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Everyone talked as they walked so the atmosphere was relatively nice. However, Lin Yang, Yu Wei and the others still couldn't find any relevant information about Lingtian. Despite half of these leaders being very young, their way of dealing with people were impervious to their haggling, rendering them dry of any chance to get information on them.

Finally, they arrived at a training ground but before they could even walk close to it, they heard strings of ruthless insults entering their ears.

"Heh, our training instructor today has a bit of hot temper," Yang Mingzhi said with a helpless expression on his face.

After hearing those words, every leader and department head from Lingtian did the same thing. They all loosened their expressions. They definitely couldn't allow outsiders to know that it was actually the same everyday. When it was their turns to be the instructor, they would also become demons from hell and torture their soldiers to the death.

Of course, to the outside world, they must continue to uphold a good image. This was to stop their allies from thinking they were all savages.

Surprisingly, Yu Wei, Lin Yang and the others didn't care much about the way the instructor was handling the soldiers. If a training instructor wasn't somewhat strict, they wouldn't be able to train tough and obedient soldiers. As regiment commanders, they all understood this idea very clearly.

Everyone slowly walked to the training ground's door. They saw a group of beautiful and elegant female soldiers who had weights on their backs and were trying their best to get past different obstacles. They were crawling, rolling, and jumping on walls. When doing so, their movements were agile and quick. Their speed and agility were actually not any worse than mecha operators who from the other clans.

Right as these regiment commanders and leaders were surprised that these female soldiers also trained so extremely, they saw a male senior colonel following behind them angrily shouting, "Did you people not eat today? Why are you running this slow! Run f*cking faster!"

However, the female soldiers seemed to have already reached their body's absolute limit. No matter how many times the instructor yelled at them, their speed still didn't increase. This seemingly angered the instructor and a short whip appeared in his hand as he lashed it towards the female soldiers. One unlucky female soldier's shoulder was struck ruthlessly. That female soldier groaned with an agonizing expression on her face.

This action made the regiment commanders and leaders visiting Lingtian have an instant change in expression. Although their training was very strict, it was still at most just insults. They wouldn't actually beat up their soldiers. They didn't think Lingtian's training was actually so merciless that they would even lay a hand on female soldiers.

The female soldier leading the group seemed to feel that they couldn't continue at their current speed, so she increased her speed slightly. The female soldiers following her also increased their speeds… faster than their original limits. Soon after that, they seemed to have depleted all of their energy and few had started to fall behind the group.

However even so, they were still running forwards while ignoring the immense pain and fatigue wrecking their body. They didn't dare to stop in their tracks because they knew the result of stopping in the middle of training.

These ladies were clearly slower than before, but the instructor behind them didn't continue to shout or insult them. He also didn't use his short whip to punish them and only followed them slowly, waiting for them to deplete their last amount of energy.

Lin Yang felt that the instructor's contradictory behavior was somewhat odd. He looked past the female soldiers and saw that inside the training ground, there were a group of medics opening their medicine box and seemingly preparing syringes.

It seemed that despite the instructors in Lingtian being very merciless, they still had an adequate amount of medical strength to ensure these female soldiers wouldn't be in too much pain afterwards.

Finally, the first female soldier fell to the ground.

In the next second, a medic appeared beside her. He held a syringe in his hand and injected it into her.

As expected, these medics were responsible for emergency treatment.

However, the next scene completely distorted their judgment. The female soldier, who was injected, now had a pained and twisted expression on her beautiful face. She was writhing in pain and was trying to bang her head ruthlessly on the ground, in an attempt to force herself to faint to get away from the pain.

However, she wasn't given the chance to escape from the pain. The medic, who injected her, held her neck and pushed her down with great force onto the ground.

The female soldier, who couldn't get out of the hold, could only dig into the ground with her fingers while she was in pain. She created countless blood trails while clawing the ground with her fingers. Her fingers were forcibly split open because she used too much force which caused blood to run onto the ground.

"Major General Yang, tha-that's going too over the top," finally, someone couldn't bear to watch and spoke up.

Training was just training. Why torment people like this?

"This is just something weaklings need to get past," Yang Mingzhi replied plainly.

Ever since their regiment commander had agreed for the JMCs to join the day training, he knew his regiment commander wanted to create a strong clan without any weaknesses. Although he also felt sympathy for the terrible situation the female soldiers were put under, what could he do? Even a female soldier needed to be able to follow in their footsteps. Otherwise, what waited for them was elimination, but he trusted that these female soldiers didn't want that to happen either.

"Isn't this just punishment? This is completely inhumane." One of the regiment commanders questioned their method. Many regiment commanders and leaders, who looked down on Lingtian's actions just now, all began to speak out their opinions and thoughts.

"Inhumane, you say?" Yang Mingzhi asked as he smiled. "Alright, you guys can ask those female soldiers if they're willing to leave Lingtian." Although the pain from the medicinal agents made them hate it, the good they acquire afterwards made them love it greatly as well. It was a love-hate relationship. Yang Mingzhi trusted that the female soldiers, who had participated in day training for one week, also knew the good that came with it. As long as they had just a little bit of desire to become strong, they wouldn't reject it no matter how much pain the medicinal agent brought with them.

Hearing this, Lin Yang shot a glance at his subordinate and his subordinate quickly jumped over everyone. In the next second, he landed next to the female soldier who was running in front of the group.

Before he could speak, that female soldier jumped into the air. The female soldiers behind her saw this strange male soldier blocking their way and they instantly shouted, "Move! You bastard!"

Seeing him still standing there stunned, the running female soldiers, who were already tired out of their minds, could no longer hold in their anger. They actually attacked simultaneously with the intention to take out this annoying man in front of them .

Suddenly, sounds of punches and kicks echoed in the air. Lin Yang's subordinate was after all still a leader with the physical skills at the peak stage of Qi-Jin so despite blocking in a hurry, he still managed to block all of the attacks coming from these angry female soldiers.

"Group leader, this guy is difficult to take down!" The female soldier who started the attacks saw the strength of the trouble-making male soldier, so she quickly shouted to the female soldier leading the group.

The female soldier leading the group quickly turned around and pounced towards the male soldier.

A ruthless whirlwind kick was instantly sent towards the back side of the intruding male's head.

Feeling the piercing wind behind his head, Lin Yang's subordinate turned vigilant. He quickly turned around and crossed his arms in front of his face to block the attack from reaching his face.


Lin Yang's subordinate stepped backwards by one step to counteract the force behind the kick.

That female soldier however, was sent flying backwards by her opponent's block. She somersaulted in the air, releasing the counter force and landed firmly on the ground.

"You're not part of our clan. Why are you causing trouble here?" The female soldier saw the person's uniform and had a slight hint of confusion in her expression as she coldly questioned him.

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