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"Not yet, I just showered. Feel free to sit anywhere," Jiang Chen replied with a smile.

Xia Shiyu nodded and didn't think much. She sat down next to Jiang Chen.

She was in a simple dress shirt. Her aura carried a faint jasmine fragrance. Jiang Chen's heartbeat accelerated out of courtesy as he stared at her red cheeks hidden behind her luscious hair, but he quickly focused back on the task at hand.

There was obviously something necessary to discuss if she came for a visit this late. If he had other thoughts, it would be too impolite.

Perhaps she smelled the alcohol from Jiang Chen's breath. Xia Shiyu sniffed and frowned a little. When she opened the document, she nonchalantly asked, "Did you drink?"

"Is the smell that strong?"

Jiang Chen blew into his hand.

There was some smell, but it was not as strong as he thought.

Many people toasted him at the party. Although they didn't drink spirits such as brandy or whiskey, champagne could also be intoxicating.

"Not a big deal, it just that there is an important meeting tomorrow. I suggest that it is better to drink less before going to bed," said Xia Shiyu.

"I can't spit it out can I." Jiang Chen made a helpless expression and took the documents from her hands. He saw the places marked with red. "What are these?"

"A list. It contains technology companies with potential in Silicon Valley, and they all have a scale of less than 10 million US Dollar. Taking into account the company's strategic needs in the future, if we want to further develop the North American market, we must consider working with local companies."

Jiang Chen glanced through the list.

The list only contained the main business areas of each company, but also indicated the ownership structure, operating conditions, assets... Xia Shiyu had even given a clear valuation for every company's purchase price.

She was very meticulous in this task.

"Thank you."

"This is my job." It was her usual answer. Xia Shiyu used her hand to put a few fallen strands of hair behind her ear. "The scope of Summit is very broad, but there are only three focuses that we need to focus on. Smart health, new materials, and cloud technology. Of course, this is just my opinion. If you have other ideas, we should discuss in advance."

"I share the same thought as you." Jiang Chen nodded.

In addition to the aerospace project, the strategy of Future Group was focused on developing in these three directions.

New material was a no-brainer, with the focus of course on graphene-based materials. Developing diversified graphene materials to cater to different market needs was the current focus of Future Group's materials science laboratory. In addition to semiconductor-type graphene materials used in electronic devices, high-strength graphene had also been used to a certain extent in the fields of construction and ship building.

The smart health market was also quite large. The current Beta-4 Medical Drone investment in Penglai made good progress. It could measure body temperature, conduct saliva analysis, detect iris and perform other convenient functions through the infrared sensors. It could also treat some minor cold and non-severe bruises. It was a great tool that benefited society in a country that required booking a doctor's appointment in advance!

Jiang Chen was even considering whether to install medical modules on home robots. After all, the size of a robot could carry more medical equipment, and for a middle-class family, it would not be difficult to afford a private doctor at 20,000 US Dollar.

As for cloud technology, it was mainly related to quantum computers of Future Group. Since the acquisition of the manufacturing technology of the commercial quantum computers, the Sixth Street factory produced a number of quantum computers and was brought to Coro Island.

Now the number of quantum computers held by Future Group had far exceeded its own needs. Quantum satellites could be used to sell cloud-based technology to other companies that have a superior cost-effectiveness far beyond supercomputer centers.

According to Xia Shiyu's proposal, Future Group could acquire several medium-sized companies on the West Coast. Its business scope could include smart health, graphene, and information service-related companies. They could use UA's hands to do business with UA citizens and reduce the federal government's vigilance.

After all, no country would want to see its domestic market share divided by foreigners.

Especially healthcare and information security, two issues often hyped up at presidential elections shows that the federal government places great emphasize on these.

The greater the importance of these issues, the more cautious against outsiders. So, Future Group must look for partners that are smart enough at this high-profile event.

The list provided by Xia Shiyu has clearly listed companies with acquisition potential, and the valuations were all between 1 million US Dollar to 20 million US Dollar. Future Group's liquidity could more than cover the acquisitions. Jiang Chen just briefly scanned the document and nodded to the proposal.

The only trouble was whether the Department of Commerce would interfere.

In the UA, when Hua companies had repeatedly run into a wall, it was one percent related to this annoying organization. For example, Huawei's acquisition of 3Leaf, a small technology company, was abruptly terminated by the Foreign Investment Committee on the ground that "Huawei may be associated with the military."

Although Xin's threat was far less, from the start of the anti-trust investigation, the Department of Commerce was an old rival of Future Group.

On the second day of Jiang Chen's trip, he was visiting Mr. Pritzker, who had traveled from the Capital to Los Santos.

His own opinion dictated whether the acquisitions of Future Group in the Summit could proceed smoothly.

The next day, Jiang Chen met in a hotel with Mr. Pritzker who was preparing for the Summit. This time, more than 500+ Hua companies would attend. Pritzker represented not only the Department of Commerce, but also the UA's cooperative attitude and the Capital's intent.

"Welcome, Mr. Jiang Chen", although Pritzker had said the same words at the airport, he had a smile and greeted Jiang Chen. "How are you enjoying Los Santos? Do you enjoy the place?"

"Very pleased, just a little restricted," Jiang Chen scoffed.

"After all, for your safety, we have to be careful." After Pritzker invited Jiang Chen to take a seat, he asked his assistant to pour two cups of coffee. "I don't know what brought you here?"

Jiang Chen was direct. He took out a document from his briefcase and placed it on the table.

"The organizer of the Summit provided us with a list of companies that are participating as well as the main focus of each company. We selected a number of companies with potential from this list through our own channels. You know what I mean. I intend to acquire them."

Hearing this, Pritzker's eyes suddenly narrowed and gently said in a tone with a deeper layer of meaning.


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