I am Legend
59 General Rhangyl
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I am Legend
Author :admw
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59 General Rhangyl

Woodgard left Flynt with some of his men and then went deeper into the smelting area with Tregnar and the latter's men.

Thanks to some careless and lazy guards, the prison raid was successful without much problem. Though, the guard that Woodgard and Tregnar encountered earlier was a bit difficult, they managed to kill him without wasting more time. Just near the smelting area, they found many injured prisoners where Woodgard had helped carry one of them to safety. It appears that he had hurt his leg during a battle. \"Men, come and treat his wounds.\"

\"Yes, Sir!\"

Tregnar sighed as he watched the chaos around him. He felt his heart jump when he noticed a cart in a far corner, covered with a dirty blanket on top. If one looked closer, they could see legs dangling from the cart. He gritted his teeth as his fists tightened. Remorse and anger filled his entire body. If he wasn't wearing a gauntlet, his nails would dig deep in his palms, spilling blood.

\"Despicable!\" He thought angrily.

He walked over to the cart. He sighed when he pulled up the blanket. He then covered it again.

\"May all of you rest in peace. We will surely avenge all of you.\" Tregnar said in a low voice. He then closed his eyes as he gave a small bow of respect for the dead. The people who had died were because of overworking and illness. There were scars and bruises all over their bodies, caused by whipping. It was a terrifying sight to see.

Tregnar turned to the men who were watching his every move. Sadness and remorse were painted on each of their faces. They knew the men who had died and even if they don't, they believed these people do not deserve such deaths. \"These are the people who died today. Let us pray for their souls and may they live well in the afterlife. We shall make a funeral for all of them, once the war is over!\" Tregnar said, determination in his eyes.

\"Yeah, we must,\" said Woodgard. He then turned towards his men. \"Let's assist the others at the storage area.\"

\"Yes, sir!\"

Woodgard and Tregnar continued to move forward. The weak guards who tried to stand on their way had no chance at all. The two quickly gained control of the storage area. Once they arrived at the storage area, Woodgard ordered his men to assist the prisoners to escape to the gate. At the gate, Loreleia was waiting to help them further escape from the prison.

Inside the storage area, Woodgard looked around him. His heart was pumping with anger. These people had died because they were forced to make the weapons. By looking at how dark and unsanitary the place was, he understood how the people could easily get hurt and ill in here.

As he continued to look around, he was more determined to take down Wildan who sees people as tools to be more rich. \"Let's go Tregnar. We need to move now. I'm afraid that news must have reach to Ranghyl about the raid.\" Woodgard said after he calmed down.

\"Yeah, let's meet up with Miss Loreleia.\"

Suddenly, one of Woodgard's men appeared in front of them, his one leg on bended knees with his head bowed in respect.

\"Reporting in, Sir. I found an underground path near by here. And it seemed to be connected to the castle.\"

Woodgard and Tregnar furrowed their brows. \"Are you sure it leads to the castle?\" Woodgard asked. He was worried that it might be a trap laid by Wildan or Rhangyl.

\"Yes, I'm pretty sure. It's locked by some kind of mechanism, so I assume it's a secret path for Wildan and General Rhangyl when they come to inspect the prison mine every week.\"

\"Guard this area secretly and observe it from afar. If Rhangyl really did appear from that path, you must not fight him. Report to me immediately!\"

\"Yes, Sir!\" The man turned around and disappeared.

\"We need to move fast! Let's go!\"


Loreleia and some other female elves were helping the other helpless women and children to safety. They needed them to evacuate the place as soon as possible. While helping, she too was waiting for Tregnar and Woodgard to arrive.\"

Miss Loreleia! All of the women and children are here. We are ready to go at anytime!\" one of her followers said, as she saluted in the high elf way.

\"Okay, good.\"

Not long after, there were people coming from inside the prison. These people were Woodgard, Tregnar and their men.

\"We are ready, Miss Loreleia. All of the prisoners are here, you can move right now. I will dispatch some of my men to guide you to our base. You must depart immediately!\"

\"What happened?\"

\"We have found a secret path which is suspected to lead the way into the castle. If that's the case, we believe that Rhangyl may come sooner or later. We need to bring these people to safety immediately!\"

\"Alright then. I too will instruct my followers to assist with the evacuation and guarding. I will join you to fight Rhangyl,\" Loreleia said, her face turning serious.

Woodgard nodded. \"Fine,\" he said. He then turned to his men and said, \"I need ten people to help with the escort!\" he turned his gaze to Flynt, who has already healed and gained his consciousness. \"Flynt, I'm counting on you to lead the men.\"

Flynt immediately dropped to his one knee and bowed his head. \"Yes, master!\" he said solemnly.

Woodgard nodded and then said. \"Go!\"

Loreleia turned to her followers and nodded too, giving them the signal. Understood, her followers immediately followed behind Flynt.

Flynt stood in front of the prisoners and clapped his hands, getting their attention. In a loud voice, he instructed, \"Alright, everyone! We will be moving out! Keep in group and don't get left behind!Do not worry! We will be with you all the way to help you all escape from here,\" he continued.



On their way to the secret base, in front of the group, a child pulled on her mother's sleeves as she stopped walking.

\"Mom, I can't walk anymore. I'm so tired.\" The child elf said to her mother, exhaustion evident on the child's face as sweat dripped down her face.

\"Come sweety, mom will give you a piggy back ride,\" Her mother smiled as she carried her daughter on her back.

\"Mom, why isn't dad coming with us?\"

\"Dad needs to do something there, Laila. You have to pray for him so he can meet us sooner.\"

\"Okay, mom. I will pray for dad now!\" She smiled.

The mother turned her gaze towards to the man who was leading the group. She couldn't help but asked, \"Sir, where are we going?\"

Flynt, the man who was leading the group, turned around and back again. \"We're going to our secret base. It's not that far from here. Though, it's not that near either.\"

He knew that the people behind him were exhausted. They do not have the stamina as them, who had trained their bodies everyday. He turned around and gave them an encouraging smile. \"Don't give up now! I know that each one of you are really tired. But we got to be strong. Strong for the people who had died for us and for the people who had given you all the chance to escape! We need to keep going or else, everything that we have done will be futile,\" he continued.

Each one of them nodded. They felt relieved too when they heard that the place wasn't that far. The woman who had asked the question earlier murmured her thank you to Flynt. Flynt could only bitterly smile. He wasn't sure whether he deserves their gratitude. He felt a bit useless and disappointed whenever he recalled his actions in the battle. He could not do much other than blocking an attack. And that was only a single attack before he fainted.

But seeing how his master, Woodgard, still trusted him with this task of guiding them to safety, he thought perhaps he does have some use. It may not seem much but it was a task that his master has entrusted to.

The clouds were slowly drifting away, revealing a murky appearance of the moon. And because of that, the night sky was dark. They had to lit up torches to help light their way. The silent night was eerily calm as the wind blew over them.

Despite the calmness, it still wasn't enough to put their hearts at ease.

The women kept praying in their hearts, hoping that God was watching them and would grant them the victory they greatly yearned. They too pray for their beloved ones to be safe and hope they would survive the upcoming battle.

The children were clearly exhausted. They did not have much rest after working at the cafeteria. Some of them were too tired that they had to be carried on their mothers' backs, similar to Laila. The older children help with the young ones to walk. Although exhaustion can be seen on their faces, there were also hope and perseverance in their eyes.

Indeed, even if the hope was small, they can do anything they want to achieve if they put their will into it.

The older children were mature enough to understand the need to evacuate to a place that was far from their hometown. These children had already experienced the bad things in their life. They had suffered through the whipping and they had enough of those bitter torments. Like their mothers, they too could only pray to their God, praying that their princess would win the war.


At the other side, the men and women who could fight stayed behind. They went into the storage room and equipped themselves with weapons and armors. Woodgard, Tregnar and Loreleia were also there. Punching his fist to his other palm, Tregnar raised his head and said, \"Good. Now, we're ready to battle.\"

\"Yeah,\" Woodgard bumped his fist on Tregnar's shoulder, \"Let's win this.\"

\"Of course.\" Tregnar nodded.

Loreleia also nodded. \"Where do you think the Princess is right now?\"

Woodgard gave her a small smile. \"Don't worry about the Princess. If I'm not mistaken, she's definitely in good hands. She's with the most powerful fighter in our group. There shouldn't be any problem with him around.\"

Tregnar nodded his head vigorously while placing his hands oh his hips.

Loreleia was surprised. \"Him? Who?\" she has never heard of any strong elves among the dark elves, other than Chief Fenar, Lady Elsa, Woodgard, and Tregnar.

\"A man who gave me these daggers. A human, and a noble to boot.\" Woodgard said, smiling.

\"A human and a noble?!\"

\"Yes, but you don't have to be alarmed. His personality is unlike any noble human you know.\" Tregnar joined in.

\"Is that true?\" Loreleia was still in doubt.

\"Yes, I can say with confidence that we're good at judging a person's character.\" Woodgard said with a smile.

Loreleia was silent for a moment, but then she nodded. \"Alright, then. I hope your words are true.\"

Both Woodgard and Tregnar chuckled. Confidence brimming out of them whenever they thought of Mr. Myrad.

The storage building was very large in size, that can fit hundreds on people inside. There were huge stone pillars inside the building. The floor and the wall were greyish stone tiles, but it was hot inside with so many people around.

Suddenly a man appeared in front of Woodgard, he knelt.

\"Report! There seems to be some movement from the secret path. We can hear the mechanism opening from the other side!\"

Woodgard's face turned grim. He then turned around and said in a loud voice. \"EVERYONE, PREPARE FOR BATTLE!\"

\"YES!\" They stood behind the 3 commanders.

The storage room shook from the voices, with over four hundred people inside shouting in unison.

Woodgard's men immediately rushed out from the hall and straight to where the secret path was located. \"It's open! Enemy in sight!\" Woodgard shouted.

Shortly after, a large man with a red heavy armor and a big sword on his right hand came out from the dark hall. Behind him were a few hundred soldiers, who seems to be under his command. It seems like this will be an even battle. The man smiled when he saw the crowds in front of him. \"Seems like they are ready as well,\" he said.

He then saw a woman standing in front of the crowd and his smile got wider. \"Long time no see, Miss Loreleia.\"

Loreleia gritted her teeth in anger. \"Wildan's dog! I will kill you\" she spat out vehemently. She unsheathed her sword and gripped it.

The man laughed heartily as if Loreleia had just told him a joke. \"Hahahaha! You're still impatient as ever!\" he then pointed his sword at her direction and continued, \"I'll play with you later, once this farce of a battle is over.\"

Woodgard narrowed his eyes at the man. \"The one who will lose will be you,\" he said. He then mimic the man's action where he too pointed his dagger at the latter's direction. \"Your scheme will end tonight and soon, you will pay for all the misdeeds that you have done!\"

\"Oh? Looks like the little princess has brought some helpers.\" Rhangyl said as he studied Woodgard, Tregnar and the other dark elves. He then smiled and began to laugh crazily.


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    《I am Legend》