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Legendary Gamers | Natsu
Author :FakeFriend
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1 Natsu

It looked like this wasn't my lucky day. Even if I knew that ever since I woke up. I was used to my bad luck; it had follow me throughout my whole life. I didn't go through some big tragedy or something like that, no, there were just smaller and a lot more annoying things happening to me every singled ay, like dropping a carton of eggs in the middle of the street and make them all shatter, accidentally calling a teacher 'mum' or sneezing in the face of the guy who was my secret crush.

I had so much bad luck that the people I went to school with… I didn't even know most of their names and I managed to earn myself the name of unlucky Natsu… Just kidding! That would be a lot better than what they actually called me. They usually called me 'hobo-Natsu' because of the way I normally looked.

"Hey, you're a girl!" a guy suddenly spoke up from behind me, making me stop leaning from one leg to another and blowing hot air in my hands. I turned around and looked at him, a frown slowly appearing on my face. Just seeing the way he was starting at me instantly annoyed me. That probably wasn't a very good thing, because my mother always kept telling me that I had to give people a chance before deciding that I didn't like them. Yes, I always had a very complicated relationship with society. Okay, maybe I was exaggerating. I usually just didn't like people in general. Especially not the ones who gave me looks like this dude that didn't even look so cool himself, standing there with his messy brown hair and pale brown eyes, hidden behind a pair of nerdy glasses.

"So? What exactly are you trying to say with this?" I slowly asked, as if I was kind of expecting something like that to happen soon. It was the 16th of January and probably around four in the morning. Everyone would that that it was just another day, but the truth was that it wasn't it was very special for the gamers around Japan, and that made it important to me too, considering that I was one of them myself. The NOA Company, a group of the biggest geniuses in the wold, specialising in creating video games managed to create something amazing a few months ago. At least that was what they told us, but it was enough to spark the attention of people like me. I had been waiting and going crazy for months for this day, the 16th of January in the year 2149. Today they were going to release their new video game, supposedly something that we've never seen before. The VRMMORPG Kingdom of Battles.

They said that it was going to be different from the role-playing games that we usually played. We didn't know how, considering they didn't give us any other details, but we were anxious to find out. The NOA Company was famous; they were the creators of a few of the best video games in the whole world. For the past three years they have not released anything new. Everyone had been wondering what they were doing; I was praying to all the gods they they were still working and they weren't planning to close, because I loved their games. This was when we found out that they were busy creating something new.

I was panicking ever since last week when I heard that they were only going to sell 50,000 copies of the Kingdom Of Battles all around Japan. I knew that there would be enough of them if only games like me would buy it, but other people starting getting interested in it. And because I just had to get a copy of the game, I created a plan to make sure I wasn't going to go without it. My dad teased me that my plan almost resembled the complicated battle ideas that our army had. He used to say that I was only buying a video game, not going to war. Sure, to him it seemed funny, but in reality he had no idea how brutal gamers could become on big sales like the one of the Kingdom of Battles. And this is not even an exaggeration.

The problem here was that my lovely mother had already ruined all the carefully planned details this morning, when I was already about to leaving the house, thinking nothing would trouble me. It seemed that Ayaka Miketsukami didn't like me for some reason. My lovely mother thought that it was more important for me to go shopping with her from early morning to late at night than standing in line in front of my favourite store with video games.

Don't misunderstand. I liked my mother and everything, but sometimes she just annoys the hell out of me. Like today, when she was dragging me from one store to another for hours, trying to make me buy something else other than loose T-shirts, ripped jeans and woollen shaped hates in the shape of animals. I knew that she only meant good with that, sometimes she was really worried about me, the number of friends that I had and the number of hours I spent on my computer. She still didn't get used to the fact that I was just an unusual girl, different from the normal. 'Unique'.

My father always supported all of my weirdness, mostly because he was just as bad himself. The truth was that if you put us all together you could easily see just how weird we actually were. It wouldn't surprise me if people would actually start calling us the 'strange Miketsukamis'. Even if there were a few times when I was walking through the neighbourhood, coming back from school and a similar thing happened. Kids had the habit to get really interested in me because of my woollen hats, which was why they always tried to talk to me. And when they did a mother usually instantly sprinting from around a corner, yelling to her child to stay away from the youngest one of 'that' family. My mother, Ayaka Miketsukami worked in a cosmetics store where she sold fancy perfumes and similar things I really didn't care about to rich old ladies. She was a big perfectionist that always wanted everything to be perfect.

Then there was my father, Miharu Miketsukami. The kids in my neighbourhood and most of the other people in Tokio that knew him avoided him, because he was a strange man that wrote plots for mangas for a living. And no, those weren't the normal managas like the famous ones that later got turned in to anime. He wrote the ecchi style that usually wasn't recommended for kids. Maybe the reason that I turned out this messed up was because my dad always wanted to read me one of his manga before I went to sleep, instead of a normal fairy tale.
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