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Li Lanfeng wasn't disappointed by the fact that he hadn't landed a single hit. He extended his middle finger and slowly pointed it towards Yu Wei again, who was standing in front of him.

Yu Wei manipulated the concept energy created from his heat domain concept to make the air around him explode. That was how he managed to escape from the shackles of Li Lanfeng's one finger, so seeing Li Lanfeng sending out another finger made his expression change instantly. He didn't think for a moment and extracted all of his domain concept energy from his body.

His heat domain concept energy met up with Li Lanfeng's finger's dark energy and self-destructed.

Li Lanfeng's odd technique and domain concept made Yu Wei realize he couldn't fight against him. However, as a regiment commander, Yu Wei definitely wouldn't accept a loss. Thus, he chose a way to cause harm to both sides so that both of them would lose.

The force behind the attack instantly blew away the two of them who were battling.

Yu Wei staggered as he landed on the ground and a streak of blood ran down the corner of his lips uncontrollably.

After landing, Li Lanfeng took 3 to 4 steps back before he got rid of the force behind the attack to avoid being injured again.

"Good fight, Regiment Commander Yu," Li Lanfeng said as he smirked after raising his head.

Yu Wei's face was pale. He didn't expect his all-out attack to fail to injure a normal-looking leader. Instead of injuring him, he was injured instead. The feeling of frustration in his body turned into anger and it instantly rushed into his head. His eyes turned red as he glared at Li Lanfeng. He had the thought of making enemies with Lingtian right there and now, and fight as a group.

The 36 Heavenly Warriors from Piercing Arrow noticed this and they instantly went to surround Li Lanfeng.

Everyone from Lingtian also didn't let up and also arrived beside Li Lanfeng. Both sides faced each other and a fight was about to commence.

"Heroes are really born young. Captain Li, I admire you." The atmosphere got heavy, so Lin Yang immediately spoke up.

"Regiment Commander Yu, the generation after us will always be more powerful. If our generation doesn't work harder, we might be left in the dust by them in the end." Lin Yang turned around to look at Yu Wei. His eyes were telling Yu Wei that this was Lingtian's territory and that he shouldn't fight.

Lin Yang's intervention allowed Yu Wei to have time to calm down. He closed his eyes and breathed deeply. When he opened them again, there was no longer anger in them. He relaxed his fist and said, "Sorry for the unsightly showing just now, Leader Li. I rightfully lost the battle just now."

"Regiment commander!" All 36 Heavenly Warriors from Piercing Arrow shouted out in surprise.

Jiang Yong ruthlessly glared at Li Lanfeng. If it wasn't for the fact that his domain concept was strange, their regiment commander would never lose?

"It seems like you have a different opinion about the result?" A clear and sharp voice suddenly rang beside his ears. "How about I give you the chance to prove to us you are right?"

Everyone looked towards Lingtian's group. A beautiful and elegant lieutenant colonel stood beside Li Lanfeng before anyone had noticed and was smiling towards the members of other clans.

Li Lanfeng glanced at him and saw the desire to fight in his eyes. He smiled and slowly backed up.

"What do you mean by your words?" Jiang Yong's eyes narrowed.

"I think you guys still aren't willing to give in and admit defeat even after we all have beaten you. If so, how about this? We'll just fight again… until you admit defeat." This female lieutenant colonel seemed to not know how to make well-rounded conversations. The words she was spouting were enough to make a person vomit out mouthfuls of blood.

Unsurprisingly, the people from Piercing Arrow instantly became angry at her words. Even Yu Wei, who had calmed down, had a hardened expression on his face once again.

However, before they could let out their anger, the words this female lieutenant colonel spoke afterwards completely stunned them. They didn't know whether she was joking or was actually retarded.

"Regiment Commander Lin, I'm not going to fight you so don't worry. You're Qi Long's opponent," the female lieutenant colonel pointed towards Lin Yang and said.

Lin Yang's cheeks twitched. If he were actually going to fight, there would be some troublesome matters following after him.

"One, two, three, four." Her finger moved around as she pointed towards the four regiment commanders standing beside Lin Yang. "You four are domain realm masters… it would be too slow to fight one by one. How about you four come at me at the same time?"

Hearing this, one of the regiment commanders was instantly angered and scoffed. "You want to fight us 1-on-4? That's absurd."

The female lieutenant colonel shook her head and replied earnestly, "If I alone fought with four regiment commanders at the same time, I would die. I'm not that retarded."

However, a weak woman coming out and challenging domain realm masters was already a very dumb move on her part. Everyone couldn't help but swear under their breath.

"Xie Yi, help me." The female lieutenant colonel turned around and spoke out a name.

"Okay." A lazy-looking lieutenant colonel walked out from Lingtian's group and stood beside Luo Lang.

The female lieutenant colonel then patted that person's chest and smiled. "The two of us will challenge the four of you."

"Arrogant!" Hearing her condescending words, the four regiment commanders instantly shouted angrily.

Lin Yang looked at Yang Mingzhi with a serious expression on his face. "Major General Yang, a challenge isn't a game. Please stop this foolishness."

Yang Mingzhi smiled and said, "Regiment Commander Lin and all other regiment commanders, please don't misunderstand. I will introduce these two individuals." He pointed towards Xie Yi. "He is our Team 05's team leader, Leader Xie Yi."

After hearing that this lazy-looking lieutenant colonel was the leader of a mecha team that was ranked even higher than the scary and unpredictable Li Lanfeng, everyone was instantly stunned. The anger in their expressions instantly halved, as they looked towards Xie Yi with a hint of caution.

"And this person is the team leader of Team 04, Leader Luo Lang." The words that Yang Mingzhi spoke afterwards shocked those people even more. This female lieutenant colonel, who everyone disregarded, was actually the next person after Major General Liu Furong, Major General Yang Mingzhi and Colonel Qi Long.

After making the introductions, Yang Mingzhi's smile was nowhere to be seen on his face. "Plus, I don't believe that it is arrogant that our Leader Luo and Leader Xie challenged the four of you."

The four regiment commanders' faces immediately darkened. Yang Mingzhi's words were implying that these two young leaders were actual domain realm masters.

"That's not possible. How can a woman be a domain realm master?" Jiang Yong was not able to accept that he wasn't as strong as a woman.

Boom! Right after the said that, a terrifying energy instantly sent him flying before falling onto the ground facefirst.

"Ugh!" A mouthful of blood came out from his mouth.

Everyone from Piercing Arrow angrily looked at the person who had just attacked.

Luo Lang's beautiful face had signs of wrath on it. A hind of killing intent flashed between his eyes. "Although I'm not a woman, the way you look down on women still makes me nauseous."

"In Lingtian, gender is never used as a standard for measuring strength. Don't ever let me hear your ape-like thoughts ever again. Otherwise, it wouldn't be a question that you were hit or not but rather whether you died or not." Luo Lang's cold and sharp gaze scanned past everyone. Everyone understood from his wrathful eyes that he wasn't just randomly saying those words to scare them, he was actually going to do what he said if they discriminated towards women again.

Lingtian had two clan sisters, Luo Chao and Han Xuya. Luo Lang didn't want his two baby sisters to be humiliated by some random outsiders.

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