Immortal Devil Transformation
Book 8 Chapter 49 - Lucky
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Immortal Devil Transformation
Author :Pika
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Book 8 Chapter 49 - Lucky

“Carrying a longsword, clasping an iron bow… head leaves the body, mind remains unpunished… honest, brave and courageous, steel powerful and unapproachable… soul, soul, return to peace…”

An aged Yunqin priest’s solemn and stirring song rang into Great Desolate Swamp’s night sky from a simple and crude elevated stage. The pure white priest's short staff in his hands was forcefully brandished along with the ancient song, moving the damp air. It flickered with white radiance, pointing west again and again.

Below the elevated stage, there was a spear wielding Yunqin soldier who scattered out alcohol.

That night, under Great Desolate Swamp’s vast and limitless black night sky, there were many Yunqin soul easing priests who were carrying out similar actions.

For Great Desolate Swamp, the west that the short staff pointed towards was precisely Yunqin’s territory, as well as the homeland of all the soldiers sacrificed in Great Desolate Swamp.

Yunqin believed in the supernatural, believing that if the souls of the dead weren’t guided home within seven days, they would forever remain in this land of black waters, becoming lonely ghosts.

That was why even though the battle remained unfinished, these Yunqin priests still sang and danced about, letting the dead rest, granting the living strength.

There was rain pouring down from the distance and damp great winds that blew past, as if countless deceased war spirits were moving across the skies with spears in hand.

The thick lead clouds unique to Great Desolate Swamp dispersed slightly .

Suddenly, the song of the old Yunqin priest on the elevated stage stopped, releasing a hoarse cry of alarm. “Terrible star… inauspiciousness…”

The short white staff he was always brandishing also suddenly forcefully stopped in the air.

All of the Yunqin soldiers below raised their heads. Then, they also saw that between the black cloud’s cracks, there was a star that seemed especially dazzling, exceptionally astonishing. This was an entirely red star.

“If you eat this much the first time you are eating, you’ll get sick… it’s best if you stop eating for now.”

Lin Xi felt a bit of hesitation as he looked at the two roots left in his hands, not placing them in front of the little black beast’s head.

It already finished the juices of several wild sugar canes and chewed through a fist sized root before this.

The little black beast let go of a claw that tightly held onto Lin Xi’s clothes and then rubbed its own belly, somewhat understanding Lin Xi’s intentions… However, at the same time, it also didn’t understand. Its large eyes looked at Lin Xi in confusion. Its stomach was clearly still quite hungry, so why wasn’t it given more food to eat?

Its claw landed on its own soft belly. Suddenly, its stomach released a gu gu gu gu noise.

This wasn’t the sound of getting sick from eating, but rather its stomach still being empty.

Lin Xi somewhat understood. Now that he heard this sound, he couldn’t help but chuckle. “Turns out you’re a foodie as well.”

A great rain poured down.

Last night, a great downpour descended upon some areas of Great Desolate Swamp. Today, it just happened to have reached where Lin Xi and Chi Xiaoye were.

Pouring rain made one’s body feel even colder, the road even more muddy, exhausting even greater strength. However, similarly, it could also hide many traces, wash away a lot of smells, clean away much of the filth on their bodies.

The grime covering Lin Xi’s body was slowly washed away by the rain, as if a layer of crust stuck to his body was being stripped. Together with the fact that he already broke through into Soul Master level, he only felt incredibly comfortable and refreshed. In his perception, even the raindrops that landed on his body seemed incredibly gentle and slow.

The more powerful one’s perception, the greater their reaction speed. Those objects that originally moved quickly, appeared slower in his head, allowing him to see and control things ordinary people couldn’t see more clearly.

For example, the vital energy between heaven and earth and flying swords.

Sacred Experts who could control flying swords, in their eyes, these flying swords and other things, under their concentrated attention, just how slow would they then be? Some things that took place in an instant in this world, how beautiful would these scenes then be?

Lin Xi was incredibly curious, extremely fascinated.

Then, he saw that Chi Xiaoye and the little black beast in his arms were also cleaned by the rain. When she could swallow some medicinal herbs and eat some things on her own, Chi Xiaoye’s state also became clearly better than before. Even though her face was still as pale as porcelain, her beautiful long green hair already developed a bit of luster. The little black beast even more so washed away the dirt and blood from its birth. After shaking slightly, its gentle and glossy black long fur became a bit fluffy. One claw was on its belly, while its other three claws were still gripping his clothes.

While looking at its interesting naive and innocent appearance, at its shining black eyes, Lin Xi couldn’t help but laugh again. “The dark night granted me my black eyes, while I am destined to use them to search for radiance… we need to give you a name in the end. What should I call you?”

“The dark night granted me my black eyes, while I am destined to use them to search for radiance… the meaning behind this sentence is quite profound.” Chi Xiaoye felt a bit of admiration.

“Everyone says you bring disaster and inauspiciousness, but I refuse to believe it. Why don’t I just call you Lucky then.” Lin Xi smiled, rubbing this little black beast’s head while saying this.

“Lucky?” Chi Xiaoye nodded seriously. She looked at the smiling Lin Xi and the happy three-tailed little beast, saying quietly, “This is a great name.”

Lin Xi produced that transparent bath bomb-like object he obtained from Purgatory Mountain’s Sacred Expert, bringing it out before the downpour stopped.

Hundreds and thousands of transparent threads that couldn’t be seen clearly by the naked eye fluttered about in the rainy sky, floating into the distance.

Lin Xi said, “Lucky.”

“Lucky… lucky… lucky…”

His voice spread in all directions. The three-tailed little beast’s ears straightened, looking at it in shock.

“From today on, I am Lin Xi, you are Lucky. We will be one family.”

Lin Xi rubbed the three-tailed little beast’s belly. This three-tailed little beast immediately released yi yi ticklish sounds.

Its yi yi noises also already transmitted in all directions.

It looked at the flower stem-like transparent shaft in Lin Xi’s hands with shock and curiosity, as if it understood a bit. It happily patted Lin Xi’s chest with that claw.

Lin Xi didn’t have much soul force left. However, right now, he had a mysterious feeling, as if his soul force could enter this object in his hands.

“Don’t tell me this thing really is a Purgatory Mountain soul weapon?”

Lin Xi found it a bit hard to imagine how these transparent threads that were even finer than hair were made. He began to release soul force from his body for the first time, trying to infuse it into something else.

Under the guidance of his mind, the bit of soul force left in his dantian quickly rushed out, bringing warmth that spread much quicker than usual. With a light pu sound, Lin Xi saw light yellow radiance leave his own fingertip, entering the runes of this transparent little shaft.

He looked at his own slightly transparent finger that became a bit like topaz from the radiance with excitement. When he saw the miraculous scene he definitely wouldn’t be able to see in his previous world, he was immediately inwardly moved.

His soul force and perception immediately moved in all directions along the countless transparent threads.

“This really is a soul weapon?” Chi Xiaoye looked at Lin Xi whose expression became serious, asking this.

Lin Xi nodded. “It is… I believe I now know the secret behind why he could control a flying sword that far.”

He didn’t explain just what kind of secret there was to Chi Xiaoye, but Chi Xiaoye seemed to have understood, a bit shocked as she said, “This world actually has this type of soul weapon.”

Lin Xi took a deep breath, retrieving the transparent threads that flew in all directions.

There were originally no soul weapons that could allow a cultivator’s soul force and consciousness to spread in all directions as if it was one’s own body, even making their perception extend far out, yet now, there was such a weapon.

Normally, one’s soul force could only control a flying sword a hundred steps around oneself, but if even one’s soul force and its control were even increased to the width of several hundred steps, then this flying sword could naturally fly even further.

This Purgatory Mountain Sacred Expert didn’t bring a single soul weapon that carried epoch-marking meaning, but rather two.

The great downpour continued for an entire night, conveniently erasing all traces of Lin Xi and Chi Xiaoye’s escape.

For Yunqin’s military, for them to not be able to capture Chi Xiaoye before the downpour, it already represented failure.

“Lucky, who said you weren’t lucky? If it wasn’t for your luck, that it rained an entire night, we might have already been caught up to by Di Choufei and the others!”

When the sky brightened, Lin Xi looked at the three-tailed little beast who was sleeping soundly in his arms, quietly saying this to himself.

They were already not that far from Great Magnetic Swamp. There was only a low-lying valley left and it would only take them a few hours to cross it.

This low-lying valley was originally only filled with reeds, not all that special, but when Lin Xi and Chi Xiaoye entered this valley, both of them became stunned.

There were many dazzling things reflecting light in the black earth.

“Did a great battle happen here?”

Lin Xi saw that those items flickering with light were all some cold metal, there were runes clearly unique to soul weapons on some of them.

“Why is it like this?”

Chi Xiaoye didn’t dare believe the scene before her eyes either. However, as the two of them approached these cold weapons, both of them reacted.

This was an ancient battlefield that had been buried for a long time.

These cold metals were mostly broken weapons and armors, their appearances Yunqin style, but they seemed outdated and heavy, greatly different from the current Yunqin military standard weapons. A large portion of them had been buried underground for a long time. Judging from the traces of black sediment, it was clear that the battle here already happened a long time ago. Normally, there was already no one aware of their existence, but after yesterday’s night of torrential rain, these things buried underground were brought to the surface.

Yunqin’s weapons and armors, even the lowest quality weapons and armors were made of high-grade well-tempered steel. Among these metal pieces that were exposed, many of them actually didn’t show any signs of rusting.

Lin Xi lowered Chi Xiaoye. He walked up to a piece of yellow metal that was exposed, squatted down and then pulled it out of the earth.
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    《Immortal Devil Transformation》