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Ling Lan nodded. She agreed that he looked fine.

"That's good. Lanfeng, let's go and take a look at how the other leaders are doing." As the regiment commander of the mecha clan, she needed to show her face. If not, outsiders might say that Lingtian was an arrogant mecha clan where their regiment commander was too proud to even show his face.

"Sure." Li Lanfeng smiled bitterly. He heaved a sigh of relief when Ling Lan didn't ask him about his weird behaviour. However, he felt bitter too. Maybe… he hoped that Ling Lan was a little more curious about him.

Ling Lan nodded at Li Shiyu before leaving with Li Lanfeng.

The two of them walked out slowly, but they didn't rush to the training ground as the fight wouldn't end so soon. Even if the people from Lingtian were able to defeat their opponents instantly, they wouldn't want to be too showy.

Besides the logisticians and soldiers on duty, everyone else had gone to the training ground which caused the camping grounds to seem exceptionally quiet.

The two people walked under the sunny sky. Ling Lan walked at the front while Li Lanfeng followed behind her silently.

Li Lanfeng finally plucked up his courage and rushed forward to grab Ling Lan's left hand.

Ling Lan stopped and tilted her body to the side. She was surprised by Li Lanfeng's actions. She raised her eyebrows slightly and asked, "What are you thinking?"

"Aren't you the one who is thinking about something?" Li Lanfeng smiled. Ling Lan could imagine how beautiful his smile was under the mask.

"Oh? How are you so sure?" Ling Lan asked him back in reply.

"Because of my injuries," Li Lanfeng immediately said his answer.

"I just don't understand why you didn't go out." Since Li Lanfeng started the conversation, Ling Lan continued with it.

She had already sent him to the door to prevent this from happening.

"I thought that I would be able to handle it and I wanted to understand the secrets of the imperial realm. I overestimated myself." Li Lanfeng looked up and Ling Lan and said earnestly, "This is not your fault. It's mine."

Ling Lan narrowed her eyes. She clenched Li Lanfeng's right hand tightly with her left hand. Li Lanfeng felt an excruciating pain electrocuting his entire body. However, he maintained the smile on his face.

"You…" Ling Lan released her hand. She knew that Li Lanfeng was lying. He just didn't want her to feel guilty. No matter what the reason was, she was the one who injured him.

"On the bright side, I look exactly like you after the battle on Planet Haijiao." Li Lanfeng smiled brightly. He seemed happy with his appearance now. "I believe that other people will be jealous of me when they see me."

'Is this considered as couple wear?' This question suddenly popped in Li Lanfeng's mind. He blushed. In the next second, cold sweat dripped down his forehead. He knew that once he realized his true intentions, he wouldn't be able to control himself.

If he was unable to stop this feeling from growing even further, he would fall into the depth of hell one day. If this happened one day, would he be able to continue staying beside Ling Lan then?

Ling Lan didn't notice that Li Lanfeng was shivering as she was looking up at the sky. To prevent her from feeling guilty, this person thought of stupid excuses for her to feel better. As expected of an adviser.

"Forget it, since you don't want to say, I won't ask." Ling Lan suppressed her curiosity. She was willing to accept her friend's secrets because she had secrets herself too. Since she was unable to reveal her secret herself, how could she force her friend to do what she couldn't?

Li Lanfeng's expression turned complex when he heard her words. Unsurprisingly, he was unable to fool Ling Lan. Luckily, Ling Lan forgave him and didn't probe further. He chose to believe him but he still felt ashamed about his schemes.

He couldn't let this arrogant and domineering person know what he was thinking. He just wanted to look at him and stay beside him forever. Even if he would get married in the end, he would still be satisfied… maybe.

Li Lanfeng pushed these thoughts into the back of his mind. He would have to endure this emotion all by himself.

"I'm sorry." Li Lanfeng's voice was shivering as he said, "Thank you."

'Thank you for your forgiveness. I really can't let go of your kindness. I want all of it.'

Ling Lan frowned again. Something traumatic must have happened to Li Lanfeng. Unfortunately, he didn't want to tell her anything so she couldn't help him even if she wanted to.

Forget it, since he was unwilling to say, she would just take more notice of him. As long as she was concentrating on him, she would be able to detect traces of what had happened to him. Ling Lan ultimately made this decision in the end. Unconsciously, she gave more attention to Li Lanfeng, more than anyone in Lingtian.

Li Lanfeng knew Ling Lan had put down this issue when he saw the frown disappearing from her face.

They continued walking towards Training Ground 07.

Li Lanfeng, who was currently walking a step behind Ling lan, looked at the back of Ling Lan with complicated feelings. He understood Ling Lan well so he knew what Ling Lan would do if he didn't say anything.

Why did he still scheme against her when he had already made the decision to stay beside her quietly? As expected, he was a selfish person. He always did things that benefit him the most.

'Ling Lan, please don't give me any chances. If not, I won't be able to control myself and I'll pull you down to hell together with me.'

Li Lanfeng would only show his weakness when there was no one looking at him.

Li Lanfeng wished that this journey would continue forever so that he could forget about the present and continue his dreamlike fantasy but sadly, Training Ground 07 was not too far away.

Li Lanfeng closed his eyes dejectedly when he saw the training ground coming into his view. When he opened them again, his gaze was sharp and his smile was gentle. The adviser of Lingtian, Li Lanfeng, was back.

"They seemed to be done." Li Lanfeng listened carefully and smiled.

"Yes." Ling Lan placed her hands behind her back and smiled slightly. Her team leaders performed well. They subdued their opponents so quickly that they had nothing to say.

"Unfortunately, the team leader of Team 06 is not here. If not, we can witness how strong he is." Their opponents were beaten so badly that they were unable to control their emotions. Hence, they started finding ways to regain their dignity.

The expressions of everyone in Lingtian changed. Li Lanfeng was badly injured. He would be fine with Li Shiyu around but they were still worried about him.

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