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Although Fighter 3-dan wasn't considered an advanced cultivation realm, it wasn't a low one either. Despite more than a decade of effort, Sun Qiang was still unable to break through, the difficulty clear to see here.

Initially, Sun Qiang had thought that it would take at least half a day or even a full day of effort. Yet, the old master said that... it was just a matter of minutes?

Brother, do you think that it is eating or drinking?

Sun Qiang felt that his outlook of the world was collapsing and was about to go mad.

That amount of time isn't enough for zhenqi to surge through his body!

"Why? You don't wish to break through?" Seeing his daze, Zhang Xuan frowned.

"No, that's not it... Old master, what do I need to do..."

Suppressing his agitation, Sun Qiang quickly replied.

"Consume the pill first, then use all your strength to propel the zhenqi through your meridians. As for the rest, leave it up to me." Zhang Xuan said.


Those were very simple instructions. Without any hesitation, Sun Qiang took out a pill and swallowed it.

As expected of a pill forged by an official apothecary, it was indeed good stuff. The moment he consumed it, he felt his entire body growing warm and energy surged through his body.

Zhang Xuan approached him, took out a few silver needles and pierced them at several locations where his meridians were blocked.

After his experiences in helping Zhao Yanfeng break through and solving Wang Ying's leg disability, he realized that it was likely that he would need to use them often. As such, he specially prepared and kept a box of silver needles in his storage ring.

In order to locate the blockages, others would need to infuse their zhenqi into the other party's body to probe meticulously. However, Zhang Xuan was different. As long as the other party executed a battle technique, the Library of Heaven's Path would compile a book with all of their flaws in it. All he had to do was to insert the silver needles at the correct location and use his pure zhenqi to clean away the residue.

Zhang Xuan infused his zhenqi into the silver needle. Just as though a clear stream flowing into a murky river, turning the the entire river clear, the zhenqi which had stagnated started to merge into the flow once again.

The accumulated effort that Sun Qiang spent on training over the decade was fearsome. Under the nourishment of the pure zhenqi, the stagnated zhenqi started to circulate through his body once more, causing power in his body to increase explosively. In less than a minute, his zhenqi had already circulated through his entire body once!


He broke through Fighter 3-dan Zhenqi realm immediately. But, the improvement in cultivation realm didn't just stop there; it continued to rise steadily.


Finally, after an unknown period of time, it stopped.

"My cultivation..."

Picking himself up, Sun Qiang examined his strength and a look of disbelief appeared on his face.

He thought that being able to break through Pigu realm would already be an incredible feat. To think that he would reach Pigu realm advanced stage right away!

"Barely... five minutes have passed?"

However, what left him even more surprised was how accurate his old master's words were. It was truly a matter of minutes...

The heck, when did breaking through become such an easy feat?

If it were that easy, why did my cultivation realm remain stuck at the same level for more than a decade? Am I really cultivating or am I eating crap...

Sun Qiang felt as though he was dreaming, and that he was on the verge of fainting.

"Alright, all you have to do afterward is to fortify your cultivation!"

Ignoring Sun Qiang's dazed expression, Zhang Xuan retrieved his silver needles and returned to his seat.

Actually, the reason why the other party broke through so quickly was because of the party’s consistent effort throughout the years, as well as the pure zhenqi Zhang Xuan possessed. It was impossible for it to be as fast if any of the factors weren't present.

The pure zhenqi had dredged up those stagnated zhenqi which he had accumulated from before. It was as though clear water melting cubes of ice; naturally, the volume of water increased significantly. As such, breaking into Fighter 4-dan became an easy task.

Otherwise, if he could help Zhao Ya and the others break through just by using his needles, he wouldn't have to go through so much effort to earn money for the pills.

Of course, more importantly, Zhang Xuan didn't want to leave the impression that they could achieve something without working for it. There was still a long road ahead of them; if they were to cultivate such a mindset, their achievements would definitely be limited.

"Thank you, old master!"

After recovering from his shock, he immediately kneeled to the ground and bowed with great sincerely in gratitude to the old master. He knew that the only reason why he could achieve such a rapid improvement was because of the old master.

If not for him, he wouldn't have been able to receive respect from a figure like Ling Tianyu and enjoy such a grand treatment. He would be stuck in Zhenqi realm for his entire life, never to break through.

He would have never felt the sensation in his body right now!

"I must make sure to work diligently in the future. I must not screw up this opportunity given to me..."

Sun Qiang made up his mind.

"Ling Tianyu should be arriving soon. Go out and welcome him!"

After he was done helping him break through, Zhang Xuan did not dawdle and casually gestured with his hands.


Sun Qiang took his leave.


"Who could the one living in this mansion be? To be able to transform Sun Qiang's status completely, to the point that even Ling Tianyu had to treat him respectfully, addressing him as Brother Sun..."

Outside the mansion, Du Yuan got increasingly confused. Only after a long period of time did he finally understand that it was due to the owner of the mansion that Lord Ling, who was of equal standing to his grandfather, treated Sun Qiang with such respect.

However, he fell into contemplation once more. He couldn't think of any nobles in Tianxuan Royal City that had such standing to make a billionaire wait outside willingly for an entire night, and furthermore, to be so delighted when the gates opened for him.

Jiyaaa! These doubts were running through his mind when the gates opened and Ling Tianyu and Master Cheng Yuan walked out.

"They are leaving just like that? No one... is sending them off?"

Du Yuan blinked his eyes, unable to believe what he saw.

Initially, there was, at the very least, still a butler who came to welcome the two in. But now that they were leaving, there wasn’t any company... No matter how incredible the master was, the butler should have at least walked the guests out!

No matter what, Ling Tianyu was a true billionaire, a person of exceptional standing. Even his grandfather would have to welcome him and walk him out of the hall if he were to visit the Du Clan. Then, his father or the elders would accompany him to the gates as a sign of respect.

Yet, when Ling Tianyu walked out of the mansion, he had to push open the gates personally; even the guards at the doors were putting on such airs...

Who the heck could it be?

Du Yuan was overwhelmed by curiosity.

A moment later, just as he was about to step forward to ask the guards, 'jiyaa!', the gates opened once more. Sun Qiang walked out with his hands by his back.


Upon seeing the acquaintance, Du Yuan decided to step forward for an inquiry, when he staggered out of a sudden. His eyes widened to the point that they were about to pop out of his sockets.

Can anyone tell me what is going on?

Previously, when this fellow came out, he was only Zhenqi realm pinnacle. How is he suddenly in... Pigu realm advanced stage?

It had just been ten minutes or so, and his cultivation realm had improved by an entire realm…

Are my eyes playing tricks on me?

Du Yuan's entire body shuddered.

"Oh? Isn't this Du Yuan gongzi? What kind of wind brought you here?"

Just when he was about to go into a frenzy from the ridiculousness of the situation, he heard Sun Qiang's voice. Lifting his head, he realized that the other party was already standing right before him.

"Oh, I just happened to pass by..." Suppressing the astonishment in his mind, Du Yuan asked prudently. "Weren't you working in the market? Why did you..."

"I'm currently serving as the butler of this residence, following my old master!" Confidence exuded from Sun Qiang's eyes.

Previously, when speaking to the sons of prominent families, he would have to speak prudently, afraid that he might get beaten up for no reason. But now that even Ling Tianyu had to lower his head before him, there was no reason why he should fear a mere junior.

"Your old master is..." Du Yuan asked hurriedly.

"You don't know our old master?"

With his hands behind his back, Sun Qiang lifted his head. Admiration and excitement could be seen on his face.

"Master Teacher Yang Xuan!"

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