Immortal Devil Transformation
Book 8 Chapter 52 - Dust Cannot Cover My Eyes
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Immortal Devil Transformation
Author :Pika
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Book 8 Chapter 52 - Dust Cannot Cover My Eyes

An exhausted Lin Xi sat down at the top of Great Magnetic Swamp.

He brought five earth pillars with him in total.

Because he had to try and make every arrow release the same, this way decrease the deviation as much as possible, he had to remove the arrows from the earth and then instantly fire them as soon as the magnetic earth started to fly over.

In order to ensure that none of the packed earth fell off, he even wrapped them in leaves, the longsword and arrows within were also wrapped in a layer of leaves.

Because the environment in Great Desolate Swamp was too nasty, the journey here also too difficult, when Lin Xi dropped the five abnormally heavy bundles and thought about how they didn't have to run anymore, that they only had to wait here, he immediately felt extremely comfortable.

He began meditation cultivation.

Lucky's dark eyes were always staring at Lin Xi. After staring at him for a long time, when it saw strands of vital energy enter Lin Xi's body, it then understood something, thus closing its eyes as well.

Soon after it closed its eyes, many invisible stands of vital energy also gathered towards its body. Moreover, it didn't disturb Lin Xi at all, both of them cultivating in harmony.

Lin Xi didn't continue his meditation cultivation for a long time because he had to first try things out a bit, get a sense of how much soul force was needed to fire the Divine Pear Wood Bow each time, as well as how different firing an arrow here was compared to normal, just what kind of power the arrows would have.

His archery already made huge progress compared to when he first left the academy, this also granting him quite a bit of confidence. However, he understood extremely clearly that just like when he killed Helan Yuexi on Ten Fingers Ridge back then, he had to strike down his enemy in one blow this time as well.

He stood up, removing the Divine Pear Wood Bow that was always hanging from his body.

Because of his movements, Chi Xiaoye who was carrying out meditation cultivation also woke up, opening her eyes.

Lucky also opened its eyes, looking at Lin Xi.

Lin Xi looked at the world in front of him.

It was as if he was standing before a giant industrial zone with a lot of chimneys. There was dust flying everywhere.

Wind still blew from the east, blowing from behind him.

Lin Xi slowly took a breath of air, adjusting himself to the most calm state. Then, he produced that Purgatory Mountain Sacred Expert's transparent soul weapon, once again sending countless fine strands in all directions.

He had tested out this soul weapon already. These strands were like the purest glass fiber, not metal material, yet the durability of these transparent strands was unimaginable. In addition, if there was even a slight breeze, these strands would scatter on their own.

He held this object and the Divine Pear Wood Bow, first selecting a location where steam rose as the target, and then he closed his eyes to perceive the surroundings.

In this world of darkness, there was a transparent path of light that quickly emerged. This transparent streak of light was an arrow that marked out a potential trajectory. Then, he sensed the wind direction of this arrow, as well as the movements of the floating dust.

He didn't even open his eyes. His right hand struck an earth pillar that was standing vertically next to him.

A faint streak of yellow radiance carrying a wave of power left his hand, blasting apart the leaf wrapped earth pillar.

With extremely fast movements, just like a streak of flowing water, he removed the arrow within, moved it to the bow, drew the bowstring and stabilized the arrow, all of this only taking an instant.

As the soul force in his hand quickly poured into the Divine Pear Wood Bow, the Divine Pear Wood Bow's body released a beautiful blue and yellow brilliance. All of the brilliance condensed towards the bowstring and arrow. In just an instant, with a light weng noise explosion sound, the gleaming blue arrow carried a burst of swirling flow, quickly rushing into the skies.

Only when this arrow left with an explosive noise, did Lin Xi open his eyes.

Countless specks of dust began to quickly gather towards this arrow that flew out.

However, because the wind stream produced by this arrow was too intense, as soon as the specks of dust got close, they would be blasted aside. As such, there was suddenly a gray-colored sphere of dust around this arrow that was getting larger and larger.

This type of scene was something not even Lin Xi himself expected, even he was a bit stunned.

During his moment of absent-mindedness, this gray sphere that was growing larger and larger suddenly seemed to be pulled on by an invisible giant hand, starting to rapidly accelerate.

The giant gray sphere of dust began to fall like a meteor, smashing towards the earth.

Lin Xi wasn't able to hit the target area where heat surged from, deviating at least a dozen steps.

However, both he and Chi Xiaoye were completely stunned from pleasant surprise.

It was as if a giant iron fist smashed into the ground, releasing a tremendous rumbling noise.

A blast of air began to spread from the center of the impact like a wave. There was no arrow on the ground, only a deep crater with radiation-like streaks.

The arrow was buried deep into the center of the crater, not even the tail feathers visible.

“Even if I wasn’t injured… if I didn’t have any armor or soul weapon protecting me, I still wouldn’t be able to stop this attack.” Chi Xiaoye remained stunned for a long time, a bit shocked and speechless as she turned around to look at Lin Xi.

That crater was at least half a meter in depth. Just how terrifying was this strike’s power?

“The sphere of dirt wrapped around the arrow in the end is also extremely heavy and it is even magnetic earth, so the surface’s magnetic pull towards the massive sphere is even greater, producing an even greater acceleration.” Lin Xi took a deep breath. “The power of this arrow also exceeds my predictions.”

Lucky didn’t understand Lin Xi and Chi Xiaoye’s words, but it saw the arrow that fell clearly.

It began to think in a confused manner, turns out that thing it dug out… was used like this?

“Can you guarantee that it will hit?” Chi Xiaoye looked at that crater, asking Lin Xi.

The trajectory of the arrow replayed in Lin Xi’s brain. He nodded and confidently said, “I can.”

Now, Lin Xi only had to wait, so both he and Chi Xiaoye began to cultivate.

This time, his cultivation period was extremely long. Only when the sky gradually grew dark, when night was about to descend, was he roused awake by Lucky’s irregular movements.

Then, he saw that a red figure was currently sprinting through Great Magnetic Swamp.

“Chi Xiaoye!” He immediately released a low shout.

Chi Xiaoye not far from him immediately woke up. As soon as she saw the fiery red figure, Chi Xiaoye immediately released a low voice. “Fire King!”

Because the terrain was high, this red figure also coming along the path they came, not too far from where they were, Lin Xi could easily tell that this individual was precisely the cave barbarian cultivator who could release terrifying flames from his body, his strength extremely close to Sacred Expert level.

Meanwhile, at this moment, the fiery light didn’t only come from the flames erupting due to soul force, there was also his blood.

There were some small injuries that Lin Xi had no way of seeing clearly, but there also was an area of twisted flesh on this cave barbarian cultivator’s chest, stretching from his left shoulder to his right, something that he could see clearly.

He narrowed his eyes slightly, sensing the amount of soul force within him. He nodded towards Chi Xiaoye. “It’s enough… let him come to our side.”

“Fire King! Over here!”

In Chi Xiaoye’s heart, this cave barbarian cultivator who also didn’t hesitate to risk his life to save her just like the other cave barbarians. might have already been killed by Lin Xi’s teacher. At this time, when she saw that he was still alive, she already couldn’t suppress the excitement and happiness she felt. When she heard Lin Xi’s words, she immediately directly stood up, forcefully using all of her words to shout towards the running cave barbarian cultivator.

She was a high level cultivator to begin with. Now that she had some soul force within her, shouting out with full force, her voice was already like thunder, rolling outwards.

That red figure heard her voice, immediately stopping. Then, with even faster and more urgent speed, he began to crazily run towards where she and Lin Xi were.

Di Choufei and Huang Huoxiao who were moving across the edge of Great Desolate Swamp at a speed that was neither fast nor slow also heard Chi Xiaoye’s voice.

The cold-faced Di Choufei raised the Frozen Soul Crystal Brass Hawkeye in his hands. With a single look, he turned to Huang Huoxiao and said, “They are on that mountain.”

Huang Huoxiao sensed the powerful attractive force of the earth towards himself, thus not advancing, instead taking a few steps back. He slowly said, “They are on that mountain… but we still must decide victory and defeat here.”

“You don’t have confidence.” Di Choufei revealed a faint smile. “You feel like once you leave behind your armor and weapons, become similarly bare-handed, there is no way you will be my match.”

“The matter is serious, I cannot make any miscalculations.”

Huang Huoxiao gave Di Choufei a look and said, “Moreover, you will definitely become a great disaster to Great Mang in the future, so I obviously must give my all to kill you.”

Di Choufei released a cold chuckle. He knew that this type of temporary alliance made purely due to mutual interests wasn’t reliable, moreover, Lin Xi and Chi Xiaoye were precisely on that mountain. That cave barbarian cultivator who was injured by them was already on the verge of collapse, already unable to run away any longer. On top of all of this, Huang Huoxiao definitely had the same opinion as him. That was why the battle between Huang Huoxiao and himself unavoidably had to be carried out ahead of time.

He no longer said anything else, Huang Huoxiao didn’t say anything else either.

The longsword on his back suddenly released a light cry, leaving its scabbard and landing in Di Choufei’s hands.

This was a silvery-white longsword, the runes on its surface like ascending goddesses.

Huang Huoxiao turned his hand, drawing a blade from his back. His blade was connected to long black chains, as if they sprouted from the black armor he wore.

Due to his eruption of soul force, the earth under Di Choufei’s feet suddenly surged. The longsword in his hand moved in the air, hacking out.

In that instant, when his figure flew out, the longsword in his hand produced six or seven afterimages. The sword radiance was biting cold, extremely difficult to tell which one was real and which one was fake.

Huang Huoxiao didn’t move as he stared at the quickly arriving sword shadows. His free left hand immediately moved in the air a few times, the air in front of him suddenly becoming extremely sticky, causing the six or seven sword shadows to return to one. The ground surface in front of his feet immediately split open, chunks of earth floating into the sky. His body twisted intensely a few times, a blade striking Di Choufei’s longsword with incredible accuracy.

However, the moment this blade in his hand and Di Choufei’s sword made contact, a flash of an exceptionally ice-cold feeling flashed past Di Choufei’s eyes. His sword suddenly released a brilliant streak of light, the longsword in his hands just like the fluorescent lights Lin Xi was familiar with, instantly making everything before him snow-white. Meanwhile, the radiance was instead many times more intense than blazing sunlight.

Burning light rays shot into Huang Huoxiao’s eyes. Huang Huoxiao suddenly released a muffled groan, his eyes feeling stinging pain, even his hand’s movements slowing considerably.

The longsword that released blazing radiance and Huang Huoxiao’s blade smashed together, but it actually didn’t bounce off, instead pressing against the blade. While seizing this moment while Huang Huoxiao’s eyes and brain felt stabbing pain, it continuously advanced, instead seemingly about to stab through Huang Huoxiao’s eye socket.

Because the radiance released from Di Choufei’s sword was too dazzling, Chi Xiaoye and Lin Xi on the distant hilltop saw everything as well.

Chi Xiaoye found this hard to believe. They were clearly two Yunqin high ranking military officers who were pursuing them, so why did they suddenly fight?

“The wicked don’t know how to divide up ill-gotten gains…” Lin Xi said quietly.
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    《Immortal Devil Transformation》