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Elder Ying's expression changed drastically when he saw his spike freezing in place. Without even thinking, he quickly retreated back. Someone who was able to freeze his domain technique must be much stronger than him.

Elder Ying was a pseudo titled domain realm formidable warrior. He was only a step away from becoming a titled domain realm formidable warrior, so even if he met a real titled domain realm formidable warrior, he would still have a chance to fight with him. However, he didn't expect this young man to be so strong. He wasn't a titled domain realm formidable warrior. He felt that this person in front of him was an imperial level domain expert.

The invincible imperial level domain expert! Besides the legendary God-Realm masters and people who were in the same stage as them, no one was able to defeat an imperial level domain expert.

With this knowledge in mind, Elder Ying made a quick decision and immediately congregated all his domain energy to prepare to escape through the ground below his feet.

Ling Lan wouldn't allow her opponent to escape. She always believed that once she acted, she must finish off all possible future threats.

"Ultimate Blockade!" Ling Lan moved her fingers and numerous translucent ice threads started moving around her domain territory.

Elder Ying suddenly felt his speed was decreasing rapidly.

Ling Lan clenched her fist tightly and the sound of vibration resounded through the area.

Elder Ying felt an excruciating pain cutting all over his body. In response to the pain wrecking apart his body, he immediately used his earth armour to protect his body.

The piercing sound of the ice threads scraping the surface of the hard armour was heard. Liu Aihua and Aunt Liu covered their ears in pain, attempting to block the painful screeching sound that was hurting their eardrums.

Luo Yi and Wang Qi were flabbergasted by the dream-like world that appeared in front of them.

In front of them was a crystal-clear ice world. Numerous fine ice threads intertwined with one another, breaking the world into small patches. Under the sunlight, the translucent threads sparkled and even small rainbows could be seen, all creating a breathtaking view. However, this beautiful scenery that seemed to only exist in a dream was a world of death, as it was about to work its magic by taking away a person's life.

Luo Yi and Wang Qi were enchanted by the magical scene in front. However, the next second, a chill went up their spine.

Elder Ying tried to block the ice threads with his most powerful defensive technique but he still failed. The piercing and slashing power of the threads were too much for him. His body was cut into perfectly square sections of meat and his blood stained the ground below him.

Luo Yi and Wang Qi jumped back in shock. They had the illusion that their skin was groaning in pain and some of the invisible threads were actually cutting into their skin, attempting to turn them into a pile of meat.

But, they soon realized that what they were feeling was fake because they were outside the boundary of the ice world. However, they couldn't control their wandering minds. It would probably take some time for them to forget about this scene and this feeling.

Fortunately, Liu Aihua and Aunt Liu, who closed their eyes in pain because of the piercing sound, didn't see what had happened in front of them. They were luckily able to escape from having this nightmare for the next few months.

Liu Furong had seen Ling Lan using her Ice Blockade before, but he had never seen such a beautiful and frightening killing technique before. Liu Furong had killed many people before, but he still shivered when he saw Elder Ying turning into a pile of meat in front of him.

'Regiment commander is brutal!' Liu Furong decided that he must remind his team members to not offend their regiment commander after he goes back to the clan. Even if you really die, you wouldn't want to die in the hands of their regiment commander.

This technique was actually brought over from the gaseous state technique. Ling Lan was now able to change the state of the threads easily. This technique consisted of blue water threads, crystal-clear ice threads, and grey mist threads. Out of these three states, the ice threads were the most powerful. The water threads were the most tenacious while the mist threads were a combination of the two.

After Ling Lan killed Elder Ying, she felt a familiar presence coming her way. She snapped her fingers and the ice threads around her disappeared instantly. The beautiful ice world faded slowly too.

A white object suddenly dove into Ling Lan's arms. It was Little White. Behind it, a huge chest that was skidding towards them with the help of the ice on the ground.

Liu Aijun clapped his hands excitedly. He shouted, "Little White, this is fun. It's so fun. Can we play that again?"

Until now, Liu Aijun still thought that everything was a game. He didn't show any signs of fear which a hostage should be showing.

Little White didn't want to bother anymore about this idiot. 'It was his honour that I decided to play with him for so long. Since I'm back with my master, I won't play with you anymore. Hmph.'

Ling Lan patted Little White's head and said calmly, "Good job."

'Ah, my master is complimenting me!' Little White smiled brightly until its eyes formed a single line. It rubbed its head against Ling Lan's hand. The anger it had when its master abandoned it was gone.

Little White was really easy to console!

"Little White!" Liu Furong shouted when he saw the familiar round ball.

Little White froze and it turned its head slowly. Then, it saw Liu Furong smiling at it happily… the dreaded Liu Furong…

"Rawr!" 'Ah! I got found out again! Master will definitely murder me!'

Little White still remembered that its master had changed his name so that he wouldn't be discovered. However, it accidentally exposed its master's identity. 'Ah! What should I do? I don't want to die yet.'

Little White held its head with two tentacles as it started thinking furiously of a way out. 'Should I silence Liu Furong or should I pretend that I am not Little White?'

"Don't worry, it has nothing to do with you." Ling Lan knew what Little White was worried about when she saw its expression. Ling Lan patted its head while she held back her laughter. At first, she kept Little White as her pet because she wanted to use it as her trump card, but she really didn't expect Little White to be so funny.

Little White turned energetic again when it heard what Ling Lan said. It nodded at Liu Furong arrogantly as if it was proudly stating 'Yes, I am your regiment commander's pet, Little White.' Liu Furong secretly laughed at its expression.

After so many days of playing with Little White, Liu Aijun treated Little White as his friend. When he saw his friend ignoring him, he got agitated and hurriedly climbed out of the treasure chest. He was wearing many pieces of jewellery on him so he used some effort to run towards Ling Lan. He asked curiously, "Brother Jiang Hui, why is Little White ignoring me."

Instead of answering him, Ling Lan pointed Liu Furong and asked, "Aijun, who is this person?"

Liu Aijun looked at the bloody and haggard man curiously. He started thinking carefully.

Suddenly, his eyes lit up. He looked at Ling Lan with anticipation. "He is… daddy?"

Liu Furong trembled when he heard the word 'daddy'. He didn't expect this little boy who just suddenly appeared to be his son.

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