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"What plans do I have?" Li Mulan looked out of the room and suddenly asked a weird question, "Is he worried about me?"

Li Shiyu nodded. "Yes. Boss says it's his fault that you got injured. He should be outside waiting for the surgery to be done."

"What are you waiting for then? Hurry up and bandage me," Li Mulan replied calmly.

"If you just stopped intentionally opening your wounds, you won't need to be bandage at all." Li Shiyu was speechless.

"Stop talking nonsense. Hurry up and bandage me." Li Mulan was firm in his decision.

"Just why are you doing this? Brother, if you don't give me a reason, I am not going to help you. I'll even tell Boss the truth." Li Shiyu wanted to know what Li Mulan was up to.

"Shiyu, sometimes, I'm glad you chose to be a military doctor. If not, based on your personality, you wouldn't be able to stand your ground in the Li family where everyone mauls each other for the throne." Li Mulan gave a cold smile. He stood up and tidied Li Shiyu's hair. "Do you still not know what my motive is?"

Li Shiyu frowned. He was a smart person too so after thinking through what Li Mulan actions, he found an answer to his actions. "You want to become Boss's most important person?"

"You're not that stupid, I guess." Li Mulan knocked Li Shiyu's forehead with knuckle and said, "With Ling Lan on the helm, Lingtian Mecha Clan will grow into an actual division in the future, and he will be the general. With that in mind, the Li family has always wanted military power. However, we are restricted by opposing factions in the military. Additionally, Li Yingjie, whom was the hope for the Li family to break through those restrictions, came here instead of fighting for the throne in the 4th division. In the end, all three inheritors of the Li family fell into the same hole."

Li Mulan frowned. "This means that we have to follow Ling Lan all the way to the end. If he fails, the Li family will never be able to obtain military power. However, if he succeeds, the Li family will be to achieve the wish they always wanted."

Li Shiyu was enlightened. "Boss has too many capable people under him. We are not the most outstanding among them."

"That's right. You're better off because Ling Lan needs your medical skills. However, your identity as a military doctor prevents you from entering the core of the military. Li Yingjie and I are team leaders so we can use our merits to climb to a higher position but there are too many competitors. We are not outstanding compared to Qi Long, Luo Lang, and Xie Yi. We might even be weaker than them. Plus, there are also many old and experienced soldiers like Liu Furong and Yang Mingzhi competing with us."

"Our position in the Lingtian Mecha Clan is awkward." Li Mulan smiled gently. "Since our honor is tied to Ling Lan, I will use any means to become the most important person to him. I won't give this position to anyone else."

"So, you want Boss to owe you a favour and then compensate you accordingly?" Li Shiyu finally understood what Li Mulan was planning to do and his expression changed drastically.

'Is it good to get things through scheming?' He thought of Ling Lan's decisiveness and ruthlessness and shivered in fright. "This isn't a good plan. Once Boss realizes that you schemed against him, he will kill you. He won't allow anyone to fool him."

"Stupid little brother. I just have to make sure that he doesn't know." Li Mulan smiled. "Or, are you going to betray me and the Li family?"

Li Mulan's smile got brighter. His face was still beautiful and his aura was still gentle but Li Shiyu felt a chill in his heart.

"But, Boss…" Li Shiyu still wanted to persuade Li Mulan.

"Shiyu, don't forget that you're from the Li family," Li Mulan said indifferently, "You can disapprove my plans but you can't mess with it. I don't want to cut my ties with you."

Li Shiyu shuddered. He looked at Li Mulan and the smile on his face was gone.

"I understand." Li Shiyu grabbed the bandages from the counter and walked towards Li Mulan.

'Will I be able to get closer to you after experiencing your pain and injury?' Li Mulan lowered his eyes to hide the confusion in them.

Li Shiyu kneeled on the ground and finished bandaging up Li Mulan. After he tied the last knot, he asked the question he had been wanting to ask, "We won't harm Boss, right?"

Li Mulan smiled. He patted Li Shiyu's head and said lightly, "My stupid little brother, we are on the same boat as Ling Lan now. Harming him is the same as harming us. What I'm doing is good for everyone."

"Brother, remember what you said today. If I find out that you did something that endangers Boss, I will tell Boss even if it meant the end of our brotherhood." Li Shiyu finally made a decision. He couldn't betray his beliefs.

Li Mulan's face turned dark. After a few seconds of silence, he smiled coldly. "I'm really glad you didn't inherit the vicious and heartless characteristics of the Li family, so let me take all the burden."

"As long as you meant what you said, I will always be a member of the Li family." Li Shiyu looked up and stared at Li Lanfeng intently. The Li family raised and groomed him from a young age. Most importantly, his family was in their hands. If he had a choice, he didn't want to be enemies with his family.

However, everyone had their own morals and beliefs. Li Shiyu had his own beliefs too, no matter how laughable it might seem to some people.

"Don't worry. I meant what I said." Li Mulan closed his eyes as he didn't want to continue this topic anymore.

The door of the treatment room opened wide, revealing Li Shiyu and Li Lanfeng walking out of the room. They saw Ling Lan sitting at the seat beside the room waiting for them with closed eyes.

"You're done?" Ling Lan opened her eyes when she heard noises.

"Shiyu is a good doctor." Li Lanfeng pulled his uniform which was unbuttoned. He smiled. "I'm fine. I manage to experience the treatment you received before."

Ling Lan looked at the bandages below Li Lanfeng's neck. It went all the way down to his ankles. It seemed like he was hurt seriously so Li Shiyu had no choice but to stop the blood using this method.

"What's the condition?" Ling Lan turned and looked at Li Shiyu. Compared to Li Lanfeng, she believed in Li Shiyu more.

Li Lanfeng turned to look at Li Shiyu too. Li Shiyu detected the threat in Li Lanfeng's eyes. He gave a bitter smile and said, "He is fine. However, he just needs to rest for a period of time. If not, the wound might reopen again."

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