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'This material is useful for me but to everyone, it can only be used to make a communicator for domain realm masters. It doesn't have many uses. Why would someone annihilate an entire titled super mecha clan for it?' Ling Lan couldn't understand the minds of the higher-ups.

"Boss, this material is not only able to make a communicator. It can also be used for the construction of god-class mechas too." Little Four started explaining to Ling Lan, "However, I think that this is not the main reason. The most important thing is, once a mine filled with this mineral is formed, another precious resource will appear around it. That is probably the real reason why those people wanted this."

"What is the resource?" Ling Lan was curious. 'What is more precious than this material?'

"Titanium-gold iron," Little Four said seriously.

Ling Lan was shocked. She knew that this was the main material for the construction of a god-class mecha. This meant that without this material, god-class mechas couldn't be made. This would explain why the higher authorities of the military were willing to sacrifice an entire titled super mecha clan to get this mine. God-class mechas… no one could resist this temptation.

"I understand." The moment Little Four mentioned titanium-gold iron, Ling Lan couldn't resist the temptation anymore.

"Leader Liu, what is your request?" If he wanted to pass this to the Federation, he would have done so long ago. He wouldn't need to disguise himself as a mentally disabled person, so he must have an ulterior motive for doing this.

Liu Furong was satisfied with Ling Lan's response. 'My regiment commander is indeed a smart man. He knows we don't want to pass this to the Federation.'

Liu Furong looked at Luo Yi and Luo Yi nodded in response. The only person that could help the Magic Ace Mecha Clan gained back the merit and the honour they deserved was General Ling Xiao.

Liu Furong looked at Ling Lan and said in a serious tone, "We don't care what you do with it. We just hope that the Magic Ace Mecha Clan can get the honor they deserved. And…" Hatred could be seen in his eyes. "I want to find the person that harmed the Magic Ace Mecha Clan."

In order to bring this item back to the Federation, they defeated many mecha clans from other nations that wanted to snatch it away. Yet, after surviving the attacks from their enemies, they were betrayed by their own people.

Ling Lan thought about it carefully before replying, "Deal!"

She knew what troubles she might face after she agreed, but for the sake of Little Four and her instructors in the learning space, she must accept the challenges that came with the deal.

Liu Furong and Luo Yi visibly relaxed when they heard Ling Lan agreeing to their request. They felt that once Ling Lan agreed, the issue was mostly settled.

After that, Liu Furong took out the map of the mine which he kept for 15 years. He pointed to the position of the mine. Ling Lan was dumbstruck. She felt that she was fooled by Liu Furong.

"This is the correct location?" Ling Lan asked again.

Ling Lan thought that such a precious mine must be located at some primitive planet or some forest or desert where no one would go. However, contrary to her expectations, it was located at a famous place that had millions of tourists visiting every day. How was she able to dig the minerals without alerting anyone?

"Wait, you are not the only ones who knew about this mine." Ling Lan suddenly understood everything.

"Of course. We are not professional mine inspectors. We only snatched their findings." Liu Furong smiled. "However, only we have the detailed location of the mine. Those people were afraid that the location of the mine would be leaked so they killed all the inspectors that knew about it."

Liu Furong's words proved that a bloody battle had happened because of this mine in the past. Many people had died because of it.

"How did you find out about it then?" Ling Lan was curious. Since the other party killed everyone who knew about the mine, how did the Magic Ace Mecha Clan find out about it?

Liu Furong gave a bitter smile. He sighed and answered, "I don't know if we're lucky or unlucky. That time, we received a three-star team mission to disguise ourselves and find the evidence for the crime of a person. Accidentally, we noticed that someone was killing a bunch of normal citizens. We thought that this was a piece of evidence for the person we were following so we stopped them." Because of this, they got an opportunity to gain more merits for their mecha clan. However, it caused the annihilation of their mecha clan too.

Ling Lan could guess what happened at the end. The Magic Ace Mecha Clan knew that this was a big secret so they retreated quickly. However, because of their hasty retreat, they left traces behind. The members of the Magic Ace Mecha Clan started to have other thoughts too when faced with great wealth and benefits. There was a fine line between heaven and hell.

Mo'er port allowed private starships and cruise ships to anchor at the berth and have a break. It was located on a man-made planet. Besides the private starships and high-class cruise ships from wealthy elite families, many mercenaries' spacecraft landed on this port too. Most of Mo'er port space was filled with mercenaries.

Mercenaries must have the certification from various countries to prove that they were mercenaries of their respective countries. If not, they wouldn't be able to join this industry. This certification was hard to get. They needed to reach the fifth level and above for the manifestation stage in order to get this certificate. They also needed to pass two out of the three assessments. The three assessments were speed, strength, and combat skills.

This was to ensure the safety of the mercenaries too, as exploring the galaxy was a dangerous job. If the mercenaries didn't have the ability to protect themselves, taking on missions would just be suicide.

Of course, not all the mercenaries belonged to a country. Some came from Chaotic Lands that had no government. The Mercenary Association was in charge of assessing the mercenaries from these areas. They would then give the certification to those young people who managed to pass the assessments and had the dream of becoming a mercenary.

Mo'er port was built by the Mercenary Association. Some associations also had set up their headquarters on the planet. There were also halls that allowed the allowed mercenary teams to take in members and take up missions.

One day, a bunch of people walked down from a cruise ship that parked at Mo'er port.

A young man wearing a mask that covered the top half of his face walked in front of a group of people. He had a black windbreaker and his hands were placed in his pockets. Behind him, a teenager around 15 years old followed closely as he looked around curiously. A small little girl and a little boy ran behind them as they tried to catch up.

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