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Chapter 1563 - Heavenly Dao Versus Heavenly Dao

The Right Protector's mind shivered in fear, as he could see that Zhao Feng had long ago set his sights on him and was ignoring everyone else. Although he was not skilled in battle, he was still a top-class God King of the Heaven's Legacy Race. However, he also knew that he was no match for Zhao Feng, so he chose to flee.


Zhao Feng waved his hand, instantly creating several dozen Primal Chaos Tribulation Lightning Swords that flew forward.

The Right Protector made no attempt to dodge and simply fled as quickly as possible.

Boom! Bang!

Several swords pierced through his body, but the Right Protector had a Samsara Immortal Body, so his wounds quickly healed.

At the same time, the other warship of the Heaven Defying Faction shifted to a defensive state and moved over to save the Right Protector.

"Stay here, old turtle!" Zhao Feng coldly roared.

The insult had the Right Protector infuriated. As the Right Protector of the Heaven Defying Faction, he had never before been so humiliated. However, the Right Protector managed to maintain his rationality and continued to flee.

But Zhao Feng was much faster than the Right Protector, and there was a tiny moment where the Right Protector had slowed.


Zhao Feng rapidly approached the Right Protector.

"Intrusive Dream!"

His left eye quickly constructed a Dream Dimension. Zhao Feng's left eye began to exude a fatal allure that the Right Protector found hard to guard against, and he slowed down.

"The Intrusive Dream has gotten even stronger!" Zhao Feng was elated.

The power of the Dream God Eye was getting stronger and stronger, and it didn't strengthen just Realization and Dreamification, but the Intrusive Dream as well.

Zhao Feng only planned to disrupt the Right Protector for a few moments, but the power of Intrusive Dream far surpassed his expectations. Unfortunately, it was still not enough to directly draw the Right Protector into the Intrusive Dream.

"Primal Chaos Lightning Eye!" He had his left eye unleash his powerful eye-bloodline technique.


A dark lightning sword brand exploded over the Right Protector's head, sending vast amounts of energy into his body.

The Intrusive Dream had left the Right Protector's mind in a muddled state, allowing the full might of the Primal Chaos Lightning Eye to blast away at his soul and body.

"Primal Chaos Lock!" Zhao Feng released vast amounts of Primal Chaos energy and brought his hands together.

The vast sea of Primal Chaos energy circled around the Right Protector, intent on engulfing him.

At this moment, the Right Protector came back to his senses.


He threw out several pieces of metal that gleamed with mysterious Heaven's Legacy words and radiated powerful energy.

"An array?" Zhao Feng focused his left eye, his Dream Origin energy circulating as he activated his Realization ability.

One of the metal pieces disappeared. Zhao Feng was capable of easily wiping out a small object like this that did not inherently possess much power.

"What?" The Right Protector was stunned.

The metal instruments he just threw out were tools for activating an array, but before they could completely activate, Zhao Feng made one of them vanish with a single glance. The array naturally could not fully activate now.

"Primal Chaos Lightning Eye!" Zhao Feng fired off another eye-bloodline technique from his left eye.

At the same time, the Primal Chaos Lock activated.

"Ah …!"

By the time the Right Protector had recovered from the Primal Chaos Lightning Eye, he was trapped by the Primal Chaos Lock. His strength was now gradually being devoured.

Samsara Immortal Bodies were unkillable, but within the Primal Chaos Lock, they were powerless.

The Primal Chaos Lock was constantly devouring the energy of its prisoner. While the Right Protector could heal any damage done to his body, he could not recover his lost energy.

"Intrusive Dream!" Zhao Feng once more used this move. The weak Right Protector didn't last long before he was drawn into the Dream Dimension.

"Where... where is this?" The Right Protector inspected his surroundings in confusion.

He was clearly in Zhao Feng's Primal Chaos Lock a moment ago. Why was he now here?

At this moment, Zhao Feng appeared before him. However, this Zhao Feng seemed like a majestic and invincible being to the Right Protector.


The area seethed as terrifying energy gathered around the Right Protector.

"How could this be?" The Right Protector was pressed to the ground and rendered incapable of movement, a fact that left him dumbfounded. In this strange dimension, Zhao Feng was incomparably strong, and he was somehow incapable of fighting back.

"Talk! Where is the last Space Ancestral Artifact fragment?" Zhao Feng coldly asked as he constantly squeezed the Right Protector's body with his energy.

In the previous melee, Zhao Feng was constantly running around the battlefield in the hopes of using the reaction from the Pseudo Ancestral Artifact to find the last Space Ancestral Artifact fragment, but he was left disappointed.

"Haha, you'll never find it in this lifetime!" The Right Protector laughed.

"It seems that you still don't understand your situation." Zhao Feng's face turned cold. He stretched out a hand and placed it on the Right Protector's head.

The Right Protector knew that Zhao Feng wanted to search his soul, but he suddenly discovered that he couldn't even self-detonate.

A few moments later, Zhao Feng found out the answer, and his face turned cold.

"Hmph!" With a snort, he sent out a supreme energy that exterminated the Right Protector in the Dream Dimension.

In the outside world:

Boom! Bang!

The Right Protector's exploded, leaving behind no trace. In this situation, not even a Samsara Immortal Body could recover.

"What's the situation?" Pseudo Ancestral Artifact Heaven Ascendant couldn't help but ask. It was only missing one piece before it became a complete Ancestral Artifact. How could it not be anxious?

"Destroyed!" Zhao Feng lowered his head and said.

The Heaven Defying Faction was not made of fools. They knew that Zhao Feng would try to repair the Pseudo Ancestral Artifact after obtaining it. Thus, the Heaven Defying Faction had destroyed the Ancestral Artifact fragment in its possession!

On the God battlefield, the Heaven Lord's face turned grim upon seeing the situation down below.

Boom! Bang! Crash!

The Heaven Lord suddenly erupted with an aura that dominated the heavens, endless streams of golden-silver light painting the skies.

"This Ancient Race bloodline is basically like the real thing!" The Death God shivered.

Even if the Heaven Lord did not use the Heavenly Dao God Eye and relied only on the Ancient Race bloodline, the Death God would still be no match.

"Eat this attack!" A head of gold and silver gradually formed between the Heaven Lord's hands, radiating an ancient energy that shook the heavens.

The energy the Heaven Lord had gathered caused the fabric of space itself to tremble.

The God Eye Deities all turned grave upon seeing this. Not even they were sure if they could take this attack.

"Let's use it!" the Divine Punishment God solemnly said.

In one of the white warships, Liu Qinxin had a rather complicated expression. "Once we use this, not even my Destiny God Eye will be able to predict what will happen!"

Up until now, Yu Tianwu and Liu Qinxin had been using Destiny energy to secretly influence the battlefield, but once the God Eyes used their trump card, it would be very difficult to predict how the battle would develop.

"There's nothing to be done. This is the only way to defeat the Heaven Lord!" The Death God's pitch-black eyes were extremely grim.

Their God Eyes had already reached their limits while the Heaven Lord's Heavenly Dao God Eye could still grow. If they did not eliminate him now, when the Heaven Lord next appeared, he would be even stronger.

"If you all agree, then let's do it." Liu Qinxin sighed. Only by taking risks could they win.

"Fury of the Ancients!" the Heaven Lord roared as he pushed his hands forward. The gold and silver head flew forward, opening its mouth and giving its own enraged bellow.

As the Heavenly Dao God Eye activated, the head erupted with flaming hair. A moment later, the head's eyes began to crackle with lightning. A layer of thick rock appeared around the head, and the savage maw began to exude Destruction energy.

"Don't get too ahead of yourself!" The Divine Punishment God's eyes flashed with lightning as immense amounts of Origin energy flowed out.

The other God Eye Deities did the same. They formed spells with their hands, and their God Eye Origin energies began to gather above them, fusing together and creating a turbid cloud of energy.

The energy unleashed caused the entire Fan Universe to tremble in fright, and even the Heavenly Dao God Eye shivered.

"God Eye Fusion Art...!" The Heaven Lord's eyes widened in recognition.

"Tianwu, it was you!" The Heaven Lord grimaced as he gazed at the white warship in the rear.

"Correct. I also know this secret art," Yu Tianwu bluntly replied.

The God Eye Deities were all extremely agitated. They were not sure if gathering their God Eye Origins together would actually summon the supreme Ancestral Eye.

They had been fusing their Origin energies to attack in this battle precisely to prepare for this secret art. After all, Yu Tianwu only told the Gods about this secret art right before the battle, and they had never tried it out. In addition, Liu Qinxin could not take part in this fusion. After all, her Destiny God Eye had not fully recovered; if she joined in, she might adversely affect the fusion.


An ethereal eye appeared in the turbid cloud of energy. A moment later, the Ancient Desolate Realm of Gods and the entire Fan Universe shook, with numerous parts of the universe simply exploding into bits.

"This is the most we can do!" The Divine Punishment God clenched his teeth.

The five God Eyes only performed this art with great difficulty, and each of them felt an immense pressure. And as this was their first time using the art, the fusion was not very stable.

Bzzzzz! Boom!

A gray-white beam of light shot out from that ethereal Heavenly Dao God Eye.

The gold and silver head was caught in the beam, and the various layers of energy around it were shorn away. In the end, even that Ancient Race energy began to fade away!

"This is the power of the Heavenly Dao Ancestral Eye!" The Heaven Lord was extremely agitated, his three eyes opened wide as he stared at the ethereal eye.


The eye in the center of his forehead pulsed in excitement.

"Seize!" the Heaven Lord bellowed, the Heavenly Dao God Eye madly turning. The eye began to exert an indescribable pull.

These eyes both had the power of the Heavenly Dao, so he could naturally use his eye to absorb the power of the other.


As this was the first time the five Gods had used his art, they found it difficult to control this power. The Heaven Lord managed to absorb a significant amount of the leaked Heavenly Dao energy.

A look of extreme pleasure appeared on the Heaven Lord's face as he sighed.

One had to realize that he had only become proficient with the Heavenly Dao God Eye over several years of combat. It was naturally difficult for the Gods using the God Eye Fusion Art to control the Heavenly Dao energy of their own Heavenly Dao God Eye. His Heavenly Dao God Eye could use this chance to absorb more energy.

"Hmph!" The five God Eye Deities realized this, but they were slowly beginning to gain control over this power.

Of course, the Heaven Lord's Heavenly Dao God Eye was not the only one to be stimulated by this sight. Down below, Zhao Feng's left eye was pulsing in pain as a vast torrent of Dream Origin energy poured out of his God Eye Dimension.

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