Immortal Devil Transformation
Book 8 Chapter 51 - You Are My Source of Luck
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Immortal Devil Transformation
Author :Pika
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Book 8 Chapter 51 - You Are My Source of Luck

“Changed your mind?”

Chi Xiaoye raised her head, her picturesque brows furrowing. She didn’t see anything unusual about the world in front of her. “Why?” That was why she couldn’t understand why Lin Xi would suddenly change his mind at all.

“There are actually mountains in Great Magnetic Swamp?” Lin Xi somewhat reluctantly withdrew his eyes from the tall outlines, full of strange emotions as he looked at Chi Xiaoye.


Chi Xiaoye didn’t understand what Lin Xi was thinking. She knew that this was merely a mound much taller than normal mounds in Great Magnetic Swamp. “That is still completely magnetic earth.” As such, she couldn’t help but add this.

“Once the mound exceeds a certain degree, even if there are no stones, it can be considered a mountain too, right?”

Lin Xi said with a sigh. “It should be at least five hundred steps in altitude.”

Chi Xiaoye frowned as she looked at Lin Xi, seeing the joy that couldn’t be hidden within his expression.

“After continuously running for so many days, I’m already tired. That is why after seeing this mountain, I don’t want to run anymore.”

Lin Xi looked at Chi Xiaoye, calmly explaining, “My Divine Pear Longbow isn’t made of metal, so it can be brought in… Moreover, my arrows, when shot from above, the power will be even greater.”

Chi Xiaoye recalled Tong Wei’s arrow and also remembered that Lin Xi called Tong Wei teacher, so she immediately shivered inwardly. However, she quickly looked at Lin Xi again in confusion, “But if the arrow that is found is made of metal… and you even said that Yunqin’s formidable soul weapons are almost all metal, even if you fire towards the air from the distance, leaving the range of the mountain’s magnetic influence, the earth floating in the air will immediately be absorbed, so it’ll be hard for you to ensure that the arrow can hit the target.”

“Our archery is different from that of normal archers’.”

Lin Xi shook his head and said, “The earth that gets attached to the arrow will make the arrow heavier, the magnetic force of the ground will make the descent of the arrow even more powerful… as long as several similar formidable arrows can be found, or the time when they arrive is a bit later, I have confidence in killing them.”

“On that mountain, I can see further. Great Magnetic Swamp doesn’t have many plants to hide under. As soon as they enter the Great Magnetic Swamp, I should be able to notice them. Even if they come too quickly, resulting in me no longer being confident in killing them, we will still have enough time to run. Of course, something unexpected might happen, but with this chance, we need to take some risks like these. I previously killed an opponent whose cultivation was far above mine like this… However, that experience might not have been as joyful as this one, that is to say if I succeed.”

Chi Xiaoye naturally couldn’t understand Lin Xi’s deepest secrets, unable to understand the difference between the enemies coming a bit sooner versus later. However, Di Choufei was the one she wanted to kill the most and she trusted Lin Xi. “Fine.” Chi Xiaoye didn’t feel much hesitation either, only looking at Lin Xi and seriously saying, “However, we need to first understand how much obstruction is needed to allow us to bring metal blades in.”


Lin Xi continued forward with large steps. Great Magnetic Swamp was like a world that had just been ravaged by flames not too long ago, not having many plants. That was why the plains had a natural and clear dividing line.

Lin Xi walked up to the clear black line. When he was just more than ten steps away, he could already feel a force pulling at the longsword in his hands.

When he saw the thick miasma and pillar-like moisture rising like in spirals above this black and gray swamp, he understood why this type of place had so much floating dust.

Inside this Great Magnetic Swamp were many bubbling hot springs.

The surging springs and steam powerfully blew much of the dust into the sky.

Lin Xi didn’t take too long to admire this miraculous terrain. He squatted down, starting to knead earth like dough.

The magnetic earth in Great Magnetic Swamp was merely earth with some magnetics mixed within. When he was little, he had played with magnets before, knowing that this type of thing attracts tiles and bricks, sucking in ordinary earth. When there was enough separation, it wouldn’t be able to suck the magnetics over.

He applied the packed earth over the sword layer upon layer, turning it into a cylinder.

It was because with his current perception, he could sense the fine flow of air and movement of dust, thus not needing to always bring it inside to test.

He also began to think about this matter more carefully. If he really could find an arrow of the same grade as the Dendrite Iron Arrow, he also had to take action quickly, or else a lot of the magnetic dust would stick to the arrow, greatly affecting the release speed of his arrow.

When the earth was packed greater than the thickness of a thigh, he stood up, nodding towards Chi Xiaoye.

Chi Xiaoye understood what he was trying to say, nodding in affirmation.

Lin Xi began to remove all of the armor on his body, including the armguards Zhang Ping made for him. Then, he brought this earth pillar with him, walking past the black line ahead.

“It’s fine.”

Lin Xi quickly stopped, turning around and saying happily to Chi Xiaoye.

He could sense the powerful force tugging downwards, making that sword many times heavier. However, as long as this sword didn’t break out of the packed earth, this type of weight was still bearable.

The two of them began to go back with the little black beast, starting to search for arrows.

Right now, all of Yunqin Dragon Snake Border Pass was in disorder because of the two of them, unknown just how many powerful cultivators were searching for their whereabouts.

However, who would have thought that they were actually quietly digging in this valley.

Since there were powerful soul weapon longbows, there should be formidable arrows to match them.

Formidable arrows normally had the highest chances of appearing by the bodies of deceased cultivators.

Lucky who was hanging from Lin Xi’s body didn’t know what Lin Xi and Chi Xiaoye were searching for. It only widened its naive large black eyes, watching as Lin Xi dug holes one after another.

Then, it finally saw Lin Xi release a cheer of joy, digging out a fine metal arrow that was gleaming blue after having the dirt wiped off.

The tail of this arrow was made of sheets of foil, extremely sharp, not bending or being corroded in the earth in the slightest. Normal arrowheads had pointed ends, but this arrowhead was instead conical like a bullethead. The entire arrow was plated in a layer of smooth crystal substance that was extremely smooth.

Lin Xi, who received the Windstalker inheritance, naturally understood arrows more than other soul weapons. He knew that this arrow was one Yunqin still manufactured, but only cultivators who reached a certain level in the military had the qualifications to be allocated with them: Blue Loach Arrow.

This arrow was shockingly unobstructed by the wind, not making much intense air shattering sounds when moving through the wind. However, its penetrative force was even greater than the armor penetrating arrows Lin Xi brought out from Green Luan Academy.

Lucky looked at Lin Xi and at the gleaming blue arrow in his hand.

It never saw Lin Xi fire an arrow and didn’t even know what arrows were, but it could recognize the joy Lin Xi felt when he dug this thing up.

While looking at the cheering Lin Xi, it couldn’t help but become excited as well. Then, it couldn’t help but think that if there were more of these things, how happy Lin Xi would be.

It still couldn’t figure out the answer to this question, so after some hesitation, it decided to try it out.

As such, it lowered the other three claws that were tightly holding onto Lin Xi.

It jumped off Lin Xi’s body, its steps were slightly unstable as it began to crawl along the earth.

“Lucky, what are you doing?”

Lin Xi was shocked. However, he saw that after this little black beast gave him a look, it began to wag its three tails, its four claws starting to forcefully dig into the earth below.

“Could it be that there are more arrows here?”

“You can sense that there are arrows here?”

Lin Xi was in disbelief, Chi Xiaoye also in disbelief.

When Lin Xi walked over, not long after digging together, both he and Chi Xiaoye were immediately stunned.

A gleaming blue arrow was planted diagonally into the earth.

When Lucky saw this arrow that already appeared, it stopped, raising its head to look at Lin Xi, a bit nervous, not knowing if Lin Xi would be happy or not.

“Your perception is actually powerful to this degree? … Lucky, just how amazing are you?”

Lin Xi pulled out this arrow and gave this similarly perfect Blue Loach Arrow a look. After remaining stunned for a moment, he couldn’t help but release this sigh of amazement.

“You are too awesome Lucky… can you find more?”

He understood Lucky’s expression, reaching out his hand and rubbing its head in a doting manner, saying this with true joy.


Lucky suddenly became happy, jumping out. Its four claws left the earth, starting to run along this valley. At first, it ran slowly, staggering about, but then it began to run faster and faster like a gust of wind.

It became more and more happy. While looking at it, Lin Xi thought about when he first cultivated soul force, how he ran freely, feeling indescribably moved inside.

Lucky stopped again, starting to happily dig into the earth.

Its strength became greater and greater. When its black and meaty claws landed on the ground, it actually entered the earth with a pu sound.

Lin Xi quickly arrived at its side. Then, he quickly saw two blue arrows that were almost stuck together, as well as traces of a leather bag that still hadn’t completely rotted yet.

These were two arrows that hadn’t left the quiver yet.

“This is enough.”

Lin Xi picked up Lucky, looking at the four arrows. He stroked its head, looking at its expression of enjoyment, and then couldn’t help but sigh with amazement again, “Lucky, the rumors say that you bring misfortune, but meeting you is instead my good fortune! As long as I can truly properly survive… one day, I really will bring you home.”
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    《Immortal Devil Transformation》