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Further behind the children, there was a lean man that had patches of white hair on his head. He seemed to be around 60 years old. He looked around the port with a sense of longing. Then, he retracted his gaze and hurried forward nervously. He seemed afraid that he would lose the children in front.

Right at the back, there was a couple. The couple looked at each other lovingly and smiled. The man held the woman's hand as they walked down the cruise ship together.

This bunch of people was Ling Lan's group. Because of a series of coincidence, the unknown faction had a shootout with the government after many of their men died. This battle caused many casualties, causing the number of people dying to escalate sharply. Even the prime minister of Planet Muyang and the people that were in charge of watching over the Wang and Liu family supposedly got killed in battle.

Ling Lan's group took this opportunity to change their names and left Planet Muyang. Little Four even wiped away all traces of Liu Furong's family and Wang Qi and Luo Yi. They were able to 'die' in the battle.

Of course, no matter how perfect the cover-up was, there would still be people suspecting them. If their enemy didn't believe this and send people over to investigate, they might not be able to find any pieces of evidence too. It all depends on the luck of the investigator.

The moment Ling Lan came down the cruise ship, she suddenly stopped in her tracks. Her force of presence turned cold. "Since you're here, why are you still hiding?"

'Do they think I'm blind? The corner of your shirt can be seen over there. That pair of legs under the dustbin is so obvious. Can a fake tourist who is pretending to read the newspaper act more naturally? Most importantly, your newspaper is upside-down. Additionally, those two people buying drinks at the small shop can stop looking around suspiciously.'

Ling Lan was furious. She glanced at Liu Furong who had come beside her now. Liu Furong's heart pounded loudly when he saw the cold stare. 'Did regiment commander realize what I did?'

"I said that we won't be able to hide from him. Why do you all still want to hide?" Luo Lang walked out from the corner. The shirt that was seen belonged to him.

Unhappiness could be seen on his face clearly. It seemed like he didn't want to do such a stupid act, but no one agreed with him. Hence, he had no choice but to follow the majority rule.

"I know that we can't fool him but he left us alone and went to play all by himself. So, we must give him a surprise." Qi Long walked over from the dustbin. The pair of legs under the dustbin belonged to him.

Han Jijyun followed behind Qi Long and looked at Ling Lan worriedly. It seemed like he didn't agree with everyone's idiotic behaviour too. However, just like Luo Lang, he wasn't able to win against the majority rule.

The fake tourist that was pretending to read the newspaper was him. When he knew that his boss was coming out, he was so nervous he didn't notice that his newspaper was upside-down. When he saw everyone coming out from their hiding place, he hurriedly threw down his newspaper and rushed over. He touched his head as he greeted his boss. "Boss."

The two people with their drinks smiled at each other when they saw everyone appearing. They walked over too. They were Li Lanfeng and Zhao Jun.

"Well, well, everyone is here. Where is Li Shiyu and Lin Zhong-qing then?" Ling Lan smiled coldly. She didn't believe that those two didn't come.

"They're waiting for you at the mercenary's hall." Xie Yi winked as he said, "Our two sisters-in-law are there too."

Ling Lan felt speechless. She forgot that she had these two debts to clear.

"Why are you here? Are you not going to take care of 250 Ace Mecha Clan?" Ling Lan pushed down her guilt and asked them.

"Leader Yang and Leader Gu are still at our base. Oh, Li Yingjie is there too. It'll be fine," Qi Long answered irresponsibly. He didn't feel guilty that seven out of the ten team leaders left the base.

Li Yingjie, who was at 250 Ace Mecha Clan, saw the messages everyone left for him and shouted in anger, "How can these bunch of people run away without me? Damn it. I want to have a holiday too." Fortunately, Li Yingjie didn't know that they went to look for Ling Lan. If not, he would have broken ties with all these ungrateful and heartless bastards.

"250 Ace Mecha Clan is a piece of fat meat now. Everyone wants to have a bite of it. The military is having a war over the position of our regiment commander." Han Jijyun finally told Ling Lan why they had left. "We don't want to be called by the military for questioning all the time. They kept asking us if we want to leave 250 Ace Mecha Clan. We don't want to beat around the bush with them so we took leave. We'll go back once everything has settled down." Han Jijyun seemed worried. He was afraid that the position of their regiment commander would be taken away by someone else. If that was the case, he would leave 250 Ace Mecha Clan.

He remembered what his father told him a few days ago. He shook his head slightly and pushed the thought away. As long as the regiment commander of 250 Ace Mecha Clan was their boss, he would stay here.

"It's not so easy to take advantage of 250 Ace Mecha Clan." Li Lanfeng's calm voice floated over. "Huge sacrifices have to be made in order to get the position of the regiment commander of 250 Ace Mecha Clan." It all depended on General Ling Xiao now. If he wanted to let Ling Lan remain as the regiment commander of 250 Ace Mecha Clan, he would have his ways.

"There's no rush. It'll take a few months before everything will be settled. Let's just wait and see," Ling Lan replied indifferently. She didn't care about the position of a regiment commander. She just wanted her father and her to retreat from this crisis safely.

"Why aren't you surprised to see us?" Zhao Jun sighed. He thought that his Boss would have a different expression when he saw them. Yet, he remained as calm as always.

"Don't forget that I'm a hacker." Ling Lan gave Liu Furong a knowing smile.

Liu Furong knew that his regiment commander had realized what he was doing the moment he sent out a message after they left Planet Muyang. Liu Furong didn't know that if Ling Lan didn't want to see her comrades, she could have deleted the message. This meant that Ling Lan agreed to let Liu Furong send out the message.

At this moment, Luo Lang received a message on his communicator. He lowered his head and said to Ling Lan, "Boss, Luo Chao said that it's almost their turn to register a mercenary team. You can hurry over now."

There were three requirements to form a mercenary team. First, the leader must be at Qi-Jin. Second, there must be at least six members including the leader on the team. Third, the most important requirement, one of the six members must have participated in a mercenary mission that was B grade and above.

These requirements prevented new mercenaries from accepting missions that were above their limit due to the lack of experience, to prevent unnecessary deaths.

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