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"I didn't expect to be so popular. Even when I'm not around, there are people talking about me." Li Lanfeng smiled and walked in when he saw the support in Ling Lan's gaze.

These people didn't expect Li Lanfeng to appear right when they talked about him. They basically just saw a mummified masked person entering the training ground.

"Big Leader Li, everything is fine here. Please come." Yan Three laughed to ease the atmosphere and welcomed him warmly.

The reason why Yan Three was able to integrate into Lingtian so quickly was because of Li Lanfeng's help. Li Lanfeng would always remind him what to do whenever he felt confused in Lingtian, so he was very grateful to him.

"I knew Li Lanfeng wouldn't die." Zhao Jun felt relieved when he saw Li Lanfeng appearing safe and sound in front of him.

Everyone went forward to check up on Li Lanfeng's condition, but they didn't see Ling Lan who was standing at the entrance.

After entering the imperial realm, Ling Lan was able to easily control her breathing and presence. She was currently hiding her presence which made herself invisible to everyone in the training ground.

Li Lanfeng knew since Ling Lan didn't appear in front of the crowd, she must have her own motives for doing so. Thus, he didn't expose her.

After greeting everyone from Lingtian, Li Lanfeng walked towards Yu Wei and his people. He smiled and said, "I'm here. What's the matter?"

The person who said that he wanted to see Li Lanfeng had no choice but to grit his teeth and reply, "We've already seen how strong the other team leaders are. You're the only one who didn't show us anything due to your injuries. What a pity that is. Well… since you're here now, may I have a battle with you?"

Li Lanfeng sized up the man in front of him and suddenly smiled. "You're not my match."

The man's expression darkened when he heard those condescending words. The 36 Heavenly Warriors of Piercing Arrow appeared furious too. This person was just too arrogant. Although, their military rank was not as high as Li Lanfeng but all of them were team leaders. In mecha clans, they should be receiving as much respect as any other team leader of any rank.

"Regiment Commander Yu, please." Li Lanfeng turned his head and looked at Yu Wei.

All the leaders from Piercing Arrow got furious. An insignificant leader actually dared to challenge their regiment commander. Was he arrogant or stupid?

"Leader Li, you're too weak to challenge our regiment commander. Let me play with you instead." The first rank Heavenly Warrior, Jiang Yong, glared at Li Lanfeng and stepped out.

Li Lanfeng looked at him seriously and slowly shook his head. "You're a little too weak."

"Arrogant!" Jiang Yong raised his fist and launched it towards Li Lanfeng in an instant. He wanted to teach this arrogant young man a lesson he would remember forever.

Although the leaders from Lingtian were all more powerful than them, they still needed to fight for many rounds before they defeated them. Jiang Yong didn't believe that this heavily injured Leader Li would be as strong as the other team leaders.

Surprisingly, Li Lanfeng didn't evade the attack. He just waved his right hand casually in response to the incoming fist. A loud sound echoed through the training ground.

A figure shot out and slammed into the crowd from Piercing Arrow.

Yu Wei's expression changed when he saw a body flying towards him. He acted immediately and a ball of energy quickly caught the body in mid-air but suddenly, his face turned pale. He needed to take a step back before he could withstand the impact.

The person who was shot out was Jiang Wei. After he regained his senses, he looked at Li Lanfeng with fear in his eyes. Li Lanfeng was just standing casually in front of him with one hand behind his back. He couldn't believe that he didn't manage to handle a single attack by his opponent.

Li Lanfeng looked towards Yu Wei. "Regiment Commander Yu, please!"

The people from Lingtian smiled as they anticipated Yu Wei's next move, even Yang Mingzhi and Liu Furong were smiling. Until now, high-profile officers like them didn't have the chance to act yet. Hence, when they saw Li Lanfeng calling out for Regiment Commander Yu, they instantly understood what their regiment commander was intending by her words. It seemed like they were still too kind when they fought with them. They now knew that they needed to crush the spirits of these intruders so that they would never be questioned about their strength ever again

Yu Wei couldn't reject the challenge in front of so many people. He knew that this normal-looking Leader Li must be a domain realm master, as only domain realm masters were able to defeat a half step domain realm master that easily.

"Lingtian is truly filled with powerful people. Leader Li, after you." Yu Wei was serious.

He wasn't the only one who was serious as Lin Yang was turning serious too. He looked towards Liu Furong, Yang Mingzhi, Qi Long, and the other leaders in Lingtian. He wondered if they had reached the domain realm too. After all, Leader Li was just the leader of Team 06.

That's right, Lin Yang was a domain realm master. From the attack just now, he could feel his domain concept embedded in his attack, so he must be a domain realm master.

"Move back!" Lin Yang said to his soldiers behind him.


"Why, regiment commander?"

His soldiers were puzzled.

"This is a domain realm battle. Anyone who hasn't reached the domain realm will get injured if they come too close to the fight," Lin Yang said seriously.

"Domain realm battle!" Everyone exclaimed out loud. Although the regiment commanders of first-rank mecha clans were all domain realm masters, they wouldn't have any domain realm masters as subordinates. Even if it did happen, it was rare.

Even though it was rare, everyone still obediently believed in Lin Yang's warning and moved back. After all, Lin Yang's mecha clan, Slaughter Mecha Clan, was the second most powerful mecha clan after Proud Wind so his words definitely had merit to them. Plus, he was also a domain realm master. Hence, he should know more than them.

"Why aren't they moving?" After they moved back, they noticed that the people from Lingtian were still in their original positions. They didn't seem to care about the danger of a domain realm battle.

Lin Yang frowned when he saw them not moving away. He himself didn't move because he was confident he would remain safe with his strength. So, why weren't the other party moving?

Some other regiment commanders also stood in their original positions. This was the pride of domain realm masters.

While everyone was retreating away from the upcoming fight, Li Lanfeng and Yu Wei stood on the ground quietly. No one acted.

"So warm." One minute had passed. One of the team leaders suddenly felt that the air around them got warmer. The temperature of the camping ground was controlled by the mainframe so it would always be maintained at a comfortable temperature for everyone. They shouldn't feel warm.

"Look at Regiment Commander Yu." One of the team leaders shouted.

Everyone looked at Yu Wei. They saw steam coming up from the ground around Yu Wei.

"Is this Yu Wei's heat domain concept?" Lin Yang's gaze turned sharp. Yu Wei's domain element wasn't fire but his domain concept was as hot as fire, making it more frightening than fire. His domain concept was formless. He could integrate himself into the air perfectly with his domain concept and hide himself amidst the air. His opponent wouldn't be able to easily detect him in that state.

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