx arrived at the shoreline. In the distance, he could see fish jumping out of the water and going back in.

Before Mutyx could build the floating ship he wanted, he needed to design it first and figure out what materials he's going to need for building it. He didn't just want the boat to be made of impossible materials and impossible enchantments that only him, the God of Crafting to be able to make, he wanted people to learn and hopefully recreate the boat.

The first thing Mutyx needs is something that allows something to float, like the floating city. Being the God of Crafting, he was born with the knowledge of all the past, present, and future materials in the world.

With the addition of chakra, new materials appeared in the world, utilizing chakra in one way or another. One such material is something called, Chromosium. Chromosium is translucent gold material that acts similarly to the material that makes the floating city of the ancient ones float.

Chromosium, like Magnonite, which is the material used to make the floating city float, also floats, but only if it is powered. Unlike Magnonite, Chromosium absorbs the chakra in the nearby area instead of Magnonite, which absorbs mana.
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Mutyx chose Chromosium instead of Magnonite because it would be a better fit for humans. While inspecting the humans, Mutyx felt that they were more sensitive to chakra. The ancient ones were born with great affinity to mana, and the humans were born with great affinity to chakra, so he chose Chromosium instead of Magnonite.

Mutyx started designing the ship. In the design, the large Chromosium crystals were hidden inside the boat, so the ship's hull would protect them. There were four large Chromosium crystals, One in the front, two on the left and right side of the boat, and one at the back of the ship.

The crystals weren't small either. Looking at the measurements on the design, it was about the size of a small to a medium house.

Since it would be bad if the crystals were to be destroyed, they had to be well protected, so the hull of the ship needed to be strong. Mutyx looked around at the database of materials in his head, looking for suitable material. Being a ship, he wanted it to be wood and not metal.

Eventually, after much looking around, Mutyx found just the material he needed. It's wood, but harder than the average steel. As a bonus, this wood can also be strengthened even more either by infusing it with chakra, or mana. Unfortunately, this type of wood only comes from one tree, something called The Golden Tree.

The Golden Tree is just like its name. It's golden. Its wood and leaves are golden, but there's only one problem. Golden trees are scarce and expensive. They're also very selective where they grow, only growing in places that have lots of sunlight, rain, and moonlight.

This won't affect Mutyx, though, as he can create the wood. The only thing that will be hard is building the boat. Even then, it'll just take time, a lot of time.

Mutyx wanted the boat to look good, so he spent a considerable amount of time designing the hull of the ship. Once he finished designing the hull, he had to think of what else to add to the boat. He added various rooms on the boat, the captain's chambers, sleeping quarters, kitchen, workshop, bathrooms, and a sickbay. He made sure to make some empty rooms, so the people who find the ship can choose what those rooms will be.

Mutyx drew two big masts on the ship so that it could sail in the sky and water. One of the masts was in the middle of the boat, and the other was at the back, which would be used to steer.

Since the ship would float high up in the sky, the winds would be powerful, and the masts would need to be equally or stronger, so it doesn't break. Mutyx needed a fabric that was strong enough to handle winds way stronger than on the ground.

It took a bit of searching, but he finally found the fabric, something called steel fabric. It wasn't a naturally occurring fabric, but if someone practiced hard enough, they could make it. It's made of steel and is very durable, and also very expensive.

Every good ship needed a figurehead, but Mutyx didn't know what he should put as a figurehead. Going with the flying theme, he chose a dragon as his figurehead, complete with wings and all. Obviously, the dragon wouldn't be as big as a real dragon, but it would be big enough to be seen from far away.

Mutyx didn't want to add cannons, as he didn't want to make a warship. If someone wants a warship, then they can build it themselves, and he didn't have a problem with that. Now that he was done with the ship design, he needed to choose a color scheme.

Mutyx went with a white and gold color scheme, making the ship look holy and divine. Once he was done, he looked over the design. He liked it, but it could be improved. He spent the next few hours perfecting the design and making sure it looked good.

After a few hours, Mutyx finished the design. He sighed a sigh of relief as he finished the design. The sun was high up in the sky when he was done. Mutyx was sure that he missed breakfast.

"Ahhh, finally done."

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    《I Became a God》