Imperfect Desires
524 Secret Boyfriend
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Imperfect Desires
Author :XiaoMeeHee
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524 Secret Boyfriend

Ying had to give it to herself. She really knew how to dig her own grave. It was fine to use the excuse of having a boyfriend with anyone but with her grandmother? Knowing how amazing her grandmother was, it wouldn't even take her a day before Han Bohai's life history would be placed before her.

Wait! Why the hell is she thinking about Han Bohai? She only mentioned having a boyfriend but why was it that the boyfriend in her mind was Han Bohai? Bloody hell! She just realized a bigger problem. She actually thought of Han Bohai as her BOYFRIEND!

She must have lost some screws or perhaps, she lost her brain!

"Then I'll be looking forward to seeing this boyfriend of yours."

Those were her grandmother's parting words and those words had been ringing in Ying's mind all night. She couldn't even sleep thinking about this mess. Her grandmother always came like a storm and left after wreaking havoc in her life.

Early in the morning, she got ready and drove towards the destination she had in mind. At this time, she needed someone to hear her out and there was only one person who would never complain about her nonstop chattering. However, when she reached her destination, she was told, "Young miss, Master has gone out already."

Ying almost banged her head against the wall. Why didn't she think of calling before coming here? She couldn't blame Zizi for not being home but she really needed him here. Now, who was gonna listen to her troubles?

"Ying Jie!"

Ying turned her head to look at Dylan and furrowed her brows at him.

"I feel like we are running into each other quite often," said Dylan as he smiled at Ying who looked really not like her usual self. In fact, she looked haggard and quite disinterested.

"What brought you here so early in the morning?" asked Ying.

Dylan led her towards the dining hall while saying, "My mother dearest sent some special breakfast for her son-in-law. I'm the delivery man for today. You should also eat something."

 Ying was feeling hungry so she didn't refuse and silently entered the dining hall. Seeing how Ah-Si and Xiaoli had already been eating their breakfast. Dylan moved up to their side.

"Oh, Ying Jie, it's been a long time," said Ah-Si as he smiled at Ying who smiled politely in reply. "Where have you been busy?"

"She is busy dating these days," answered Dylan in place of Ying. "Even yesterday she was on a date with her boyfriend." Both Ah-Si and Xiaoli looked at Ying with raised brows but the person in question was busy trying to see what suited her palate to eat. Deciding on fried dough sticks and soy milk, she munched on without a care in the world. Seeing how she was behaving, Dylan added, "Look at her. Even now she's pretending like we aren't talking about her. I'm telling you, she's keeping her boyfriend a secret as if he is a big celebrity."

Ying was about to take another bite of the dough stick when she looked at him and questioned, "How do you know that?"


"Are you for real?"

"Don't joke about it!"

The three men at the table had different reactions but all of them didn't really believe Ying's words. But did she really have to explain herself? Not really!

Seeing how she wasn't planning on answering, the rest continued to eat their breakfast in silence. However, all this while Ying's phone that had been placed right beside her soy milk cup kept vibrating. 

"Ying Jie, why is your boyfriend so impatient?" Dylan was just thinking of teasing her again. 

Ying however, replied, "How would I know why he is so impatient?" Saying that, she didn't pay attention to Dylan gaping at her as she looked at her phone. Even without looking, she knew it was Han Bohai. And it was indeed him who had been sending her pictures on WeChat. 

Since she was too lazy to type a reply, without thinking much, she recorded a voice message, "Why are you sending me the pictures of men suits?"

It didn't even take a second before she got a voice message in reply, "Which one would look good on me?"

She scrolled through the photos again before replying, "With your body, anything will look good on you."

"I know," Han Bohai replied with a chuckle and added, "But I want to know which one you like."

"You'll wear whichever I like?" she questioned.

"Yes," he replied without any hesitation.

"Dark maroon one then," replied Ying after taking some time to think it through.

"Aiyo, you really know my heart so well." Ying rolled her eyes as she heard his voice message but she wasn't done when he sent another one. "But that's not a surprise since you live in this heart only you'd know it best."

"Excessive PDA!" 

Ying finally looked up and noticed that the rest had been giving her odd looks. She really didn't realize that she wasn't using headphones and all of them could literally hear the conversation between her and Han Bohai. And if one was not the inside party, it was easy to deduce that Ying and Han Bohai were actually dating.

Although everyone around her had been teasing her about this rumored boyfriend lately, no one really took it seriously. But thinking about it now, it seems like they really need to take it seriously.

"It's not like any of you is single here," replied Ying calmly. "You shouldn't be talking about excessive PDA with me Dylan."

Dylan smiled sheepishly before asking, "But is your boyfriend really a celebrity?"

"He is," answered Ying honestly. "Why?"

"No, nothing. I just found it weird when you said with his body anything will look good on him."

"I wasn't lying though," Ying looked really serious as she went on, "He has all the right muscles at all the right places."

"...And I really didn't need to hear that much detail."

Dylan really couldn't tell why he even brought this thing up. Maybe he really doubted Ying's straightforward personality. Seeing how awkward Dylan was feeling, Ah-Si decided to chime in...

"Are you here to see dad?"

Ying was about to nod but then shook her head as she replied, "Nope. I'm here to plan my best friend's bachelor party."

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    《Imperfect Desires》