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Chapter 1554 - The Second

Somewhere in the northern region of the Ancient Desolate Realm of Gods:

Swoosh! Swoosh!

Two streaks of light, one black and one gold, flew through the air. Around them, everything crumbled into dust. "Run!" The Death God had never felt more nervous.

Normally, no one would believe that a mighty God Eye Deity would be showing such an expression.


Behind them, a golden-silver streak of light suffused with an indomitable pressure was approaching. All things could only bow in its presence.

"Pointless struggle." The Heaven Lord coldly grunted as he punched.

Terrifying energy gathered together and crushed forward.

The Death God and Destruction God immediately used their God Eyes, unleashing Death and Destruction energy to hold off the Heaven Lord's attack.

Boom! Bang!

A destructive explosion swept through the skies. The two God Eye Deities fled once more.

"Too strong!" The Destruction God was ghastly pale. In the earlier battle with the Heaven Lord, he took a blow that worsened his injuries. In the following pursuit, the Heaven Lord was simply unstoppable. The two God Eyes could only passively defend against his attacks, which gradually added to their injuries.

Slowly, the Destruction God was becoming unable to hold on. After all, his strongest trait was unmatched offensive power; speed and defense were both weak points for him.

The two of them were hoping to run into other experts over the course of their escape. However, those experts beneath the God level were powerless against the Heaven Lord. Any expert that entered the Heaven Lord's vision during this escape was easily obliterated.

There was one time when two God Kings came to help, but against the overwhelming power of the Heaven Lord, one died and one escaped, and that one only managed to escape because the Heaven Lord's objective was the two God Eye Deities.

"Spacetime, Divine Punishment, Life...!" The Heaven Lord's Heavenly Dao God Eye suddenly sensed these three God Eyes.

When facing two God Eyes, he possessed an absolute advantage, but against five God Eyes, he would be rather hard- pressed. After all, the Heaven Lord was not in his best condition and did not dare to be careless.

"Reversal!" The Heaven Lord activated his Heavenly Dao God Eye and reversed the heavens and earth.

In a flash, the Death God and Destruction God were suddenly traveling in a different direction. This slightly altered their course so that they were now somewhat farther from the three God Eyes.

As he altered the world, the Heaven Lord punched.

Boom! Boom!

Two golden-silver beams pierced through the world.

However, the two Gods were not that easy to deal with. The moment the Heaven Lord shifted the directions of the world, they promptly reacted and altered their course. After all, they had seen this move many times, and with their lives on the line, they did not dare to be careless.

But they still found it difficult to avoid the Heaven Lord's attack.

Boom! Bang!

The two used their God Eyes, unleashing their energies to block for them.

But the Heaven Lord's attacks were endless, wind, lightning, and fire brashly sweeping through the world.

"Go!" By taking on even more wounds, the two God Eye Deities were able to escape this wave of attacks.

"Weight!" The Heaven Lord used his eyes to place an immense weight on this region of the world. Everything within this region sank down.

"Break!" The Destruction God used his God Eye, radiating a halo of Destruction energy that obliterated the weight around him and his comrade.

Thwish! Thwish!

The two God Eye Deities continued to flee while the Heaven Lord pursued.

The Heaven Lord's attacks were ceaseless. If the two God Eye Deities focused on defense, their speed would drop. If they focused on escaping, they would have to bear the brunt of the Heaven Lord's attacks. In addition, their God Eyes were slowly being exhausted of energy.

"If this continues, the two of us..." The Death God's heart was heavy.

As the Death God, he had never once been hunted down by someone else, nor had he ever been in such a desperate situation. He also knew that the Heavenly Dao God Eye possessed many abilities and formidable perception. With each flipping of the world's directions, they were drawn farther and farther away from the help of other experts.

However, they could only flee along the road the Heaven Lord had given them.

"There's still hope...!" The Destruction God gasped, his golden eyes somewhat dim.

The Heaven Lord had risen again, alarming all of the Ancient Desolate Realm of Gods. More and more experts were gathering in this place. Experts would soon be coming from every direction, and it didn't matter how the Heaven Lord moved around the directions.

"There's no hope for you!" The Heaven Lord grunted. He was extremely clear on the situation, so he needed to kill the Destruction God as quickly as possible.

Boom! Bang!

The world shattered apart as two beams of lightning shot toward the two God Eye Deities.

"Death Beam!"

"Destruction Divine Ray!"

The two Gods were forced to use their God Eyes to attack and neutralize the Heaven Lord's attack.

Boom! Bang! Crash!

In this clash, their injuries worsened again.

But this time, the two Gods sensed that the world had suddenly gotten much warmer and brighter. In the distance, a golden sun was rising.

"...Bright Sun God!" The two God Eye Deities saw hope and became extremely excited.

"I said before, there's no hope for you two!" the Heaven Lord coldly said as he once more attacked.

Suddenly, two black dots appeared in front. These were two enormous black-gold warships rapidly flying through the air.

Your Excellency, we kept you waiting!" the Left Protector and Right Protector called out in unison from the warships. "No... how!?" the Death God and Destruction God called out in alarm.

The Heaven Lord had planned everything out, with the remnants of the Heaven Defying Faction already on their way. "Activate the Destruction weapons!" the two Protectors ordered.

The major Destruction weapons on the two warships had already finished building up energy and could fire at any time.


Two massive beams of white light swept out from the warships. At the same time, the Heaven Lord used the Heavenly Dao God Eye, harnessing the power of Fire and Lightning to cover the areas not covered by the Destruction weapons.

Destructive energy packed every inch of the world. The two God Eye Deities had nowhere to run!

"Weight!" The eye on the Heaven Lord's forehead gleamed with savage light. Immense weight suddenly engulfed that region of destructive energy.


The Destruction God's body trembled as he bent over and vomited blood.

"Destruction!" The Death God's heart trembled. He knew that the Heaven Lord planned to kill Destruction first and then him.

Although he didn't have much of a personal relationship with the Destruction God, the Gods were once part of the same faction, comrades for countless years. To see Destruction about to be killed by another and his God Eye Origin seized left an extremely unpleasant taste in the Death God's mouth.

However, he could not save the Destruction God, so he could only use this chance to escape.


The Death God began to exude a formidable God energy that caused everything in the world to wither and trend toward oblivion. He made an opening and fled.

"I'll be taking this second God Eye!" The Heaven Lord ignored the Death God. Gathering his bloodline energy, and with the boost from the Heavenly Dao God Eye, he launched a supreme strike.

At the same time, the Heaven Defying Faction's warships fired again to lock down the Destruction God.

Boom! Bang!

The Destruction God's body suddenly erupted with a terrifying energy that threatened to drown away everything.

"Self-detonation!?" The Heaven Defying Faction members on the warships felt their blood go cold.

The self-detonation of a God - the most offensively powerful Destruction God - was something that they probably wouldn't survive.

"Samsara Bind!" The Heaven Lord immediately used the Heavenly Dao God Eye.

The unique power of the Samsara Bind was the counterpart to Destruction energy, the two of them neutralizing each other.

When facing the Samsara God's Samsara Bind, the Heaven Lord was forced to use the supreme attack of the Heavenly Dao God Eye just to undo it.


The eye at the center of the Heaven Lord's forehead exuded the dark mist of the Samsara underworld. The dark mist coiled around the explosion.


The two terrifying energies clashed with each other. In the end, the dark mist was scattered by the golden light, allowing this Destructive energy to illuminate the world.

"The second is dead, and now it's time for the third!" In this golden world, the Heaven Lord roared as he immediately moved.

Weakened by the Samsara Bind, the Destruction God's self-detonation no longer possessed that terrifying power. With his Ancient God-Devil Body and Samsara Immortal Body, he had nothing to fear.


The Heaven Lord pursued in a flash of light.

"I can't fight back!" The Death God's heart trembled.

He knew that the Destruction God, understanding that he couldn't escape, had self-detonated to give the Death God a chance to run, but the Heaven Lord's strength was already far above a God's.


"Stop!" an ethereal voice spoke, seeming to come from extremely far away.

In a series of intense spatial ripples and a silver flash of light, a white-haired elder appeared.

"Spacetime!" The Death God's eyes brightened.

"One of them died!?" The Spacetime God's expression was dour. He was a step too late!

At the same time, a scorching golden-red light came rushing over. The shrill cry of a bird resounded throughout the world, and a moment later, a man appeared, his body circled by golden-red feathers and exuding endless heat and light.

"Heh, Death God Eye, I'll take your life next time." The Heaven Lord indifferently glanced at the Spacetime God and Bright Sun God.

It wasn't that he was afraid of these two, but he wasn't at his peak condition. Killing the Samsara God and chasing down the Destruction God and Death God was extremely taxing on him, and he had used the abilities of the Heavenly Dao God Eye far too many times.

"Want to leave?" The Spacetime God's eyes flashed with cold light.



The world quaked as the supreme energy of the Destruction God surged out of the Fan Universe. Gleaming golden light began to gather in the eye on the center of the Heaven Lord's forehead.

"The Destruction God Eye's power...." The Heaven Lord spread apart his arms, opened the Heavenly Dao God Eye wide, and took in this Destruction Origin energy.

Behind him, the eight phantom God Eyes became even more in-focus, even closer together. The mysterious outline of the eye in the center also grew more distinct. An ancestral energy that transcended all began to exude from it, causing the principles of the universe itself to tremble and demanding obedience from all things.

At this moment, everyone present inexplicably trembled, feeling themselves to be puny ants.

Far in the distance, a youth in a crystalline white robe appeared. Zhao Feng had arrived.

Upon returning to the Life Sacred Land, he had learned of the Heaven Lord's movements, but he was afraid that he would arrive in the north too late. Thus, he borrowed the memories of other experts so he could use Thought Teleportation directly.

"The energy... of the Ancestral Eye!" Zhao Feng's heart trembled.

After killing a second God Eye Deity, the Heaven Lord had furthered the evolution of his Heavenly Dao God Eye into the Heavenly Dao Ancestral Eye.

Thumpthump! Thumpthump!

Within his Origin Dimension, the dreamy silver ball began to shudder, releasing massive amounts of Dream Origin energy.


That stabbing pain caused Zhao Feng to cover his left eye.

He sensed that there was an even stronger energy in the dreamy silver ball that wanted to break its shackles.

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