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This reverence came from the depth of his heart. There was no way to feign those bright and clear eyes.

That gaze was indubitably the gaze that one directs at someone whom he was impressed with. There wasn’t the slightest impurity in his gaze.

With a single look, Elder Mo Xiang knew that Liu Yang truly revered this Zhang laoshi, and that it wasn’t a fault with the crystal!

“Shut up!” Knowing this, Elder Mo’s face darkened. Cold intent exuded from his glare, “The Will Inquisition Crystal tests one’s heart, forcing them to make the most correct decision in their opinion. Never has a problem occurred with it, and it is impossible for it to malfunction! If you continue on with this nonsense, I will throw you both out!”


Seeing Elder Mo so angry, Shang Bin and Cao Xiong went mute, not daring to say a single word more.

“You… How did you do it?”

Upon seeing this result, Shen Bi Ru covered her mouth in shock, unable to believe that such a result was possible.

A trust level of 64, even the star teachers of Hongtian Academy who had led their students for several years couldn’t possibly obtain such results.

From yesterday, this young man had been bringing her countless surprises. She didn’t expect that the surprise today would be even greater!

[No wonder he is fearless. Looks like he has already known that he would win!]

“Since I have won, should we carry out the terms we had agreed on, stripping Cao laoshi of his teaching license and lashing him with a hundred God Slaying Flogs?” Zhang Xuan looked over.

[Since he started the affair, then he should have realized that the same could happen to him as well!

I am a transcender from the modern civilization with a gift pack, do you think that I will allow an ancient person like you bully me?]


Elder Shang Chen was in a dilemma.

He had intended to help his grandson vent his anger, yet… Not only did he fail to vent his anger, he was slapped in the face once more. With an awkward expression, he was at a loss of what he should do.

“Let’s not let things go too far. Zhang laoshi, since you have won, let’s just let this matter drop!”

After a moment, Elder Shang Chen said.

“Let this matter drop? If I was the one who lost, Elder Shang Chen probably won’t be saying such words!” Zhang Xuan frowned.

If he was the one who lost today, it was within expectations that the Education Bureau would pursue this matter to no end. It would be impossible for him to not be expelled!

Yet, now that he has won, he actually wanted to try to settle this with just a few words… What kind of joke was this!

“Audacious!” Elder Shang Chen’s face darkened. “Mind your identity! You are just a lowly low-level teacher who managed to stumble upon some luck that allowed your student’s trust towards you to grow rapidly. This is just a one-time exception, is there anything about it to be gleeful about? If you are truly capable, then raise their cultivation realms before we talk about this matter! You have only earned the trust of a single individual, what significance can this hold?”

“That’s right! This Zhang Xuan is born with the innate ability to deceive others, so what if the trust level towards him is high! If I’m not wrong, the reason why the student he had taught previously went berserk is because he had trusted him too much, that’s why he was deceived, causing him to regret his entire life!”

Hearing the chastise, Cao Xiong laoshi quickly reacted and pushed on.

[Trust level is just a criterion to evaluate a teacher’s standards. It isn’t reflective of their true abilities.

There is only one way to prove a teacher’s capabilities. That is… to make their student’s strength grow rapidly!

So what if your student trusts you as though you are their parents?

If you don’t have the ability to guide them along, you still aren’t a qualified teacher!]

“Berserk?” Elder Mo frowned.

“Elder Mo might not have heard of it, but this Zhang Xuan has once caused the cultivation of his student to go berserk! Due to this incident, all of his students fled from him. That’s also the reason why his Teacher Qualification Examination ended with zero marks!” Cao Xiong said with a savage expression. “I suspect that the reason why Liu Yang trusts him so much is because he used some special deception methods. Otherwise, how can a fellow who has scored zero in the Teacher Qualification Examination raise the trust level of a student to be above 60 in just two short days?”


It wasn’t impossible for the words that they speak of to be true.

In the past, there was a teacher that used a special method to delude a student so as to take the examination to become a master teacher. The method he used is similar to hypnotism, causing even the subconsciousness of the student to think that he was worthy of trust!

However, these methods were limited by time. After the duration ends, the student’s psyche would be severely damaged!

Could it be that… this Zhang Xuan had used a method similar to that?

If that’s truly the case, it would mean that he didn’t care about the safety of his students at all. Not only was he an unqualified teacher, he would be a criminal as well!

“A teacher should concentrate mainly on nurturing others. If one were to win the trust of his students, yet not possessing the relevant knowledge to impart to them, his students will only be misguided, causing an even greater catastrophe! That’s precisely the reason why no one in or out of the academy trusts him, and why he is unable to recruit many students! His results this term are better than the previous one, but even so, he had only recruited five students!”

Shang Bin interrupted the conversation contemptuously.

“Only recruited five students? That number is indeed a little low…” Elder Mo nodded his head.

“Regardless of the number of students I have recruited, and whether I am able to teach my students well or not, this is the Enlightenment Will Tower, and my student and I are here to participate in the Enlightenment Will Trial. We have already come to an agreement on the stakes beforehand. Now that I have won, do you all intend to go back on your words?” Zhang Xuan said.

[There’s no use rambling on about those useless things, the other party is clearly trying to divert the topic after their loss.]

“Audacious! How can a teacher’s teaching license be revoked so easily because of a gamble? Aren’t you taking this too lightly? Ever since Cao Xiong laoshi joined our academy last year, he has been working diligently. He has nurtured a Fighter 2-dan intermediate stage and innumerable talents joining our ranks had identified him as the teacher they want to acknowledge. He has brought glory and honor to our academy! What about you? You are the only person to have scored a zero in the Teacher Qualification Examination in the hundred years of history of Hongtian Academy, what rights do you have to be spouting nonsense here?”

Elder Shang Chen flung his sleeves and said, “Alright, let’s just end the matter like that! We will talk about it when you are able to cultivate a student to Fighter 2-dan intermediate stage and when more students are willing to acknowledge you as their teachers!”

“Elder Shang…”

Shen Bi Ru raised her eyebrows.

Initially, she didn’t intend to say anything, but never did she expect that an elder would actually help Cao Xiong laoshi cheat. Fury raged in her heart.

[They shouldn’t have made this gamble if they were afraid to carry out the punishment!

They were the one who proposed the gamble, and yet now, they are trying to push away the consequences upon losing. Aren’t they being too shameless!]

“Shen laoshi, my grandfather is right. No matter what, Cao Xiong is a respectable teacher of our academy. It is making a big fuss to have him expelled over such a minute affair! Besides, firing such a talent is a loss to our academy…”

Shang Bin said with a bright smile.

“You… You are being unreasonable!” Shen Bi Ru’s face flushed red. “Just like what Zhang Xuan said, if he had lost, will you all let him off just like that?”

“What does he count as? Can he be compared with Cao Xiong laoshi? Can he nurture a Fighter 2-dan student? Can he attract countless students to the academy through his reputation…”

Shang Bin sneered coldly.

Dong dong dong!

Before he could finish his words, knocking sounds echoed from outside the hall.

“Is there anything?”

Elder Shang Chen frowned. Following which, Zhou laoshi, the teacher on duty today, pushed the door open and walked in.

“Elder Shang, there are people outside seeking an audience. They claim to be… Clan Head Wang Hong and elders of the Wang Clan of Tianxuan Royal City!”

The teacher said.

“Clan Head Wang Hong? Hurry up and invite him in!”

Upon hearing that Clan Head Wang Hong had come personally, Elder Shang Chen stood up abruptly, his eyes twinkling with enthusiasm.

The powers in Tianxuan Royal City were complicated. To become one of the Four Great Clans and remain standing even after a hundred years, their accumulation through the ages and strength was one to behold!

In fact, the standing of Clan Head Wang Hong was in no way inferior to their vice-principal!

For a person of such standing to pay a visit to him along with the elders of his family, just the honor from the act itself was enough to send him into a frenzy. If word were to spread out, it would definitely add a beautiful and powerful stroke to his reputation and qualifications.

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