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Just as the spike was about to pierce into Liu Furong's body, an ice wall blocked it.

The two domain energy collided and exploded.

"Who is it?" Elder Ying's expression changed and he instantly shouted to the air.

A young man with a mask covering the top half of his face appeared beside Liu Furong. He had a smile on him as he was looking at him.

"Regiment commander, I'm sorry." Liu Furong vomitted blood. In the end, his regiment commander still needed to clean up for him. Liu Furong felt embarrassed.

Elder Ying focused when he heard this greeting. He knew that his real opponent had finally appeared. The person that saved that child must be him, not the man that was defeated.

Ling Lan took the blame for her pet. However, she was guilty of it too.

Little White had swallowed all the precious jewellery. It patted it round stomach in satisfaction. When it sensed Ling Lan's ice element, it jumped up excitedly.

"Rawr!" 'Master! Master has finally come to save us.'

Little White stretched out two tentacles and caught the chest Little Aijun was lying in as he played a stacking game with the jewellery. In the next second, he dragged the chest out and rushed to the spot where he detected Ling Lan's element.

Liu Aijun thought that Little White was playing with him so he sat in the chest and clapped his hands excitedly.

Liu Aijun was immersed in the flying game so he didn't notice that Little White took a deep breath before they left the treasury. It had sucked all the other things that were left inside.

Little White was furious that it got kidnapped for no reason. When it got unhappy, it needed to eat some things to compensate for the psychological damage they had caused it.

Little White hadn't spent much time in the human world, but it could differentiate what things were expensive and what were not. This was because its caretaker, Li Lanfeng, taught it to recognize all the precious things in the human world. He even shamelessly told it that it could eat everything precious if it belonged to someone that was its master's enemy as long as no one noticed it.

Li Lanfeng had noticed Little White's amazing eating ability and its strange stomach earlier than Ling Lan.

Just like that, while Little White was escaping, it didn't forget to eat all the things it thought was expensive along the way. Although it didn't clear everything, there wasn't many items left too. Almost nothing expensive was left behind.

"It's okay. You managed to last for a long time and even learned one of the techniques for your domain. I'm quite satisfied with your performance." Actually, the experience Liu Furong had gained through this battle exceeded Ling Lan's expectations. However, she understood the rationale behind it very quickly. Liu Furong had been stuck at the optimal peak of Qi-Jin for more than ten years. It was already time for him to rise. Even if Ling Lan didn't force him to advance, he would be able to breakthrough to the domain stage naturally after some time.

However, this natural way of breaking through required an opportunity too. It might take him less than a month or even a few years to gain that opportunity.

Because of his huge amount of experience, Liu Furong was able to quickly stabilize his domain even though he was forced to advance. He even managed to leave pseudo domain stage and become a real domain realm masters after a single fight.

At first, Ling Lan thought that forcing someone into the domain stage would cause them to have a hard time understanding their domain techniques. But, this might not be the case. Young people at the optimal peak of Qi-Jin had little experience so they would face this problem. However, to those who had been at the optimal peak of Qi-Jin for more than ten years, they just needed an opportunity to advance. Once they succeeded in their breakthrough, their speed of stabilizing their domain was much faster than those inexperienced people.

'Maybe I can use this method to force the other experienced mecha operators to breakthrough.' Ling Lan thought to herself.

Far away on Planet Southcrest, some experienced soldiers who were at the optimal peak of Qi-Jin suddenly felt a chill down their spine.

Yang Mingzhi felt a chill too. He touched his nose and wondered, "Did the temperature drop today?" 'Should I wear more clothes?'

The members of team 01 looked up at the bright and shiny sky. They ignored the words of their team leader.

Yang Mingzhi felt something strange was going on with the world. Hr hurriedly used his Qi-Jin to remove the chill in his body. Then, he shouted, "If you can't complete ten sets of basic training today, you can forget about lunch." 'How dare they ignore their leader. They must be looking for death.'

The team members of team 01 groaned but no one dared to complain. If any of them attempted to question their team leader, the people from the medical department would inject them with the scary agent and let them experience a living hell.

Although everyone knew that this agent was good for their body, anyone that experienced it once never wanted to experience it again. Sob, they rather chose a lower grade recovery agent to heal their body.

The mecha operators from 250 Ace Mecha Clan started their training once again. They forgot about the chill that suddenly appeared in their bodies.

Liu Furong was elated when he heard what Ling Lan said. He felt as though he got praised by his teacher when he was a young boy. Ling Lan was much younger than him but he was more powerful. Hence, Liu Furong treated him as an instructor that was able to guide him in his life.

Elder Ying almost fainted from anger when he saw the two people in front of him talking to each other as though he wasn't present. From his point of view, Ling Lan was looking down on him and humiliating him. He wasn't able to bear with this much humiliation.

The furious Elder Ying released his domain technique. Multiple spikes quickly jutted out from the ground and charged towards Ling Lan and Liu Furong fiercely.

The bandage on Ling Lan's wrist unwinded and wrapped Liu Furong up. Then along with the wrapped up Liu Furong, she jumped into the air.

"Ice Blockade!" Since her opponent used his territory technique, she would return him with one too. All the spikes were frozen. Everything around Ling Lan had turned into ice.

Aunt Liu and the other three people that were standing a distance away started shivering from the cold.

Wang Baozhuang, whose real name was Luo Yi, was astounded. The power of this Ice Blockade proved that Jiang Hui was not just a simple domain realm master. He must be a titled domain realm formidable warrior.

He remembered that Liu Furong called Jiang Hui his regiment commander. Without a doubt, this person was the regiment commander of Liu Furong's current mecha clan. Luo Yi couldn't understand why their enemy allowed Liu Furong to enter such a powerful mecha clan. Or was Jiang Hui one of their enemies too?

Luo Yi got suspicious. However, he carefully recalled everything that happened between Jiang Hui and him. If the enemy was able to arrange for so many coincidences to happen for him to get into this mess, Liu Furong and he wouldn't have a chance to survive their schemes.

Luo Yi relaxed. He started to believe that this was all because of Liu Furong's good luck. It was their fortune too that they met such a person during their difficult times.

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