Learning to Love Again
134 Conquering Two Hearts
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Learning to Love Again
Author :_moonlight
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134 Conquering Two Hearts

'Such a bastard!'

"Get out of here you pervert!" Su Lian throws her pillow at his head but he catches it.

"How can you bathe yourself when you're sick? I'm offering to do something so selfless but I'm getting abused by you instead."

"I'm not even that sick, you can leave now."

Han Yuan rubs her head. "Alright, I'll leave." He gets up and straightens out his clothes. "If you change your mind, I'll be back in a flash."

Su Lian cheeks turn bright red, as he walks out the door. She kind of feels sad that he's gone.

If he actually bathed her would they...

When they were still together four years ago, they had made love in the shower before.

"Arghh!" Su Lian slaps her cheeks with both her hands.

'What the hell is wrong with me? Why am I thinking like this?'

'Han Yuan is taboo.'

'He's a heartless, cheating scum and nothing more.'

Su Lian keeps on repeating these words but they're no use. Her mind is telling her one thing but her heart is saying another.


"Miss, I have information about the boy you asked about last night." The driver says respectfully.

"His name is Su Qiong. He is a freshman at the university. He's very smart and got in on a partial scholarship."

"Interesting." Wang Zhi nods her head. "What about his family? Is he in a relationship?"

"He doesn't have a big family. Only an older sister and no, he doesn't have a girlfriend either." The driver waits for a minute before asking. "Would you like us to go bring him or his sister?"

As Wang Zhi's driver, he was used to these things. If Wang Zhi couldn't lure a man into bed using her money, she would use her influence to crush them instead.

There was one time she had the young man she caught a fancy too arrested until he agreed to sleep with her.

Another time she abducted the younger siblings of a poor boy until he gave in.

She had gotten another one's father fired and blacklisted another one's girlfriend.

The bottom line is that she will use any means to get what she wants.

"No." Wang Zhi smiles brightly. "I want to take my sweet time with him."

Su Qiong interests her.

Not only is he extremely beautiful, but he's also different.

No man had ever rejected her so straightforwardly. The few men who she had to threaten because they refused her all had legitimate reasons. It was either they had girlfriends or they heard rumors about her and were scared of what she would do to them.

But Su Qiong rejected her just like that.

She dismissed the driver and began to formulate plans for how she will dominate this new piece of fresh meat.

While daydreaming, she didn't notice her mother walk in.

Madam Wang: "Zhi'er I've thought of a way to make Han Yuan yours. It's risky, but if we can pull it off, you'll become the future Mrs. Han and no one will be able to say anything."

Wang Zhi's eyes brighten. "Really? How?"

"You'll drug him and get him to sleep with you, then get pregnant. If you can't get pregnant from him, we'll try someone else. Once he believes, you can have a miscarriage."

Wang Zhi frowns at her mother's amateurish schemes. She has tried drugging Han Yuan several times and they've all ended up in failure. She is sure that he will be very wary of her so her mother's plan is useless.

Even the one time she was framed four years ago didn't produce any results. She had assumed that he was impotent, but now knowing he has a son, it proves that it isn't the case.

Maybe he just didn't find her attractive.

"Mom, that won't work. We need something else." Wang Zhi immediately shuts Ms. Wang's suggestion down.

Madam Wang gets disappointed, but she recovers quickly and whispers something into her daughter's ear.

After hearing her mother's idea, Wang Zhi's smiles and nods her head vigorously. "That's perfect, mom. Why didn't I think of this myself?"

Madam Wang smiles smugly. "That's how I got your father. I'm sure it will work for you too."
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    《Learning to Love Again》