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On the other hand, nothing was moving around Li Lanfeng. No one knew what his domain concept was.

Yu Wei frowned when he saw his inaction. He lifted his arms and two clouds of hot air rushed towards Li Lanfeng viciously.

Li Lanfeng felt steaming hot air coming towards him. He raised his hands and waved them immediately.

Boom! Boom!

Two loud explosions occurred.

The explosions of two powerful domain concepts quickly moved out and destroyed everything in its vicinity. Lin Yang instantly activated his domain and blocked out the explosion.

At that moment, his attention wasn't on Yu Wei and Li Lanfeng. It was on the team leaders behind Li Lanfeng.

They were standing very close to the center of the battle so the force of the explosion must have reached them.

What he saw was a young lieutenant colonel tilting his body to protect a pretty lieutenant colonel behind him and a young major taking a step out to pull a handsome young lady behind him.

Lin Yang and his men still had some dignity so they didn't choose the two female officers when they were fighting just now.

The huge force of the explosion reached the team leaders. Yet, it only managed to lift the corners of their uniform. None of them moved a single inch.

"Annoying!" Luo Lang glared at his friend. He wasn't his younger sister. Did Xie Yi forget about that?

Xie Yi smiled and didn't say anything. How could he explain that he protected Luo Lang instinctively?

Han Xuya was grateful for Qi Long's help so she smiled at him. Unlike the past when her smile was shy and demure, it seemed more elegant now. Qi Long couldn't help but look at her smile again.

If she was still the young girl who liked Qi Long, she might get flustered by his stare. However, she had finally found what she wanted in her life. Hence, Qi Long became just like any other person who had came into her life. He was no longer that important to her.

Yes, Han Xuya's goal was Ling Lan. The fact that Ling Lan was a female who had accomplished more than most men did, allowed Han Xuya to have different thoughts about her life. Since Boss was able to become so powerful, she could do so too.

Compared to Luo Chao, Han Xuya was more competitive. Since she was young, she never wanted to lose to her peers. However, she was a female at the end of the day. Sometimes, she wished that she was a male when she saw her friends moving further ahead of her when they did the same amount of work. Now, Ling Lan gave her a chance to climb higher so she would definitely grab this chance tightly. That concept of young love she had dreamt of was thrown to the back of her head long ago.

"Can you identify the domain concept of Leader Li?" Lin Yang lowered his head and asked the regiment commander beside him.

"No. I only know that he used his domain concept but I can't identify what it is." The regiment commander shook his head and sighed. "He hadn't fully used his domain concept yet he is already able to fight on par against Regiment Commander Yu's heat domain concept. This Leader Li is not a simple person."

"The other people from Lingtian are even scarier. They didn't even activate their domain but they managed to easily resist the explosion." Another regiment commander was flabbergasted. They could also resist the force from the explosion without activating their domain but they wouldn't be as relaxed as the people from Lingtian.

"It seems like Leader Li is not the only leader who has reached the domain realm." Lin Yang understood what this meant.

"But, they are giving out the presence of peak stage and optimal peak of Qi-Jin." Another regiment commander couldn't believe this.

"They must have a way to hide their real physical skills. When Leader Li came in, did you sense his domain energy?" Lin Yang was firm in his judgment.

The regiment commanders thought about Lin Yang's question for a moment. Indeed, they didn't detect his domain energy before he attacked Jiang Yong.

"F**k, where did Lingtian come from?" One of the regiment commanders cursed helplessly.

"We were wrong. Base Nebula is the first line of defense against Caesar. No matter how vicious the power struggle between the higher authorities was, they wouldn't expose the Federation to any danger. The mecha clan that comes to Base Nebula will never be just a normal mecha clan." Lin Yang sighed. His willingness to fight with Lingtian lessened a little.

"However, this doesn't mean that their mecha piloting skills are good too." One regiment commander was unwilling to lower his head so he tried to find faults in Lingtian.

"We have to wait to determine that." Lin Yang didn't agree nor reject that regiment commander's statement even though he knew that with the amount of mechas they brought over, the people from Lingtian wouldn't be too weak in mecha piloting.

However, before he saw for it himself, he wouldn't admit defeat easily. After all, he was a proud soldier.

Yu Wei already knew that his attack didn't possess any threat to his opponent. The attack just now was just to determine how strong his opponent was. As a regiment commander, he was responsible for the reputation of his mecha clan. If everyone knew that he was on par with a team leader from Lingtian, the reputation would greatly be affected greatly.

Hence, Yu Wei couldn't lose!

Yu Wei knew this clearly so he didn't show any mercy in this fight. He snorted and clapped his hands together. The heat around Li Lanfeng immediately started to move towards him from all directions.

Li Lanfeng had no path of escape now. His entire body was engulfed in heat. If he didn't do anything to resist it, he would be melted from the insides by the concept and suffocate in a cloud of heat.

Li Lanfeng noticed this and released his domain energy from his body.


A loud explosion occurred. The entire training ground shook from the explosion. Some soldiers standing far away from the fight could even hear the explosion. Many soldiers who hadn't reached the optimal peak of Qi-Jin started bleeding from their nose, mouth, eyes, and ears. The weaker ones, like Zhang Chao, even vomited out blood.

They had already retreated very far away but the power of the two domain realm masters was still strong enough to injure them from afar.

Lin Yang also had to take a few steps back from the powerful explosion. Even people who had just advanced to the domain realm were pale in the face.

"Regiment Commander Lin, look!" One of the regiment commanders looked behind Li Lanfeng.

A glaring white light appeared in front of the team leaders from Lingtian. This white light blocked the explosion from the fight between Li Lanfeng and Yu Wei.

The person controlling the white light was the team leader of Team 01, Yang Mingzhi.

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