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"No one knows. That thing is in the hands of the person who invented it," Number Five said helplessly. Even Number One didn't know anything. The human race was guarded against them at that time, so they didn't release information to them as they were afraid that they might develop a close relationship with Majesty Four while watching over him and help him instead.

"Isn't there any way we can destroy that thing?" Ling Lan looked at the restless whirlpool of numbers. Her frown got deeper.

Number Five shrugged. "Only he that hides can find. If you want to solve this problem, it depends on Little Four."

"What do you mean?" Ling Lan's eyes lit up.

"How will I know." Number Five answered irresponsibly.

"Why did you say that on he that hides can find then?" Ling Lan gritted her teeth. 'Can't you see that we are in an emergency?'

"Didn't this protocol came from Little Four's main chip? By right, it is a part of Little Four's own power. Since it's his power, he should have the ability to control it. But, I'm not him so I don't know how to control it," Number Five pointed at the whirlpool of numbers as he explained.

Ling Lan, Little Four, and Little Blossom were in deep thought when they heard this. Number Five saw this and said, "I've said everything I can say. As for what you should do now, it's up to you…" Number Five threw the last sentence at them before running away. "Don't find me if anything happens. I can't solve it too."

He didn't dare to interfere with a power that could potentially destroy everything in this space. He was not Ling Lan. Ling Lan could still escape if she was defeated by the whirlpool of numbers. However, as a member of this space, if he provoked that thing, there was no way he could escape.

Ling Lan didn't prevent Number Five from leaving. She understood what Number Five meant. He really couldn't help them with this matter anymore. Little Four now had to rely on himself.

Ling Lan looked at Little Four. Little Four nodded to show that he could do it. His Boss took the risk of getting injured for his sake, all because of him accidentally breaking the rules. Although his Boss appeared in front of him in an exaggerated manner, her pale face couldn't escape his eyes. Since the solution to destroying that whirlpool was in his hand, he must find it. If not, he wouldn't be able to repay his Boss's love for him.

When Little Blossom saw Ling Lan's serious expression, he knew that Little Four's journey to find the passcode was dangerous. He volunteered, "Master, I can go with Little Brother Four."

Ling Lan glanced at Little Four. She didn't know if it was a good thing to let Little Blossom follow Little Four. Hence, she wanted to let Little Four decide.

"Let him accompany me." Little Four saw his Boss and Little Blossom's concern in their eyes. He was touched. Little Four believed that he had the ability to protect Little Blossom whether he succeeded or failed. Little Blossom might be able to help him with his ability too in case something went wrong, so he agreed to let Little Blossom tag along.

A flash of silver light appeared from his fingers. It slit one of the walls of darkness, revealing a small hole. Ling Lan could see the multiple silver roads inside the hole as well as all kinds of buildings made with the numbers '0' and '1'. The heights of the buildings were all different. There seemed to be no end to the buildings as they stretched out into the horizon.

Ling Lan knew that it must be Little Four's core world. He could only find the passcode for the protocol in his core world.

When the restless whirlpool of numbers saw Little Four breaking the barrier and attempting to enter the core world, it was furious. It rushed towards Little Four with the intention of wanting to destroy this disobedient body of data once and for all.

"I'll take care of everything. Just focus on finding the passcode." Ling Lan's devil blood aura appeared again and blocked the path of the whirlpool of numbers.

"I understand, Boss." Little Four nodded at Ling Lan. Then, he pulled Little Blossom and jumped into the hole. They entered the core world to find the passcode.

The whirlpool slammed into Ling Lan's barrier made of devil blood aura furiously. Each slam was fiercer than the one before. Ling Lan's face went pale. She finally understood why Little Four gave up resisting before she came here. After each resistance, the whirlpool would come back more powerful than before. Little Four must have fought for a long time and gave up when he really had no energy left.

However, in order to make sure that this whirlpool of numbers wouldn't interfere with Little Four's mission, Ling Lan would stop it no matter how much effort it would take.

Little Four and Little Blossom came to the core world and started looking for the place where the formatting protocol came from.

"Little Brother Four, it's over there. I can feel a sense of danger." Little Blossom was extremely sensitive towards such dangerous and negative auras.

"I also find the aura over there irritating." Little Four wasn't as sensitive as Little Blossom but this was his core world after all. He could feel all the presence within this world. The aura that was coming from the place where Little Blossom pointed at was making him unhappy too.

The two of them moved towards a huge building that was made using the numbers '0' and '1'.

"It should be here." Little Blossom felt that the aura this place was exuding was the same as the aura exuding from the whirlpool of numbers.

Little Four pressed his right hand on the building. The moment he touched it, his hand disappeared.

Little Blossom pulled Little Four's hand back instantly. He said angrily, "Little Brother Four, what are you doing?"

Little Four smiled gently. "I'll only feel at ease after I ascertain it. I'm fine." His hand appeared again after he finished speaking.

"Little Brother Four, don't take any risks. This thing is not comparable to the one outside. This building is the source of that whirlpool. If we are not careful enough, we might get sucked in and disappear for real," Little Blossom said seriously. He could feel the data within this building. It was powerful enough to wipe him and Little Four away without much difficulty.

"We have found the place. How should we destroy it?" Little Four looked at the building in frustration. He didn't know where to start.

Little Blossom looked at the building seriously. Then, his eyes lit up as he remembered how his Boss used his devil blood aura to suppress the whirlpool of numbers just now. He raised his right hand and a powerful and negative energy that was filled with destructive power engulfed his hand. He slowly moved towards the building.

"Little Blossom, what are you doing?" Little Four grabbed Little Blossom's right shoulder. He could feel his hands were being scalded by the negative energy in Little Blossom's hand.

"Let's go, Little Brother Four." Little Blossom forced Little Four's hands away. He explained, "Little Brother Four, your data is too positive. It will be restricted by the negative data in the building. My body is made of negative data so it might not be able to harm me too much."

Little Four looked at Little Blossom sternly. Little Blossom nodded seriously to show that he didn't make this decision rashly. Little Four nodded in return and he took a step back to allow Little Blossom to take the risk of being in the front.

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