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"Sorry, we will be going to Training Ground 07 first. Department Head Han, we'll leave this place to you." Yang Mingzhi looked at Han Xuya with a serious expression as he spoke.

"Understood." Han Xuya immediately responded.

Yang Mingzhi was too much of a worry-wart. When he went outside to greet the visitors, Big Leader Li was still all good and healthy. How did he manage to get himself in such a bad state in such a short amount of time. Was it because something went wrong with their regiment commander's advancement that lead to Li Lanfeng being severely injured? If that was the case, was their regiment commander alright?

Yang Mingzhi knew that soul of Lingtian that kept everyone together was undoubtedly Ling Lan. If something were to happen to Ling Lan, Lingtian might just fall apart on its own.

"Major General Yang, don't worry about us. Please go ahead," Lin Yang replied seriously.

Despite being possible competitors in Base Nebula, they were still allies in the same military. They wouldn't ignore the big picture just because of their greed for the throne.

After Lin Yang spoke those words, a lot of people from Lingtian instantly vanished from their sight. Lin Yang, Yu Wei and the other regiment commanders all were mildly shocked because they couldn't actually see how they left the scene.

"Department Head Han, if it's possible, please bring us to Training Ground 07 to take a look. Perhaps we may be of help," Lin Yang thought for a moment and asked Han Xuya who was the only person who stayed behind from Lingtian.

Han Xuya was also worried about the situation in Training Ground 07, so she thought for a moment and said, "Okay, but I need to remind everyone. Don't make any sudden moves as that place is a bit troublesome."

After hearing Han Xuya's words, Lin Yang started to think about the meaning behind them. Was she afraid that they would cause trouble? Or was there a deeper meaning behind her words?

When Li Shiyu arrived at Training Ground 07, Yang Mingzhi, Qi Long and the others had already arrived.

At that moment, the secret training room that Ling Lan was using for meditation suddenly opened up. What followed after shocked everyone as Ling Lan carried out bloodied body with her.

Li Shiyu walked up and anxiously asked, "Boss, how is my brother… how is Leader Li doing?"

"I just made him drink a medicinal agent but his condition is still somewhat bad. That's why I called for you to come here," Ling Lan said as she frowned.

She looked at the beauty in her arms with worry in her eyes. She had already helped put his mask back on, but the pale and gray colored face in her mind couldn't be wiped out. This beauty, who silently stayed by her side and allowed her to tease him, seemed to be sprouting wings and becoming a fairy.

She couldn't forget the look Li Lanfeng gave her before fainting. It had the feeling of longing, but more so despair.

"Boss, what actually happened in there?" Li Shiyu quickly examined at Li Lanfeng's body. He discovered that Li Lanfeng's current injuries were similar to Ling Lan's injuries when she was injured from piloting a god-class mecha. None of his muscles were uninjured as all of his muscles had torn. This was the biggest reason why he was drenched in blood.

"When I advanced, my energy was out of control. It's my fault." Ling Lan wasn't someone who would push the blame to others.

"Man, why didn't he leave if it was that dangerous?" Li Shiyu stomped his foot as he cursed at Li Lanfeng for biting off more than he can chew.

"Maybe it's because he misunderstood my orders. All in all, it's my fault." Ling Lan turned around and shouted towards the medics who had already arrived, "Stretcher!"

"Yes, sir!" A stretcher was placed beside them. Ling Lan gently laid down Li Lanfeng on the stretcher and not long after, blood began to soak through the stretcher.

"Take him to my sterile treatment room for surgery immediately." Li Shiyu saw this and knew he couldn't operate on him here, so he immediately ordered his subordinates to take him to his treatment room.

"We'll do it." Qi Long, Xie Yi, Luo Lang and Liu Furong held up each pole-end of the stretcher and then looked each other in the eyes. In the next second, the four of them softly pushed up with the tips of their toes and took off with the stretcher into mid-air.

In order to use the shortest time to get to the medical department, they chose to go by a straight line. However, this route required them to get over countless buildings and obstacles.

"Hey, look up there." At that moment, Han Xuya and the people from the other clans had just arrived. They just so happened to see the four of them holding the stretcher, flying over them and then instantly landing on the roof of a building. At the same time, they also saw the blood-soaked stretcher with blood drops that continued to drip off from it.

"I'll take you there." Seeing Li Shiyu was preparing to follow them, Ling Lan held his back and disappeared in the next second.

Everyone watched as the four of them took off with the stretcher and vanished. Lin Yang then walked up to Yang Mingzhi and asked in concern, "How's the situation of that leader?"

"With Department Head Li there, he'll be fine," Yang Mingzhi stopped his gaze towards the four of them and responded plainly.

"What actually happened?" Lin Yang had a confused expression on his face. "How could he be so severely injured?" Just from looking at the blood-soaked stretcher, he knew that this leader Li was probably on the brink of death.

"Oh, nothing much. It's very normal for these types of injuries to happen when we train with our regiment commander." A team leader from Lingtian turned towards Li Yingjie, who was on the side with a worried expression on his face. He smiled and said, "Isn't that right, Little Leader Li?"

He was looking at him because Little Leader Li also had a similar tragic experience. No one thought Big Leader Li would follow in Little Leader Li's footsteps. Could it be those who had the surname of 'Li' had a weird attraction towards their regiment commander's punishments? That was probably why all the tragedies and troubles fell on their head. This leader unconsciously rubbed his chin as he felt his guess was quite logical.

Li Yingjie awoke from his daze after hearing those words and he looked at that leader in dismay. Ever since he almost died at the hands of Boss during training, these veterans leaders would always tease him about it. He didn't expect that the annoying Li Lanfeng would also go through the same thing. On the bright side, he would not be only one teased by them anymore.

"Yeah, in the past it was our Team 10's team leader, Leader Li Yingjie, who went through the same thing. The one who was injured just now is also called Leader Li. That's why we all refer to that one as Little Leader Li…" Yang Mingzhi pointed towards Li Yingjie and explained to Lin Yang and the others. It was as though injuries like these were run of the mill things and wasn't worth mentioning.

Hearing those words, Lin Yang, Yu Wei and the other regiment commanders instantly felt their heart tighten. What sort of existence was Lingtian? Just how brutal was their regiment commander? It was fine that soldiers were trained strictly, but even leaders who were high-ranking officers might also lose their lives?

"Don't you… think this type of training is inhumane?" Lin Yang hesitated for a moment and then finally spoke out his concern.

"Would the enemy question what is inhumane and what is not on the battlefield?" Yang Mingzhi rebutted with another question.

"Although the training here is brutal, it at the very least still leaves you with your life intact. However, on the battlefield, one mistake would cost you your life." Yang Mingzhi looked up towards the virtual sky created by the base. His eyes showed a hint of agony, "That's a cost that we cannot afford."

Yang Mingzhi's words moved everyone at the scene. Everyone had flashbacks of war scenes before their eyes. Many of their brother-in-arms were forever sleeping on the battlefield and for them, how many of them could actually safely return to their homes after they retire from the battlefield?

Yang Mingzhi organized his thoughts and turned around towards Lin Yang and the other, "I originally wanted to show you around our training grounds as a host should do. However now, something happened, so it is not so convenient for us anymore. Thus, let us get into the main topic for today. We have a total of 21 battle teams. Other than Big Leader Li, who is injured, along with the four leaders who took him to the medical department, the other 16 leaders are all here. You can choose to challenge anyone in either a single battle or group battle."

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