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Ling Lan's speed was obviously much faster than Qi Long's group of four, as she and Li Shiyu almost instantly arrived at the medical department.

Li Shiyu was prepared to enter the treatment room immediately after he arrived. He then suddenly thought of something and he turned around to ask, "Regiment commander, you advanced successfully?"

Ling Lan nodded. "It is a success."

Li Shiyu's mouth moved as if he wanted to ask something else but in the end, he didn't ask. Instead, he chose to immediately enter the treatment room and prepare for the surgery.

Ling Lan knew what Li Shiyu wanted to ask, but Ling Lan was also extremely surprised as to why Li Lanfeng would be so severely injured. She couldn't find the reason so she could only put the blame on herself for ordering Li Lanfeng to protect her.

At that moment, Qi Long and the others arrived. Seeing Boss standing in front of the treatment room, they were all surprised. However, in the next second, they were all happy because it meant that their Boss had succeeded in advancing since she came out of the room.

Right as the medics from the medical department prepared everything, they placed Li Lanfeng, who was on the stretcher, onto a cart, then pushed him into the treatment room.

"Leave him to Li Shiyu. You guys go to Leader Yang…" Ling Lan put her hands behind her back with an expressionless look on her face. The bottomless darkness in her eyes had a short flash of icy chill. "One last thing, notify all leaders. From tomorrow onwards, I don't want to hear one word of anyone suspecting the strength of our clan in this base!"

"Yes, regiment commander!" Qi Long and the other three leaders felt their bodies tightening. Finally, their regiment commander decided to reveal Lingtian's terrifying power.

Li Shiyu changed into an attire customly made for surgery and entered the sterile treatment room.

He walked over to the surgery table and saw Li Lanfeng laying there silently with his eyes closed. If it was for the fact that his chest still moved up and down, just from the bloody scene around him, Li Shiyu would suspect that his elder brother might have already left this world.

"Department head, we cannot stop the bleeding from Leader Li's wounds. What should we do now?" Seeing Li Shiyu coming in, the medical assistants shouted out anxiously.

Li Shiyu looked at one area of Li Lanfeng's wounds and then looked all over his body. His expression changed slightly and then he said, "I will be responsible for the surgery now. In order to avoid affecting the surgery, you must all leave the treatment room."

"Yes, sir." The assistants were not surprised by Li Shiyu's orders. It was because for the recent past surgeries, only the two now department heads, Luo Chao and Han Xuya, could follow his speed. Not only were the assistants not of any help, they could even create more problems with their slow speed. Now that the two department heads were no longer here, it could only be their Department Head Li doing it all by himself.

Not long after, the assistants left the treatment room. Li Shiyu slowly put on surgical gloves and said calmly, "I know you're awake. You can't fool a military doctor like me."

After Li Shiyu said those words, Li Lanfeng's eyes slowly opened. "Why would you expose me like that?"

"I just want to know why you did this? Is it fun making everyone worried?" Li Shiyu asked angrily.

When he saw Li Lanfeng being carried out by Boss while drenched in blood in Training Ground 07, his heart almost stopped beating. He actually thought the elder cousin brother he admired had left his world.

In reality, Li Lanfeng's own self-healing capabilities were not completely destroyed unlike Boss's and when compared to Boss's injuries, the severeness of his injuries paled in comparison. Additionally, Boss made him drink one vial of the second generation Nuwa agent so as long as he had even one breath left, he would be able to come back from the gates of hell.

Li Lanfeng's seemingly brutal wounds had healed long ago. It was just that Li Lanfeng was intentionally tearing them open continuously. This was what caused his blood to continue to come out of his body. Everything that happened, happened because Li Lanfeng wanted it to.

Li Shiyu didn't expect that his terrors and worries were all for nothing. All of this was just a show his elder cousin brother put on. This made Li Shiyu feel like he's been played with which lead him to be angry with Li Lanfeng.

Li Lanfeng's expression was unchanging throughout the rant. He shut his lips as if to show he didn't want to explain to Li Shiyu.

"Elder Brother, what actually happened in that room?" Seeing Li Lanfeng behave like this, Li Shiyu angrily pulled Li Lanfeng upright which caused the mask to fall off his face. The reason it fell off so easily was because when Ling Lan put Li Lanfeng's mask on for him, she only softly put it on and thus, the curtains dropped, revealing Li Lanfeng's otherworldly beauty.

"The mask…" Li Shiyu saw the mask on the floor and thought of something. Ling Lan said something about it being her fault. Li Shiyu's expression immediately changed. "Did regiment commander do something to you?"

"No, our Boss isn't like that…" Li Shiyu felt that his mind was messed up. "He already has Luo Chao… That's not possible. Impossible."

"Not only Luo Chao, but also Han Xuya right?" Li Lanfeng's words seemed to be directed at Li Shiyu, but more so it was to remind himself.

"Yeah. Boss already has two fiancées, even if… he should be finding Luo Chao and Han Xuya," said Li Shiyu as he looked at Li Lanfeng with an uncertain expression. There wasn't any way to avoid this. His elder cousin brother's beauty was too abnormal. If it wasn't for the fact that Li Shiyu himself had gotten used to Li Lanfeng's beauty at a young age, he might also have bad thoughts when faced with such a beauty.

However, Li Shiyu quickly put his thoughts behind him. Boss Ling Lan's willpower was the strongest out of everyone he had met. Plus, Boss already known about his elder cousin brother's looks so if she was interested in it, she would have done something long ago. Why would she suddenly make a move on his elder cousin brother today? Could it actually be because when she advanced to the imperial realm, she accidentally wounded his elder cousin brother?

After remembering Ling Lan's cold as ice attitude that looked at everyone in the same way without caring about beauty between men and women, Li Shiyu believed his second guess was the correct one.

It had to be said that, in Li Shiyu's mind, Ling Lan's image was grand. His mind went off on a weird tangent in the beginning, but after calming down, he quickly returned to the right path.

'Yeah, he already has two fiancée, how could he become enamored by me?' Li Lanfeng thought to himself. A slight bit of downheartedness showed in his eyes and a self-mocking smile appeared on his face.

"Brother, it's only the two of us here now. Tell me. Are these wounds caused by Boss accidentally when he advanced?" Li Shiyu asked in a serious tone.

"It seems you've become smarter." Li Lanfeng sat up and looked at Li Shiyu with a half-smile.

"I was always this smart, okay?" Li Shiyu said while clenching his teeth. Ever since he knew Li Lanfeng was his elder brother Li Mulan, his kind elder brother completely vanished.

"You still didn't tell me why you are pretending to be in so much pain. What are you planning?" Li Shiyu knew that it was impossible for him to win in a conversation with his elder brother. In reality, in Lingtian, other than Boss, he hasn't lost to anyone else other than his elder brother in debating. Thus, he wasn't looking to debate with his elder brother whether he was smart or not.

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