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If it were any other 1-star apothecaries, even if they were friends, it was impossible for him to be so generous. However, Zhang Xuan was simply too incredible. He was able to rival all the other apothecaries with his words and regardless of whether it was pill forging, herbs... He was perfect in nearly every single aspect, as though there was no way whatsoever to defeat him in the Pill Debate, leaving everyone speechless in his wake.

Relying on just this ability, he would surely be able to rise to incredible heights if granted sufficient time. This gesture of goodwill was, in a way, an investment for the future.

After keeping the Breath Forging Pills, Zhang Xuan suddenly recalled something and inquired, "Guild Leader Ouyang, do you know anywhere that sells secret manuals on spearmanship?"

Wang Ying had the Body Nourishing Medicinal Solution whereas Liu Yang had the Meridian Rejuvenation Pill. The Unravel Yin Pill and the Colossus Rhinoceros Blood had not arrived, but when Zhao Ya and Yuan Tao consume it and awaken their constitution, their cultivation realm would definitely soar significantly.

Of his five students, he only lacked a solution for Zheng Yang.

Zheng Yang specialized in the way of the spear, and Lu Xun had looked for someone who was even more proficient than him to be his opponent. If he doesn't search for some powerful moves to impart to him, he could possibly become the weakest link.

He had looked through the books in the teacher's Compendium Pavilion and there were some books on battle techniques, but very few relating to spears. That was also the reason why Wang Chao laoshi was so popular. Countless spear practitioners come applying to the academy in admiration of his name.

Since Wang Chao was able to 'give' Mo Xiao to Lu Xun, the two must share an exceptional relationship. In that case, it wasn't a viable option for him to visit him to ask him about the way of the spear. At the same time, he did not know anything about the spear. Thus, he could only ask around to see if there were any secret manuals on spearmanship sold in the capital.

"Secret manuals on spearmanship? You wish to learn the way of the spear?" Guild Leader looked at Zhang Xuan in astonishment.

Apothecaries are highly esteemed in society. Instead of learning pill forging, why are you learning the way of the spear instead?

"Un!" Zhang Xuan nodded his head.

"Spearmanship is relatively uncommon compared to swordsmanship and there are significantly fewer people who learn it. There are even fewer who manage to become masters of the art. I just happen to be acquainted with one. His family heritage is of the spear and his skills are incredibly powerful and profound. He is famous for his spearmanship, even when considering the entire capital!"

Ouyang Cheng stroked his beard and chuckled.

"Oh? Can you bring me to learn from him?" Zhang Xuan's eyes lit up.

"This person is often holed up inside his house, he rarely meets with outsiders and doesn't easily impart his spearmanship to others. However, I am a good friend of his, so perhaps he might sell me this favor!"

Ouyang Cheng said.

"Then I'll be troubling Guild Leader Ouyang for this." Knowing that the other party was trying to strike up connections, Zhang Xuan nodded his head and secretly decided to guide him in his pill forging whenever he gets the chance to.

"Let's go, I'll bring you to meet with this old friend of mine."

Seeing that the other person understood his intent, Ouyang Cheng nodded his head in satisfaction.

After leaving the Apothecary Guild, the two of them walked for nearly an hour before arriving at a residence.

As Ouyang Cheng was good buddies with the master of the residence, the guards did not obstruct his path and they were able to enter the residence smoothly.

"Guild Leader Ouyang, please wait a moment. My old master is still training, he will be out in a moment!"

The butler brought them to a small gazebo and said.

"Un, it'll do for him to look for me after he finishes his training!" Guild Leader Ouyang knew of the other party's habits and gestured with his hand to show that he wasn't bothered by it. Then, he beckoned to Zhang Xuan, "Apothecary Zhang, come and sit!"

"Alright!" Zhang Xuan sat down and surveyed the surroundings.

The courtyard was large and the renovations were simple but elegant, creating a tranquil atmosphere. There were no servants or attendants in sight in the entire courtyard. It seemed like the owner of the residence wasn't an extravagant person.

"My friend is called Wang Chong. We were acquainted over twenty years ago and he had immersed himself in the way of the spear for his entire life. In terms of spearmanship, he is definitely one of the top figures in the entire Tianxuan Kingdom. Emperor Shen Zhui had even once complimented his as spearmanship as peerless."

Sipping on his tea, Ouyang Cheng introduced the owner of the residence.

"Incredible!" Zhang Xuan had always held respect toward those who were able to reach the pinnacle of their occupation.

Regardless of the occupation, to be able to emerge on top of thousands and thousands of people showed their determination and talent.

"Old Ouyang, are you talking bad about me behind my back again?"

Halfway through their conversation, a bright voice sounded. Then, an elderly walked over with widened strides.

Even though he looked fifty or so, his body nevertheless appeared to be brimming with strength, as though he had a boundless supply of energy. He was dressed in a training robe and grabbed a spear in one hand. Just like the butler said, he was probably in the midst of his training and came over without even changing his clothes.

"Talking bad behind your bad? I'm not that bored so as to do so!" Ouyang Cheng stood up smiling.

Judging from their tones, Zhang Xuan could tell that they were close friends.

"That's more like it. How do you have the time to look for me today?" Wang Chong stepped into the gazebo and caught sight of Zhang Xuan. Perplexed, he asked, "Is this your junior?"

"Cough cough!" Ouyang Cheng nearly spat his tea out. An awkward expression appeared on his face.

The heck he is my junior!

I want to fawn over him so that he can guide me with my pill forging. You saying that he is my junior nearly sent all of my efforts down the drain...

Secretly sneaking Zhang Xuan a glance and confirming that he wasn't angry, he heaved a sigh of relief. Afraid that his old friend would say anything worse, he hurriedly introduced, "Let me introduce you to him. This is the newest 1-star apothecary of our guild, Zhang Xuan!"

"1-star apothecary?"

Wang Chong was surprised for a moment before feeling shocked.

As an old friend of Ouyang Cheng, he knew very well how difficult the apothecary examination was. Seeing how young the other party was, he initially thought that Zhang Xuan was Ouyang Cheng's junior. The thought that he was an official apothecary didn't even occur to him.

It was something inconceivable to him.

Even the butler by the side was astonished.

"Not just so, Apothecary Zhang got promoted through Pill Debate. Singlehandedly, he left ten apothecaries speechless. In the field of pill forging, there isn't a single person in the entire capital who is more knowledgeable than him!"

Ouyang Cheng continued.

"Pill Debate?" Wang Chong was flabbergasted.

Even though he wasn't an apothecary, he had heard of such an examination method from Guild Leader Ouyang's himself. For a fellow who wasn't even twenty years of age to become an apothecary through Pill Debate, even though the fact was lying right before him, he found it difficult to accept.

"Guild Leader Ouyang is being too generous, I just happen to possess a little bit of knowledge. In terms of pill forging, I am still a rookie..."

Zhang Xuan hurriedly said.

He was speaking of the truth. The reason why he was able to succeed in the Pill Debate was because of the Library of Heaven's Path. If he were to really dabble in pill forging, it was likely that he would be unable to forge even the easiest pills.

The three men chatted for awhile longer after that. Zhang Xuan knew that Ouyang Cheng was complimenting him before Wang Chong intentionally to leave a good impression of him on Wang Chong. This way, it would be more likely for the Wang Chong to impart him the way of the spear.

Indeed, after the banter, Ouyang Cheng smiled, "Actually, I have something I need to trouble you with!"

"Oh?" Wang Chong's looked at Ouyang Cheng.

"It's like that. Apothecary Zhang highly appreciates the way of the spear. If Brother Wang has the time, you two can exchange views!"

Ouyang Cheng said.

"Oh? So Apothecary Zhang is a spear expert as well? That's great..."

Hearing those words, Wang Chong's eyes lit up in excitement.

He was a spear fanatic and loved pitting himself against other spear experts. For Zhang Xuan to have become an official apothecary at such a young age, he probably possessed superior talent. How could he not be excited to spar with him?

"I... Cough cough, I have never learned spearmanship before..."

Upon seeing that the other party was determined to duel with him, an awkward look appeared on Zhang Xuan's face.

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