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Chapter 1556 - Boost in Ability

"God King Swallow Devour, you're underestimating the Ninth God Eye." Zhao Feng merely smiled at God King Swallow Devour's words.

After breaking into the Third Heaven, Zhao Feng didn't even need to use the Dream God Eye or the Pseudo Ancestral Artifact to have the strength equivalent to an average God King. If he used both of them, he could even fight against a top-class God King.

And in witnessing the evolution of the Heavenly Dao God Eye, his Dream God Eye was stimulated, which had seemingly increased its power. Although Zhao Feng hadn't felt anything substantial yet, he was sure that his Dream Origin had increased. He could use it over long periods of time without worrying.

"Oh? You believe that you will be more effective than me in battle?" God King Swallow Devour gave a profound smile.

He had also once dreamed about obtaining the Ninth God Eye, but as Zhao Feng matured, he gradually cast aside the idea, unwilling to offend Zhao Feng. But this did not mean that God King Swallow Devour felt he was inferior to Zhao Feng, at least not while Zhao Feng was still unable to use the full power of the Ninth God Eye, having only recently broken into the Third Heaven.

"This one said nothing of the sort." Zhao Feng faintly smiled.

"Why don't we do this? You seem to be extremely confident in your strength, so let's have a simple bout. If you win, I'll give you my Space Ancestral Artifact fragment. If I win, you will trade me your Pseudo Ancestral Artifact." God King Swallow Devour gave a nonchalant smile, and his eyes gleamed as he slowly spoke.

God King Swallow Devour's proposal seemed to benefit Zhao Feng more. After all, if Zhao Feng won, he would receive the Ancestral Artifact fragment with no questions asked, but if he lost, he would still get something in exchange for the Pseudo Ancestral Artifact.

"Okay! I would also like to experience God King Swallow Devour's skills." After some thought, Zhao Feng agreed.

"Good, then let's go!" God King Swallow Devour smugly smiled.

In his view, Zhao Feng might be the Ninth God Eye, but it was precisely this fact that made Zhao Feng too conceited.

The Heaven Devouring Sacred Land was located on the edge of the Ancient Desolate Realm of Gods and was rather inconspicuous, but God King Swallow Devour was definitely one of the best God Kings. Once he obtained Zhao Feng's Pseudo Ancestral Artifact and gathered the rest of the fragments into a supreme Ancestral Artifact, he would become a God. Even if Zhao Feng later became a God himself, he would still have nothing to fear.

Not much later, the two of them arrived at an independent dimension. God King Swallow Devour had also asked some of the upper echelon members of his faction to spectate the battle.

"Zhao Feng, let's begin!" God King Swallow Devour smiled.

His bloodline energy surged, and his body got larger and larger. Two black horns sprouted from his head. The black tattoos on God King Swallow Devour's body began to wriggle and writhe, surging into his savage mouth.


Zhao Feng gathered Primal Chaos and Tribulation Lightning energy into his hand, instantly creating a Primal Chaos Tribulation Lightning Sword.

God King Swallow Devour activated his bloodline energy from the very start, showing that he was intent on obtaining the Pseudo Ancestral Artifact and would not go easy. Thus, Zhao Feng would also not show any courtesy. After all, a top-class God King was no easy opponent.

God King Charflame and God King Heaven Dragon were considered average God Kings, but God King Swallow Devour and the Illusion God Race's God King Nethercloud were top-class God Kings.


An immense Primal Chaos Tribulation Lightning Sword shot forward.

"Swallow!" God King Swallow Devour opened his mouth, and a black vortex suddenly appeared in front of the sword. It exerted a powerful devouring force that pulled at the sword.

"Primal Chaos energy and Tribulation Lightning energy? A little hard to swallow." God King Swallow Devour's expression flickered.

He could instantly devour the attack of any ordinary Third Heaven God Lord. Although Primal Chaos energy had a devouring property, the Heaven Devouring Race was renowned for its ability to devour, so it was unquestionably stronger. In addition, God King Swallow Devour had a higher cultivation.

A few moments later, God King Swallow Devour had absorbed the sword. God King Swallow Devour's belly slightly bulged.

"Go!" God King Swallow Devour roared, and then he spat out a ball of Primal Chaos Tribulation Lightning energy. This ball of energy also contained some of God King Swallow Devour's own Divine Power.

The Heaven Devouring Race could devour any energy and make it their own.

"As expected of the Heaven Devouring Race!" Zhao Feng circulated his Divine Power and activated Heaven Ascendant. In a flash, an extremely solid spatial barrier enveloped Zhao Feng. Upon smashing into this barrier, the dark ball of energy was progressively weakened.

Boom! Bang!

In the end, the Pseudo Ancestral Artifact succeeded in blocking the ball of energy.

"As expected of Pseudo Ancestral Artifact Heaven Ascendant. And it seems to be at an incredibly high level of completion!" God King Swallow Devour did not attempt to hide his desire for the crystalline robe.

"Swallow!" God King Swallow Devour focused on Zhao Feng and opened his mouth wide.

A black vortex appeared around Zhao Feng.


Zhao Feng immediately moved away from it, but the black vortex still managed to devour some of his Divine Power and the Pseudo Ancestral Artifact's energy.

"It seems like top-class God Kings really can't be underestimated." Zhao Feng chuckled.

Boom! Hisss!

Primal Chaos energy and Tribulation Lightning energy surged, forming several dozen Primal Chaos Tribulation Lightning Swords in front of Zhao Feng. With a wave of his hand, he sent these swords flying in every direction.

"Good! This old man will take them all!" God King Swallow Devour heartily laughed and opened his savage black mouth to suck it all in.

A black vortex formed around him that sought to pull in and devour everything in the world.

"Swallow!" God King Swallow Devour roared, the devouring energy of the vortex soaring. All the Primal Chaos Tribulation Lightning Swords were instantly devoured.

"What a powerful devouring ability!" In shock, Zhao Feng suddenly realized something.

At this time, God King Swallow Devour opened his mouth and spat out a heaven-shaking energy,


An immense ball of Primal Chaos and Tribulation Lightning energy flew forward, causing the fabric of space itself to tremble.

Fortunately, Zhao Feng had predicted this and already formed a Primal Chaos Lightning Vortex.

Boom! Bang!

God King Swallow Devour's mighty attacked slammed into the Primal Chaos Lightning Vortex. After a momentary stalemate, the Primal Chaos Lightning Vortex shattered, but beneath it was the barrier of the Pseudo Ancestral Artifact.

A Pseudo Ancestral Artifact was not omnipotent, and in the face of a powerful attack from a top-class God King, it was still rather hard-pressed. Fortunately, the Primal Chaos Lightning Vortex weakened God King Swallow Devour's attack, or else it might not have succeeded.

"Haha, Zhao Feng, you only just broke into the Third Heaven. For you to take a few blows from this old man is already

rather impressive!" God King Swallow Devour laughed in delight. It was like the Pseudo Ancestral Artifact w


The Heaven Devouring Race can devour external energy and make it their own. If I don't let him devour anything, the Heaven Devouring Race's power will be greatly reduced.... Zhao Feng began to think.

The devouring ability of the Heaven Devouring Race was a kind of powerful defense. The more one attacked them, the more their power grew. But if one didn't attack, how could one defeat them?

"I hear that the Heaven Devouring Race can devour all things, so why don't you try my Ninth God Eye?" Zhao Feng suddenly thought of something and calmed down.

"The Dream Dao, hm?" God King Swallow Devour was not at all worried.

He could even devour Death, Destruction, Spacetime, and the other energies of the Eight Great God Eyes. It was rumored that the Ninth God Eye specialized in the Dream Dao, but God King Swallow Devour had also fought with experts of this line and devoured their energy just like everyone else's.

"Dreamification!" Zhao Feng harnessed a vast amount of Origin energy, and a dreamy mist emerged from his left eye and dyed the entire world into a dreamy paradise.

Everything Zhao Feng saw became dazzling and bright, but unlike before, all objects in his vision became illusory and transparent.

"This power...!" God King Swallow Devour's face went stiff. He had inexplicably begun to weaken. This energy did not seem like the power of the Dream Dao.

"Swallow!" God King Swallow Devour used his Devouring Law.


A black vortex appeared in the air.

However, the dreamy hues remained as strong as ever, completely unaffected.

"He can't devour my Origin energy?" Zhao Feng saw what was going on. It seemed like his Dream Origin was very unique.

"Extinguish!" Using his Thought power and focusing on a thought, he had the black vortex disappear.

"Dreamification has gotten even stronger!" Zhao Feng had an idea.

At this time, everything before him was ethereal and transparent, as if it was all fake. This allowed Zhao Feng to very easily wipe it all away.

Zhao Feng once more used his Thought power, but his target this time was God King Swallow Devour.

In the past, Dreamification could at most obliterate experts of the same level. It would have very little effect on experts of a higher level. But Zhao Feng wanted to see what would happen now.

An intangible and indescribably mysterious power descended upon God King Swallow Devour. A moment later, God King Swallow Devour sensed that the Divine Power and bloodline energy in his divine body was beginning to disappear.

"No, how can this be?" God King Swallow Devour used all his energy to resist the mystical ability of the Ninth God Eye.

Although he managed to slow down the rate of disappearance, he could not completely stop it.

"It seems like Dreamification really has gotten stronger, and since the Heaven Devouring Race bloodline is somewhat low-level, it can't resist that much." Zhao Feng analyzed the situation before him.

"Then I'll attack and defeat you first!" God King Swallow Devour's face turned savage as he shot forward.


He thrust forward a palm, sending a massive wave of black energy infused with immense devouring power toward Zhao Feng.

"Extinguish!" Zhao Feng focused.

A bizarre energy assailed the wave, and though the wave did not disappear, it was greatly weakened.

Boom! Bang!

The weakened attack was blocked by the Pseudo Ancestral Artifact.

The Heaven Devouring Race was not inherently strong; they primarily relied on devouring the power of others. And God King Swallow Devour's unempowered attack had also been weakened by Dreamification, making it even more mediocre.

Zhao Feng faintly smiled. It seemed like the battle was over.

In terms of speed, he was not one bit slower than God King Swallow Devour, and when it came to defense, he had the Pseudo Ancestral Artifact. God King Swallow Devour was also being constantly weakened by Dreamification. This weakening would not injure him, but the vanishing of these things would damage God King Swallow Devour's foundations.

After trying several more attacks, God King Swallow Devour gave up and called out, "Stop! I concede!"

Under the constant effects of Dreamification, his strength had plunged. If this continued, he would only end up in an even worse situation.

Nearby, the upper echelon members of the Heaven Devouring Sacred Land were all stunned. God King Swallow Devour conceded!

But there was nothing that could be done. The Heaven Devouring Race would be strong when it encountered the strong, as it could devour the energy of others, but alas, God King Swallow Devour could not devour Dream Origin energy. Moreover, Zhao Feng had no flaws when it came to speed or defense, and the Dream God Eye had only gotten stronger after being stimulated by the Heavenly Dao God Eye. God King Swallow Devour could only concede, or else even his foundation would be damaged by Zhao Feng.

After conceding, God King Swallow Devour handed over his Space Ancestral Artifact fragment.

"Still one piece missing!" Heaven Ascendant told Zhao Feng.

It was also getting rather excited. Would Zhao Feng really be able to restore it to its complete form so that it could once more display the power of an Ancestral Artifact?

"Let's return to the Sacred Land to gather more information."

Many experts had gathered in the Life Sacred Land by now. Some of them might know something about the final Space Ancestral Artifact fragment's whereabouts.

Just as Zhao Feng was returning, outside of the Life Sacred Land, nearly ten Heaven's Legacy Race members wearing black robes, accompanied by Liu Qinxin, arrived.

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