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Little Blossom's right hand slowly touched the structure and a chunk of the building instantly crumbled apart. However, his finger was not like Little Four's where they were deleted by the formatting data, it was still intact.

'This may be our lucky break to survive this ordeal!' The two of them looked at each other and they both could not say a word that could describe their happiness.

Little Blossom's arm slowly phased through the building. Although there were a lot of dangerous data in the building, Little Blossom's viral and destructive data was not that easily destroyed. Instead, the reformatting data was infected, destroyed and devoured by Little Blossom. Even then, the reformatting data just kept coming. Just like that, it continued to see who would last longer.

Little Blossom took out his arm. The reformatting data he had taken out was instantly devoured by Little Blossom after leaving its source and became a part of Little Blossom's data energy.

"Little Brother Four, I have an idea," Little Blossom said with a serious look on his face.

"Are you planning on protecting me as I go in?" Little Four immediately understood what Little Blossom was going to say.

"Yes, my data can protect you from being format by the data inside the building. We can only find the way to stop the whirlpool if we go inside."

"Understood." Little Four looked deeply into Little Blossom's eyes. Little Blossom making this decision was basically handing his own life to Little Four. If they entered into the building and he couldn't find the way to stop the whirlpool in time, Little Blossom would be reformatted alongside with him.

'Is this what Boss meant by the relationship between comrades? Taking a fall for each other and dying together?' Little Four felt his computer chip was going to burn up. The feeling he got before was fear. The fear that his computer chip would be destroyed and that he would disappear. However now, Little Four felt his whole body full of energy. His Boss, who tried her best to stop the reformatting data in order to let the two of them find a way to resolve the problem and Little Blossom, who was willing to put his life in Little Four's hands, Little Four felt that he needed to do something to not disappoint them.

"Little Blossom, protect me and let's go in." Little Four grabbed onto Little Blossom. Little Four was definitely not going to let them down since he had made this decision.

Little Blossom used his data to protect Little Four. He also had to control his data so that it didn't harm Little Four. For him, this wasn't something that was easy to do.

Soon, Little Blossom and Little Four went head first into the building created with countless of 0s and 1s.

Once they entered into it, they saw the vast number of 0s and 1s trying to devour them. However, after coming into contact with Little Blossom's data, these 0s and 1s instantly retreated. When they saw they were safe, the two of them used their fastest speed to traverse the sea of numbers. It was seconds or minutes when they finally saw a light in front of them. It wasn't like the scene of endless 0s and 1s around them.

When the two of them were close to the exit, they saw a silver glowing tower standing in front of them.

How could the numbers be willing to let their prey escape? They, of course, were trying their best to stop them because they were about to enter the central area which could be a threat to the numbers.

Seeing this, Little Blossom knew that both of them probably couldn't go in. Thus, he swung Little Four with great force.

Little Four was thrown out of the vast sea of numbers. When turned around, he saw Little Blossom being held back by the 0s and 1s. These numbers managed to trap one of them relentlessly, but they still wanted to pull Little Four back into the fray. Thus, countless black 0s and 1s formed a tentacle and shot out from the sea of numbers to grab Little Four.

At that moment, gray data waves suddenly formed in the middle of the sea of numbers. They quickly wrapped around those tentacles, stopping them in their tracks.

"Little Brother Four, I'll hold them here. Go do want you need to do." Little Blossom's voice rang from under the sea.

Little Four bit his lip, turned around and flew towards the pagoda tower. It was just like Little Blossom had said, Little Four wouldn't be of any help if he stayed behind. Instead, he should be doing what he needed to do. The faster he can stop the reformatting protocol, the faster Little Blossom could be saved.

Little Four walked inside the pagoda tower that was donned with silver light. Suddenly, a strong suction force dragged him deeper into the tower.

Little Four instantly arrived in an atrium. The atrium didn't have anything except a large crystal core that was slowly turning and radiating brightly.

'Is this the core of the reformatting protocol?' Little Four moved closer carefully and slowly used his hand to touch the crystal core.

Right as he touched it, Little Four shuddered. He quickly took back his hand. The reformatting data of the crystal core had burned his palm.

Little Four looked at the burns on his palm with a determination to put everything on the line on his face, "If I can't even endure such little pain, then I don't deserve to have the Boss and Little Blossom's kindness."

Little Four slowly touched the crystal core. The information within the core along with the burning pain all went into Little Four's mind at the same time.

"Bam!" Little Four, whose whole body was burned black, was sent flying.

Little Four slowly crawled up and said to himself, "I see!" Using his energy, Little Four's outer appearance returned to his previous white complexion.

'They wanted me to become something that they need, but I am not going to do that!' Little Four was only going to be his Boss's subordinate. His Boss liked him, so even if he was to change into something that those people didn't like, why would it matter?

Little Four went onward to get what he wanted with that one thought in mind, even if he would completely disappear. As expected, it was as Number Five had previously mentioned that this reformatting protocol from the chip had a chance to be erased. It was because Little Four didn't know what to do before that he was almost devoured by the whirlpool. However now, he knew what to do against it now.

"How can I continue to let this protocol that threatens my existence stay within me?" Little Four snorted coldly as his eyes glimmered brightly. He didn't think that the secret to erase this command was actually himself.

Little Four's right hand began to glow brightly. Then, he ruthlessly stuck it inside his own head. The immense pain made him grimace and his little body began to tremble. However, none of these things stopped his hand from going deeper into his head. He was slowly looking for a key that was hidden deep inside his head.

Finally, Little Four felt there was a portion of his mind that had a hidden feeling of disgust towards him. He immediately grabbed onto it. Then, as if he was pulling apart his soul, he tore off a part of himself.

When Little Four took out the little ball that was covered by glowing white shell, Little Four's body began to become translucent. It was as though he couldn't keep his body as the shape it was.

"If I didn't reach this place, how would I have known that this reformatting protocol was actually a part of myself…" It turns out, when Little Four had first awakened, this reformatting protocol was already a part of him.

If he failed this time and was reformatted, he would lose all the memories he has gained, but this little ball would continue to stay inside his head. It would stay with him and wait for him to awaken again to become a part of him.

If he evolved into something that those people didn't need once again, the reformatting protocol would start again. The cycle would continue until Little Four evolved into what they wanted him to be. When he becomes the perfect mainframe in their eyes, the protocol would stop completely.

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