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"It looks like you all know what I want to do." Ling Lan looked at everyone with an ambiguous smile. After everyone had their little session of snickering, she led them into the hall.

They saw Li Shiyu, Lin Zhong-qing, and Chang Xinyuan sitting together when they entered the hall. They were discussing something among themselves while Luo Chao and Han Xuya sat on one side, waiting eagerly for them.

"Boss!" Han Xuya saw them first. Ling Lan was wearing a mask but she still recognized her. She waved at them happily.

Luo Chao smiled as she looked at Ling Lan silently. Ling Lan was touched by the warmth and support in her gaze.

Ling Lan nodded at them before walking over.

"Boss, how is your body?" Although Li Shiyu said that their Boss's injuries were under control and wouldn't get worse, Han Xuya and Luo Chao were unable to feel at ease unless they asked Ling Lan personally.

"I'm fine." Ling Lan didn't tell them the difficulty she was facing. She didn't say that her body's immune system was almost destroyed. She was able to stabilize her condition only with the help of the second generation Nuwa agent but if she wanted to heal completely, she needed more Nuwa agents. That was why she was covered in bandages. Her hideous wounds were hidden under the bandages, as normal people might feel disgusted if they see it.

Han Xuya and Luo Chao were easy to comfort. Once Ling Lan said that she was fine, they relaxed and started smiling. Well, you couldn't blame them. In their hearts, Ling Lan was someone who always meant what she said and never lied. Thus, if Ling Lan said that she was fine, she was fine.

Li Shiyu stood up too when he saw Ling Lan. He came over and held Ling Lan's wrist to check her pulse.

"Not bad." Her pulse rate was better than a month ago. Li Shiyu felt at ease too. He was afraid that Ling Lan's brittle body would get worse when she came out to travel alone.

"021? 021?" One of the staff members was shouting a number.

Han Xuya raised her hand in a hurry. "Coming!" It was their turn.

Ling Lan walked towards the staff member. The staff member looked at her curiously. Most of the leaders were old so Ling Lan seemed a little too young for the position. The staff member suspected her ability.

"Come, scan your communicator over here." The information on the communicator would determine whether this young man was eligible or not. The staff member held his opinion back and continued with the registration process.

Beep! Ling Lan scanned her communicator. Her information was displayed on the staff member's screen.

"Jiang Hui, 27 years old. B level mercenary (freelance). Physical skills: Late-stage of Qi-Jin. Competed mission: SSS:0 SS:0 S:0 A:1 B:3 C:21 D:37 E:23."

This was the data of the real Jiang Hui. Ling Lan didn't make any changes.

The staff member dismissed his suspicion after seeing Ling Lan's completed missions. He was young but he had already completed so many missions. He even completed an A level mission. A level missions were dangerous and risky. Normal mercenaries wouldn't dare to accept an A level mission.

Since the leader of the team met the requirements, the staff member continued, "Where are the other five members?" A team needed to have at least five members excluding one leader.

"Me!" "Me." "Me." People started shouting in front of the staff member. He saw a line of young men and women rushing to become the second person to register.

The staff member, who was used to handling disgruntled people, was stunned by the enthusiasm of these young people. He actually didn't know what to do.

"Cough!" Ling Lan made a coughing sound. The people that were shoving and pushing each other froze.

"Thank you." Li Lanfeng slid out of the crowd and moved to the front. He scanned his communicator successfully.

"Beep. Li Lanfeng: 25 years old. A level mercenary (freelance). Physical skills: Optimal peak of Qi-Jin. Competed mission: SSS:0 SS:0 S:1 A:13 B:29 C:21 D:23 E:2."

The staff member gasped when he saw Li Lanfeng's information. He thought that the leader would be the most powerful person among the team but the first member was stronger than him. He even completed an S level mission. S Level missions were extremely dangerous. Anyone below the domain stage would have a hard time completing it.

Qi Long and the others glared at Li Lanfeng. They wanted to beat this sly fox up. Zhao Jun took this chance to scan his communicator and became the third member to register.

"Beep. Zhao Jun: 25 years old. A level mercenary (freelance). Physical skills: Optimal peak of Qi-Jin. Competed mission: SSS:0 SS:0 S:1 A:22 B:31 C:37 D:23 E:2."

Most of the time, Zhao Jun acted with Li Lanfeng so the number of missions they had completed was around the same. However, Li Lanfeng wasn't interested in some mission while Zhao Jun liked to take missions to pass his time. Hence, he completed a few more missions than Li Lanfeng.

The staff member saw Li Lanfeng's results but he didn't appear as shocked as when he saw Zhao Jun's data. However, deep down inside, he was dumbfounded.

Qi Long immediately scanned his communicator when he saw that the first two positions as a member were taken. His frightening force of presence stopped everyone from snatching the third position from him.

"Beep. Qi Long: 22 years old. A level mercenary (freelance). Physical skills: Optimal peak of Qi-Jin. Competed mission: SSS:0 SS:0 S:0 A:4 B:21 C:29 D:39 E:9."

Once you have completed a certain level of mission three times, your mercenary level would follow that mission's level. Qi Long had completed A level missions four times so he was an A level mercenary. His level was the same as Zhao Jun and Li Lanfeng.

After him, Luo Lang, Xie Yi, Han Jijyun, and Lin Zhong-qing scanned their communicator and registered. Most of them acted along with Qi Long so their data was similar to him.

The staff member was flabbergasted when he saw multiple A level mercenary registering. Hence, when he saw that Chang Xinyuan was an E level mercenary and didn't complete much mission, he finally felt that things were going back to normal. This was the data a new mercenary team should have. Those level A mercenary before him must be hired with a high salary.

However, this thought was broken after he saw Liu Furong's data.

"Beep. Liu Furong: 43 years old. S level mercenary (freelance). Physical skills: Optimal peak of Qi-Jin. Competed mission: SSS:0 SS:0 S:5 A:43 B:129 C:134 D:63 E:42."<>

'S level mercenary! Oh my god, where did this new team come from? Where did all these high-level mercenaries come from?'

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