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Although it was only possible to transport 20 millilitre of test solution, it was already a breakthrough for the problem that had no solution.

Jiang Chen believed that as long as the experiment continued, the problem of interdimensional travel would be solved sooner or later!

The crux of the problem was that transporting 20 millilitre of the test solution consumed 0.01 milligram of antimatter. These antimatter substances were almost everything Lin Lin collected.

According to Lin Lin, it was easier to collect antimatter in space because there would be much less material interference than on Earth. However, it was very difficult to carry out space activities in the apocalypse. Space debris in outer space had almost formed an asteroid belt that orbited the Earth at a terrifying speed.

Construction of an antimatter collection space station on the other side might be a good choice, but from a technical point of view, it seemed quite unrealistic.

But anyway, it was a good start.

Perhaps as the study continued, Lin Lin could find more convenient ways that consumed less antimatter to achieve transporting living creatures between the modern world and the apocalypse.

In order to celebrate this success, Jiang Chen returned to the modern world and asked the dessert chef at the top floor of the Future Building to personally make a 12-inch indulgent pudding cake, which he brought to the apocalypse for Lin Lin as a reward. The excited Lin Lin almost jumped on the cake.

A party was held in the evening. Jiang Chen only remembered he drank a lot of alcohol and didn't remember anything that happened after that.

It was snowing.

This year's winter was earlier than in previous years. The snow fell from the previous afternoon until morning the next day.

Just overnight, the entire city was covered in a layer of silver foundation. Although it was only a thin layer on the ground, people could already smell the nuclear winter from the air and started preparing for the toughest season.

There was a shortage of cabbage and potatoes in the farmers' market on Sixth Street. In order to stabilize prices, Jiang Chen had to shoulder his responsibility as the "food transporter" once again and transported 300 tons of rice and 150 tons of cabbage and potatoes to the apocalypse to stabilize market demand.

The merchants stationed on Sixth Street left the market at the earliest date and headed south. They had to transport their expensive food to areas further south before the snow blocked the roads.

NAC's patrol team also changed their equipment and began to don their winter clothes and drag out the snowmobiles to the damaged streets as they began to patrol NAC territory. The soldiers already completed a ten-kilometer run. They were now entering the training ground with rifles and began live firing exercises under the direction of instructors.

After emptying a clip, the soldiers would then go to the cafeteria to eat. After half an hour of rest, their training continued.

Everyone at Fishbone base lived a fulfilling life, except for the general who "lived lavishly and scandalously". He didn't wake up from the tenderness of the sisters until the Sun was directly over his head.

Planting gentle kisses on Sun Jiao and Xiaorou's foreheads, Jiang Chen covered the two sisters with the blanket, put on some clothes and walked out of the house.

There were two days left before he flew to the UA. It would be inconvenient to return to the apocalypse there. He planned to see what he needed to do and finish all the work before leaving.

When Jiang Chen pushed open the door of the command center, Han Junhua was sitting at the table studying the map. Judging by the coffee that no longer emitted white steam, she must've been there for a long time.

"The last batch of survivors have already made their way. If they didn't stop at the halfway point, they're now estimated to be in Hanzhong. According to the information gathered by the pilots, the Northern Alliance Area has a combat capability between 100,000 and 300,000 soldiers, equipped with pre-war armor and air defense vehicles."

"100,000 to 300,000? The margin of error is that big?" Jiang Chen was surprised.

"Our planes can't get too close. They used air-defense missiles to force away our fighters." Han Junhua gently swiped on the holographic map and opened a window in front of Jiang Chen. "The red zone box was the no-fly zone delineated by the air defense missile."

From Hanzhong to Ankang, they were all enveloped in the air defense missile warning zone of the Northern Alliance Area.

"I still don't understand why they're migrating. If they're expanding, why should they abandon their base in Lanzhou?" Jiang Chen looked at the mark on the map in Hanzhong and he couldn't be any more clueless.

According to merchants from the Northern Alliance Area, it seemed that the military organization named the gendarmerie had political power and implemented a similar military-political-management model as the NAC.

Not only that, but over the past 20 years, the local survivors already developed a large number of farmland and settlements, planted mutated fruits, shell bullets, and a genetically modified plant that resembled potatoes with a poorer taste.

[From this point of view, they shouldn't be facing a severe survival crisis.]

[But why are they so fixated to the south?]

"The specific reasons are only clear to them. There isn't much opportunity for merchants from the Northern Alliance Area to come into contact with survivors. All trade is done directly with the gendarmerie. They don't trust outsiders very much. We have no way of communicating with them." Han Junhua shook her head.

"If we go to war, who do you think has better odds?" Jiang Chen spoke after a moment of thought.

"They have a large amount of PAC pre-war marine equipment, but we have the resources advantage." Here, Han Junhua's beautiful eyebrows wrinkled slightly. She put her hand against her chin, deep in thought before she finally replied, "Perhaps it'll be a brutal battle, but we're unlikely to lose."

Even if they used five Tigers IIs to take down one Wanderer Tank, the odds of winning would still tilt toward NAC. As long as the Type-50 Electromagnetic Pulse Cannon could rip through their armor, Jiang Chen felt there was no reason to make him lose.

However, there was one point Han Junhua didn't consider. NAC wasn't only advantaged in terms of resources, but it was backed by a world of resources. The assembly plant of the kinetic skeleton had been completed on Ange Island. Within a few months, Jiang Chen could bring over tens of thousands of kinetic skeletons to equip every NAC soldier.

Even now, the monthly production of the K1 Kinetic Skeleton on Sixth Street didn't exceed 500.

After considering Han Junhua's opinions, Jiang Chen revised the conscription bill. From next month until March next year, two thousand people were to be recruited each month from the NAC jurisdiction to train at Fishbone base.

At the same time, the three major corps were expanded to three armies containing division-size combat groups. Each division had 2,000 personnel with no upper limit on the number of divisions in each army. With the current force, each army was formed by only four divisions. Based on the number of soldiers now, there was still a large discrepancy between NAC and the Northern Alliance Area 's power.

But victory was never decided by the number of people alone.

If they compared industrial and logistics capabilities, then even ten Northern Alliances would be no match against the invincible NAC.

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