Imperfect Desires
526 Remove Your Hands
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Imperfect Desires
Author :XiaoMeeHee
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526 Remove Your Hands

"Didn't you feel really tired? How come now you want to drive yourself?"

Seeing him doubtfully looking at her while she was buckling up her seatbelt, Xiu felt at a loss for words. She was honestly tired. She didn't lie. But how could she bring a third wheel with them on a date? No, no way! She had been that 'third wheel' in someone else's date and honestly found her own self too annoying. 

"After eating, I'm feeling revitalized. It's like I've been reborn..." she stopped abruptly and laughed at herself, "I really forget that I had been reborn. I can't even use that word as a joke!"

Darren shook his head seeing her antics and decided to stay quiet about this topic. She usually didn't like talking about this whole 'rebirth'. So, he never liked bringing it up himself. 

"Do you even know where to go?" asked Darren when she stepped on the accelerator and whooshed away. He wasn't doubting her driving skills since he had already learned from Ben that she had been taking her driving lessons quite diligently. He also knew why she didn't want a third person between them. But he was still worried because she was super bad with directions.

"Are you doubting my driving skills?" she asked while looking at him from the corner of her eye.

"No, but I don't trust your sense of directions," answered Darren in all honesty. 

Xiu wasn't upset to hear that. She was, in fact, smiling softly. She loved it when he didn't sugar coat his words even for her. If she was in the wrong, he won't hesitate at all before telling her. 

"By now, you should really have strong faith in my sense of direction."

"Oh? And why is that?" Darren was really curious to hear her answer and he propped his face on his hand and stared at the side of her face.

"Because it's my bad sense of direction that led me to you."

Darren was left stunned by her reply. He had no way to retort. How could he? She was right! If she hadn't run to men's bathroom or lost her way to his private hot springs, how were they gonna meet?

He laughed out thinking about that and said, "I guess I need to thank God for your bad driving skills along with your bad sense of direction."

Xiu smiled proudly as she heard that. Yes, she was indeed proud of being so bad at directions. Who could say anything to that?

"But where are we really going?" After a moment of silence, he asked again. "And don't say it's a surprise. I'm not in the mood for those vague answers."

"It's not really a surprise," said Xiu. "I just want to have a proper date with you. Like other couples do."

"And what exactly do other couples do?" questioned Darren.

"Wouldn't you know better than me? After all, my Baobei has a history of dating all kinds of girls."

Darren almost choked on his own saliva. He had never heard his Sweets bringing that dark history up. Why was she doing it today?

Xiu's hands on the steering wheel tightened to the point that her veins popped up as she went on, "And after seeing how you reacted to my small play of blindfolds and handcuffs, I believe that history of yours must have been very 'entertaining'."

Darren was left gaping in disbelief. Where was all this coming from? Why did he feel like he was being attacked? And why so suddenly at that too? He wasn't prepared for all this!

"Sweets, what scenarios have you created in that head of yours?"

Xiu exhaled through her mouth as she strained out, "Nothing much."

Darren looked at her face and pressed his lips together. Could he say she looked really cute? Even though she was actually trying to roast him!

"Sweets, are you drinking vinegar?" 

"Hmph!" Xiu stopped at the red light and turned her head to him saying, "Why would I?"

"So, you're not drinking vinegar?" 

Xiu shook her head adamantly.

"You're still wearing my sweatshirt," pointed out Darren making Xiu look anywhere but at him. "Isn't it to announce to everyone that I'm with you?"

Xiu rubbed the side of her jaw with the back of her hand. "Fine! I'm not drinking vinegar, but I'm drowning in the sea of that vinegar thinking about all those ex-girlfriends of yours. Even if I don't know them, I've already cursed their seven generations! Happy? There, I said it!"

Darren placed his hand over hers and intertwined their fingers together. He lifted her hand and dropped a kiss on her knuckles as he said, "I can't believe you're jealous over such old news. And why are you even thinking about it now? My history of ex-girlfriends never bothered you before."

Xiu shut up and refused to say a word. She silently bit her lips as she also wondered the same thing. Why was she so pissed off now? It never even crossed her mind before today. 


When earlier he brought up the matter about her 'toys', she suddenly felt weird. What if he had tried those 'toys' with someone else? She wasn't insecure. She never felt insecure with Darren. But why was she feeling so complicated?

Xiu took a deep breath before she stepped on the accelerator again and said, "I know you want to say I'm an idiot. You don't have to. I know I'm an idiot for thinking this nonsense."

Darren raised his other hand to touch her head and said, "Didn't I say it, even if you're an idiot, you're my idiot. And I love my idiot! I love my idiot the most!"

"Stop talking so sweetly, I can't concentrate on driving."

"But I didn't even do anything," he replied innocently.

"Remove your hands off of me," said Xiu sternly. But inwardly, she was going crazy with the way his thumb had been rubbing circles on the back of her hand. While his other hand was puffing up her hair. Did he not realize that it was dangerous?! 

"How cruel!" pouted Darren and took his hand off of her head. But his other hand was still intertwined with hers. Instead, he just stopped teasing her.


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