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Not long after, Yu Wei and Lin Yang saw many other regiment commanders of other clans bringing their teams over to the camping grounds of Lingtian. The two of them looked towards the easy-going major general with a slight feeling of dread in their eyes.

They didn't expect Lingtian to be deeply aware of the undercurrents going on in the base. Just where did this Lingtian clan come from? Just this display of perfect awareness was enough to make them cautious of Lingtian.

Soon afterwards, there were around 20 or so clans present, totalling up to a few thousand people at the door of the camping grounds.

"Open the door!" The easy-going major general saw everyone was present and gave out an order.

Seeing the door slowly opened, the major general with the cold expression moved to the side and gestured politely. "After you."

Behind the doors, there weren't the standard groups of soldiers in neat rows and columns standing on duty.

It was actually completely empty behind the door with not a soul in sight.

This made all of the regiment commanders and leaders who came to visit all look at each other with confusion. They didn't know what message Lingtian wanted to send them? Were they looking down on them? Or Lingtian just did not have any teams on duty?

Seemingly noticing everyone's questions, the easy-going major general smiled. "Recently, our entire clan is going through with mass amount of training. All of the soldiers are currently in the training grounds, so those who are guarding the door are us team leaders who have nothing better to do."

Leaders were actually guarding the door? Every regiment commander had cold sweat dripping down their foreheads. They kept having a feeling that they were entering a strange place. If they as regiment commanders were to send their leaders to guard the door, it would clearly to be considered a punishment. It could even be considered a humiliating insult to them which would definitely cause chaos to erupt within the clan. Why did the leaders from Lingtian just do it outright like as if it was natural for them to do so? They didn't even seem to hold any grudges at all? They even felt that they were happy to do the job?

"Right, if you guys had come a few days later, the door guard would have been me. Perhaps the scene earlier wouldn't have happened if that was the case," the easy-going major general smiled and added these words.

A major general guarding the door… All of these regiment commanders almost fainted after hearing those words. They suddenly asked themselves whether it was actually a good idea to visit Lingtian.

Zhang Chao, who was following behind Yu Wei, remembered the lieutenant colonel who had defeated him earlier in one hit and he instantly had a bitter taste in his mouth. It was no wonder that when he called for the door to be opened, that terrifying lieutenant colonel had appeared. Zhang Chao originally thought that as an individual at the peak stage of Qi-Jin, he would be able to easily take down a bunch of normal soldiers on duty. He didn't think that Lingtian was such an oddball of a clan to send a leader to guard the door. This basically was the hardest wall he could have bumped into.

As everyone entered the camping grounds, the door slowly closed behind them. Xie Yi originally wanted to stay and continue to guard the door, but Luo Chao stopped him from doing so. She gestured for him to follow them and leave the door guarding to her instead.

There would definitely be a fight among powerful individuals soon afterwards. A person like her, who was only at the refinement stage, wouldn't be able to do anything anyways if she followed them so she might as well take Xie Yi's place and guard the door.

Xie Yi agreed with her suggestion and followed with the crowd.

After entering Lingtian's camping grounds and walking for a short while, Yu Wei and Lin Yang didn't see a single soldier moving about. It was as though the entire camping grounds only had them in it. The serene silence made the temperature around them feel oddly cold.

Lin Yang didn't see what he wanted to see so he could only focus his attention on the two major generals leading them at the front. These two people had the highest ranks in Lingtian, so their positions must be the highest two as well. He just didn't know who was the regiment commander and who was the deputy.

Lin Yang looked around and saw an honest-looking young colonel so he walked over, got beside him and asked softly, "How do we address the major generals and what positions do they hold in Lingtian?"

He didn't expect that the easy-going major general actually heard his words. He turned around and smiled. "If Regiment Commander Lin wants like to know, I can give you the answer personally."

Lin Yang's face instantly reddened.

The honest looking young man pretended to not hear those words and smiled as he replied loudly, "The person who looks like he's easy-going is our Lingtian Team 01's team leader, Major General Yang Mingzhi. The other one who looks serious is our Lingtian Team 02's team leader, Major General Liu Furong."

This young man was only a colonel. When he introduced the two major generals, he didn't show much respect with his words. It was as though they were at similar ranks. This surprised and perplexed Lin Yang, Yu Wei and the other regiment commanders. Could it be that Lingtian Mecha Clan didn't have any respect towards military rank? Wouldn't the clan turn chaotic if this kind of behaviour continued?

"Haha, that little honest looking fellow is our Lingtian Team 03's leader, Qi Long. Don't be fooled by him." Yang Mingzhi didn't care about Qi Long's attitude. However, after being influenced by Lingtian's habits of making fun of their comrades, he definitely wouldn't let Qi Long get off easily so he spoke out his identity which surprised everyone again.

Everyone there was very aware that in the ranks of mecha teams, especially the first three, were usually highest ranked individuals in the clan. They didn't think that such an honest looking and young colonel was actually such a top tier existence. It was no wonder he was so casual when he introduced the two major generals.

However, the problem was that the positions within a clan were usually correspond to military ranks, and there were many senior colonels from Lingtian walking along with them so how could a colonel be positioned above that many senior colonels and become one of the top three individuals of the mecha clan?

When Lin Yang heard that these two major generals were actually not the regiment commander he had previously thought and were only team leaders of two teams, he was instantly stunned. He couldn't fathom who could rein in two major generals to be team leaders. It seemed that the person's rank wouldn't be lower than the rank of major general… If that person was a major general, Lingtian would then have three major general ranked individuals in their clan.

Even the highest caliber of titled super mecha clans at first rank five stars would only have this many major generals. How could such a newly advanced titled super mecha clan be equipped with such individuals? Lin Yang began to think deeply when he thought about the information they had gathered about Lingtian before they had arrived. Lin Yang thought that maybe it was just false information sent to them by the military. In reality, Lingtian Mecha Clan was actually categorized as a top-class titled super mecha clan?

Not only did Lin Yang think of it this way, Yu Wei also had the same thought. He thought of the 'training' Major General Yang had spoke of and asked, "Do you mind if we take a look at your clan's training?"

A clan's real capabilities wasn't determined by the capabilities of the leaders. Instead, to determined it required one to look at the mecha operators and logistics personnel. Thus, only by going to the training grounds would they be able to determine Lingtian's depth.

All of the regiment commanders were all suddenly excited at the question. They wanted to know just how this mysterious Lingtian Mecha Clan trained their men.

"Alright. We have 10 training grounds. Each one is different. We'll just walk and look as we go."

Yang Mingzhi was nonchalant about revealing their training regimen. Every one of their training grounds were considered to be hellish and it was just only some parts of the training regimen were altered based on the individuals. Even so, if there wasn't Department Head Li's medicinal agents and the medical teams standing by, these people from other clans would instantly face life-threatening problems if they tried it, making it useless even if they were to secretly learn it.

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