Return Legend of Ling Tian Home

Author:Fengling Tianxia



UpdateTime:12-11-2018 18:08

Updates:Chapter 560: Divine Black Negative Meridians

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Ever met someone who started cultivating from his mother’s womb? He does not care for his image, willing to take all steps necessary to ensure his plans succeed! Watch Ling Tian, martial arts genius, who crossed from the modern world to the ancient times, bringing with him all his memories from his past self! A person with high comprehension talent, blessed with the gift of eloquence as well as a burning desire to be the best! Join us as we follow Ling Tian’s adventures in this new world has appeared in! Watch as he plays with the politics of the court and of the Great Families, and how he finds his allies which will help him to conquer this world! 凌天传说

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