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In addition to the gentleman named Giannini with a difficult last name, Jiang Chen also met many other interesting people at the party.

There were entrepreneurs who spared no effort to sell their companies, entrepreneurs who desperately tried to pitch their business ideas, and Hollywood actresses who were simply selling themselves.

"Mr. Jiang Chen, It's an honor to meet you. This is my business card. I don't know if you are interested in financial products. You know, the richer you're, the more you'll not let your wealth shrink. I happen to be in this business."

[Haha, I already have my own bank. Do I really need to buy "financial products" from you?]

"...I'm the chairman of Kandal Material. This is my business card. I don't know if your company is interested in nanoceramics? We have made amazing technological breakthroughs in the related fields of nanoceramics, but only slightly lacking in funding. If you are interested, I'm willing to sell 50% of the shares."

Of course, he was interested, but these types of companies not only existed in Cali, but many were also already listed on NASDAQ. Other than hyping up the concept to fool investors' money, Jiang Chen really didn't believe these "technology companies" could create something amazing.

"My name is Angelina Jolie. May I have the honor of having a drink with you?"

The dress with an exposed cleavage worn by the Hollywood sexy goddess perfectly showed her graceful body, especially with the almost obvious seduction in her gesture ... if it were not for the fact Jiang Chen wasn't interested in older women, he probably wouldn't be able to control himself.

Worth mentioning, for the name Angelina Jolie, Jiang Chen's only impression was the female tiger in Kungfu Panda. But he heard that Jolie was famous in Hollywood's social circle. There must be countless "silent men who support her", a successful woman (1). Jiang Chen had a drink with her before he went and socialized with other people.

The party soon came to an end and the guests began to leave. As they left, they all said their goodbyes to the host, Mr. Brown.

After bidding farewell with Brown, Jiang Chen stepped out of the governor's residence. At this time, he noticed that the chick who tried to flirt with him was holding another old man's hand and went inside a classical black car. Seeing this scene, he shook his head while laughing.

Hollywood is a paradise for rich people. No truer words have been said.

"Which one do you fancy?"

Andi Giannini smiled and walked to his side.

"Haha, no one." Jiang Chen laughed.

"What a waste. I bet that if you just point your finger, they'll send themselves over," Giannini squeezed his eyebrows and said.

It was exaggerated, but it sounded nice.

Jiang Chen smiled and did not continue on this topic.

Somewhat abruptly, Giannini changed into a serious tone.

"The Russian issue is quite sensitive in UA politics. If you plan to use the power of the WASP Consortium to defeat the Freemasonry, it is best to pay attention and control the distance between Russia. Wall Street rarely comes together unless the country faces a common crisis."

Giannini's words were a reminder without any malicious intention.

However, even without his reminders, Jiang Chen could feel the swing in attitude of the WASP Consortium.

In European affairs, it completely stayed out of the mess. In the UA, it has no intention of cooperating with Future Group in suppressing the Freemasonry. It only took a defensive posture and protected Future Group's assets from the Freemasonry controlled political power.

It seemed to also be the case during World War II.

Even though the conflict between Morgan-led WASP and the Jewish Consortium comprised of Goldman Sachs and Lehman Brothers reached an irreconcilable degree, the Jews used the concentration camps story to win the sympathy of the mainstream media and dismembered Rockefeller's push for Roosevelt to the president's position. The WASP Consortium, which had allegedly provided funds for Hitler, also halted the move that went against the historical trend.

"Thank you for your advice, I will consider it carefully," Jiang Chen said.

As for the result of consideration, it would depend on the circumstances.

After bidding farewell with Giannini, Jiang Chen went straight to Lawrence, who was waiting at the door.

"Give me some time."

Afterward, Jiang Chen gestured to Zhu Yu and took her to a slightly distant position.

"Is the car ready?"

Jiang Chen, of course, didn't ask about the car to return to the embassy. After all, the FBA was responsible for that. This trip to the UA was not just about going to the Silicon Valley Summit, but also "visiting" the mysterious Area 51.

Since it was Hawking's proposal, there must be something interesting to be found there.

"It is ready, just in the garage two streets opposite the embassy. The coordinates have been sent to your map."

Compared to Ayesha, the girl almost had the word vigilant written on her face. Although Jiang Chen wanted to tell her to relax and not be so nervous, thinking about it, maybe it was her habit, so he did not make any remarks.

"Thank you." Jiang Chen nodded with a smile.

"The CIB's people seem to be monitoring you... Should we go instead?" Zhu Yu asked hesitantly.

"This is indeed a problem, but it is not enough to adjust our plans."

After exchanging some more words with his subordinate, Jiang Chen walked to the FBA car.

Although fame has many benefits, the fun is also much less. With his identity now, it would be nearly impossible to visit the west coast night scene. However, with the thought in his mind, Jiang Chen asked Lawrence to take a longer detour, passing through several bustling streets on the coast, and hurriedly enjoying the beautiful night view of Los Santos.

After returning to the embassy, Jiang Chen took a shower and didn't go to bed right away. Instead, he began to browse the web.

He planned to visit Nevada next door in a few days. Because it was an arrangement outside the itinerary and must remain a secret, flying, therefore, was not an option. This meant that he must drive five or six hours through the desert.

If he didn't study the map beforehand, he would definitely run into trouble.

After doing some preparation work, Jiang Chen learned about the route and let out a yawn. It was getting late. As he was preparing to turn off the lights, he heard knocking on his door.

Turning off the holographic map, Jiang Chen called out, "Please come in."

The door opened, watching Xia Shiyu coming in, Jiang Chen sat up from the bed.

"So late, what's the matter?"

"There are a few things." Xia Shiyu shook a few documents in her hand. "I have the company information provided by the summit host. There are several companies with good investment potential. I think we can consider owning a controlling stake or direct buy them. Also, about tomorrow's itinerary... Are you going to sleep?"

(1) There is an idiom in China that goes by "For every successful man, there is a woman who quietly supports him".

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