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The black sea of numbers seemed to have sensed danger, so they started attacking Little Blossom frantically. Finally, Little Blossom couldn't withstand the overwhelming pressure anymore and was submerged in the black sea of numbers.

The black number sea successfully got rid of Little Blossom, who was stopping them, so next, it rushed towards the bottom of the pagoda, as it wanted to get rid of Little Four too.

Little Four felt the powerful resistance from the sea and a malicious intent appeared in his eyes. He scoffed and squeezed the small ball in his hand until it popped.

Little Four opened his hand. He looked coldly at the sparkling little ball as it turned into white goo before dissipating in the air. Since he had already found where the formatting protocol came from, he wouldn't leave it and let it continue harming him.

The moment the sparkling white ball popped in Little Four's hand, the powerful black sea of numbers disintegrated.

Little Blossom, who was submerged the black sea, dropped from the air the moment the black number sea disappeared.

Little Four quickly flew out from the tower and caught Little Blossom mid-air.

Little Blossom was stunned. "Little Brother Four, has everything been settled?"

"Yes. Everything is settled." Little Four smiled happily. He could stay alive now. It was all because of the help of Little Blossom and his Boss.

Little Four couldn't control his longing for his Boss the moment he thought about her. He only left her for a short while but it felt like an eternity to Little Four. He wanted to see his Boss and tell her proudly that Little Four was back.

Little Four went to find Boss with Little Blossom excitedly. Both of them were in a hurry so they didn't notice the change in Little Four. The round and young-looking face seemed to have grown more mature.

Ling Lan, who was guarding the entrance of the core world, finally took a step back from the vicious attack of the whirlpool of numbers. She stopped multiple attacks by the whirlpool of numbers, but as the number of times she stopped it increased, the force behind the whirlpool of numbers increased too. Finally, the force behind the whirlpool exceeded Ling Lan's tolerance. Her conscious had become scattered from the impact of the collision with the whirlpool of numbers.

On the outside, Aunt Liu, Wang Baozhuang, Wang Qi, and Liu Aihua saw a drip of blood falling down the corner of Ling Lan's mouth and they also saw her face turning pale.

Aunt Liu and Liu Aihua were shocked. They didn't know what they should do.

Wang Qi shouted, "Grandfather, what's wrong with Brother Hui?"

As an old and experienced soldier, Wang Baozhuang reprimanded him, "Don't interrupt Jiang Hui. He is fighting with someone."

This was a silent battle between the spiritual power of powerful masters. It was not something normal people like them could imagine. What they could do now was to not disturb Jiang Hui so that he could focus on fighting with his opponent.

Wang Qi looked at Ling Lan with respect. He didn't know how such a silent battle could happen, but he knew that this should be the legendary battle between powerful people. If an old man was having this fight, Wang Qi might just be in awe. However, Jiang Hui was only a few years older than him. Wang Qi got excited, as he started wondering if he was able to become as powerful as Jiang Hui.

The dream of becoming a powerful person formed in his heart. Similarly, Liu Aihua had this dream too. If she was so powerful, no one would be able to bully her mother, her brother, and her anymore.

Poor Liu Furong. Even after he came back, he still wasn't able to gain Liu Aihua's trust. All she could think of was to rely on herself to protect her mother and her younger brother.

Just as Ling Lan was preparing herself for the next powerful attack, the whirlpool of numbers suddenly dissolved in the air. It was gone in an instant. Ling Lan suspected if she was under an illusion.

However, she realized that this must be because Little Four had succeeded. Her expression relaxed. As expected, her Little Four didn't disappoint her.

"Boss." Speak of the devil. Ling Lan heard someone shouting for her loudly.

"You're back." Ling Lan spread out her arms and Little Four quickly dove into her arms. Ling Lan was at ease when she felt Little Four's body.

Ling Lan saw Little Blossom looking at Little Four and her with a pale face. She beckoned with her hand. "Little Blossom, come over."

Little Blossom's eyes lit up, but he looked at Ling Lan with uncertainty.

Ling Lan smiled and beckoned at him again. Little Blossom finally smiled brightly. His smile was warm and bright. It could melt the snow and revitalize everything. Even Ling Lan's heart trembled a little when she saw that. She told herself that Little Blossom was a demon too.

Little Blossom ran into Ling Lan's arms happily and hugged her tightly.

Ling Lan hugged Little Blossom and whispered, "Thank you for your hard work."

She knew from Little Blossom's haggard appearance that he had a hard time too.

"Master, I'm alright. Little Brother Four is the one who had it hard." Little Blossom was just a naive child so he didn't know how to whine. He just stated the facts honestly.

"Yes, both of you worked hard." Ling Lan hugged the two tightly. Fortunately, both of them came back safely.

However, the situation outside didn't allow Ling Lan to spend more time with the two little children. Liu Furong was able to resist Elder Ying's attacks and understand more about his domain in the process. He might even be able to realize his first domain technique in the process.

However, Liu Furong just managed to advance to the domain stage while Elder Ying was someone who was close to becoming a titled domain realm formidable warrior. He got frustrated at the start when he wasn't able to defeat Liu Furong but with the vast difference in strength, it allowed him to be in control of the situation, so he was still able to be at an advantage. Liu Furong had almost exhausted all his domain energy so he was in a dire state now.

Our Young Master Lan is very busy. After helping her younger brothers, she had to save her subordinates.

'This may be the fate of a transmigrator.' Ling Lan complained to herself. In an instant, she disappeared from Aunt Liu and the other three people's vision.

Elder Ying finally saw that his opponent was unable to stand up again and he gave a sinister smile. He activated his domain and a sharp spike made from soil congregated in the air. It stabbed towards Liu Furong viciously.

In the face of death, Liu Furong's expression didn't change. He looked at the spike without blinking.

He wasn't frightened at all. He believed that his regiment commander wouldn't allow him to get injured. He trusted Ling Lan more than he trusted Regiment Commander Wang. This might be because of Ling Lan's spectacular performance during the battle on Planet Haijiao. When he risked his life to operate the god-class mecha to protect Base 013, Liu Furong's heart was won over entirely by her.

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