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"That's great!"

Chuckling happily, Yuan Tao received it eagerly and kept it in his embrace.

"We'll be taking our leave then!"

Since Zhang shi wasn't around, there was no point for the Great Herb King and Butler Lu to stay here. Therefore, they bided their farewell and left.

After the duo left, Zheng Yang and the others immediately turned to Yuan Tao.

"What do you want this poison for?"

Poison from the Poison Hall were objects of fear which people normally did not wish to be associated with. Thus, they were unable to comprehend why Yuan Tao would ask for a bottle of it.

"Even though Zhao Ya will duel with that Mu Xueqing once again three days later, I still find it hard to quell the rage I have for Liu laoshi. If I don't get back at him, I won't be able to take it lying!" A savage gleam twinkled in Yuan Tao's eyes.

"You mean that... you wish to use this poison to make him suffer?" Zheng Yang's eyes lit up.

"Indeed! Not only did he break Zhao Ya's sword, he even had us all thrown out. How could he be arrogant? Just because he's stronger than us? I despise this kind of people!"

Yuan Tao gritted his teeth furiously.

He was an orphan and had never feared anyone. Given how vile that Liu laoshi acted, he could not suppress the urge to exact revenge on the other party. Even if he couldn't hurt him, at the very least, he should make him suffer a little for his actions!

"Hehe, I like that idea. Remember to ask me along when the time comes..."

Zheng Yang smiled.

Hearing the scheme of the two, Zhao Ya shook her head.

While she didn't approve of their actions, she didn't try to stop them either.

She didn't think that their actions were right, but in the depths of her heart, she secretly desired to get back at the vile Liu laoshi as well.


Oblivious to the malicious intent harbored by his students to do him in, Zhang Xuan was currently sitting in the classroom, staring speechlessly at the unreasonable Elder Bai.

Not only did this fellow barge in suddenly, he even begged Mu Xueqing to admit him as her student, leaving Zhang Xuan in a bewildered state.

You're a respected elder of the academy, yet why in the world do you want to take my student as your teacher? On top of that, to be so brazen about it... What is this?

"Elder Bai, I really cannot be your teacher... The saber art is a creation of my teacher, and without his consent, I cannot impart it to anyone else. Please understand this!"

It took a great deal of effort before Mu Xueqing managed to persuade Elder Bai to leave. Then, with a reddened face, she walked up to Zhang Xuan, "Teacher, I have brought shame to you!"

"The duel is already over. There's no use blaming yourself for it!" Zhang Xuan shook his head.

He was done in by his students, but when he thought about it, both sides were actually fighting for his honor. In a sense, neither side was wrong.

The only mistake was that they met each other and that neither of them was willing to back down.

"I plead for teacher to guide me so that I can become stronger!"

Seeing that her teacher had no intentions of blaming her, Mu Xueqing felt even more embarrassed. Without any hesitation, she kneeled to the floor with determination glowing in her eyes.

"Become stronger?"

"Un!" Mu Xueqing nodded.

"After comprehending Saber Intent, every single movement with your saber can be considered as saber art. In terms of battle technique, you are superior to even Elder Bai, and I've nothing more to teach you in that aspect. As such, there's only one way for you to grow stronger. That is to... raise your cultivation!"

After contemplating for a moment, Zhang Xuan said.

There were two main methods to raise one's fighting prowess; raising one's cultivation and learning a powerful battle technique.

Having learned Heaven's Path Saber Art and comprehended Saber Intent, Mu Xueqing's mastery of battle technique had already reached a high level. Thus, there was only one way left for her to grow stronger.

"Raise my cultivation? Mu Xueqing's face immediately turned bitter.

If it was that easy to raise a person's cultivation, there wouldn't be so little experts in the world.

This was especially so when one had reached Pixue realm. One had to examine every single acupoint carefully before opening it. As such, the opening of each acupoint often required several weeks of studying. In three days... it was unlikely that she could get significantly stronger.

"If it is anyone else, they might not be able to grow much stronger in just three days. However, you're different!"

Seeing the gloom on the other party's face, Zhang Xuan smiled. "You've consumed pills from young, and even though it had accumulated pill poison in your body, some medicinal energy had also been stored within you. If this medicinal energy can be triggered through some unique method, it won't be difficult for your cultivation to rise swiftly!"

Zhang Xuan said.

On the way here, Zhang Xuan had already thought about how he could raise Mu Xueqing's strength.

Mu Xueqing had been consuming pills from young. Just like fats in the body, a huge reserve of medicinal energy which she was unable to digest had settled inside her body.

If this medicinal energy reserve could be triggered, her cultivation would surely be able to rise swiftly.

"This... teacher... is able to do so?"

Mu Xueqing was taken aback.

Even though her teacher had phrased the matter simply, having come from a family with an apothecary background, she knew the difficulty of the matter.

Needless to say her father, even the guild leader of the Apothecary Guild would be incapable of this feat. The powerful medicinal energy of a pill was somewhat similar to fats whereby there was a limit to how much medicinal energy a human body can absorb each time. After which, the excess would settle down and be stored in parts of the body.

Under normal circumstances, this accumulated energy would slowly dissolve as one's cultivation was raised. However, the process would take several decades.

To trigger the medicinal energy that had settled in her body in just three days to achieve a breakthrough in her cultivation... How was that possible?

"I am capable of it. However, you'll have to prepare some things in advance!"

Zhang Xuan hesitated for a moment.

The medicinal energy would hide in different locations depending on a cultivator's physical constitution and cultivation technique. Thus, it would be impossible for anyone else to locate them and trigger them. However, Zhang Xuan was different. Possessing the Library of Heaven's Path, he could see the locations of these medicinal energy deposits clearly.

After pinpointing them, all he had to do was to trigger them with his pure Heaven's Path zhenqi and transform them into a source for energy to raise Mu Xueqing's cultivation.

However, if so much energy were to be released at once, it would be like the fierce torrents from a floodgate that had been opened. If it was Lu Chong, given his mental fortitude, he would surely be able to tide through the agony. However, the same could not be said about Mu Xueqing.

Being born in a good family that provided her with large amounts of external support, giving her a significant head-start, she wasn’t as motivated as others in her cultivation. Moreover, if she were to fail to endure this torrent of energy, it would be one thing to miss the good opportunity but she might even suffer severe irreparable internal injuries.

Thus, some preparation had to be made beforehand. She would have to nourish and increase her endurance level with some medicinal solution.

"Condition your body and wait for me here. I'll take a short trip to the Apothecary Guild!"

After a short moment of contemplation, Zhang Xuan instructed.

The kind of medicinal solution required was similar to the one he previously gave Wang Ying and only the Apothecary Guild would possess such material.

"The Apothecary Guild? Teacher, why don't I go with you? My father is a 2-star apothecary. He'll surely be able to provide some help with whatever requests you have!" Mu Xueqing added hurriedly.


Hesitating slightly, Zhang Xuan nodded.

The person he was currently impersonating, Liu Cheng, wasn’t an apothecary so it might be inconvenient for him to get what he wanted there. However, with the assistance of an apothecary, he could be spared a lot of trouble.

Exiting the mini tutoring classroom, Zhang Xuan proceeded to guide Meng Tao and the others on their cultivation before checking on Lu Chong's progress. This Lu Chong was truly tenacious in his training. He had already undergone the poison tempering three times. Although the pain he suffered was excruciating, he had managed to hang on, and thus managed to reap rewards that were proportionate to his suffering.

With his current state of cultivation, Lu Chong was in no way inferior to a Tongxuan realm primary stage expert.

It seemed like defeating a Tongxuan real pinnacle expert wouldn’t be a problem as long as he persevered a few more times.

After settling all of these matters, Zhang Xuan, along with Mu Xueqing, headed straight for the Apothecary Guild.

The Apothecary Guild wasn't too far away from the academy, and the duo soon arrived at its entrance in an hour's time.

Tianwu Kingdom's Apothecary Guild was much more imposing and grand than Tianxuan Kingdom's.

Mu Xueqing seemed to have been here often as she maneuvered expertly around the guild to find her father, Apothecary Mu.

"Thank you, Guild Leader Liu, for resolving my daughter's pill poison issue..."

After receiving news that Liu laoshi was here, how could Apothecary Mu remain idle? He immediately rushed forward to welcome him.

He might be a 2-star apothecary, but the person he was facing was the guild leader of the Physician Guild. On top of that, he solved his daughter's problem and imparted her an incredible battle technique. Grateful to the other party, he greeted Zhang Xuan warmly and respectfully.

"My daughter told me that Liu laoshi intends to trigger the medicinal energy accumulated within her body? If there is anything I can be of assistance, feel free to speak!"

After trading some pleasantries, Apothecary Mu dived into the topic at hand.

Previously when his daughter informed him of Liu laoshi's intentions, he was astounded.

As a 2-star apothecary, he knew how challenging this matter was!

If it was anyone else, he would have surely thought that the other party was bragging. However, the person before him was someone capable of even curing pill poison. Perhaps, he could really accomplish this matter that even the guild leader was incapable of.

"I need a medicinal solution that can reinforce and nourish her internals. The higher the tier of the medicinal solution, the better it is!"

After which, Zhang Xuan hesitated for a brief moment before asking, "Also, I hope to access the library of your guild. I hope that you can make an exception for me!"

With the reinforcement and nourishment of the medicinal solution, the potential harm to her body caused by the overwhelming energy would be minimized. This way, the danger of the matter could be reduced.

As for his request to access the library...

Firstly, he hoped to enhance his knowledge of pill forging. Secondly, he wanted to find a method to help Zhao Ya achieve a breakthrough.

Since both parties had agreed on a duel, Zhang Xuan couldn't possibly just help a single side.

Zhao Ya might not have a huge accumulation of medicinal energy in her body, but she was blessed with the Pure Yin Body. Back then, the Unravel Yin Pill that she consumed only awakened her unique constitution by ten percent. If her unique constitution could be awakened by twenty percent, her cultivation would surely soar once more.

However, the prerequisite to the matter was that Zhang Xuan had to find a way to further awaken the Pure Yin Body.

Since he was able to obtain information on the Unravel Yin Pill back in Tianxuan Kingdom, he might be able to find something similar in this guild too.

"Leave the medicinal solution to me! As for the library... Typically speaking, only official apothecaries are allowed to enter. However, Liu laoshi is a formidable physician, and there are many points of similarity between physicians and apothecaries. On top of that, you are helping my daughter to trigger her medicinal energy... I will check back with the guild leader on this matter, and perhaps he might be willing to make an exception!"

After hesitating for a moment, Apothecary Mu said.

Under normal circumstances, a guild's library was only accessible to the members of the occupation. Outsiders had no rights to browse through them.

However, the person before him was the guild leader of the Physician Guild, as well as the teacher of his daughter. Even if it meant flouting the rules, he had to try his best to help him.

"Un!" Zhang Xuan nodded.

Apothecary Mu backed out of the room, and before long, he returned with good news. "The guild leader has agreed to it!"

"Thank you!"

After instructing Mu Xueqing on how she should condition her body, Zhang Xuan nodded and under Apothecary Mu's lead, he headed straight for the library.


A classroom in Tianwu Academy.

"Sun Cheng laoshi, the principal is looking for you!"

Pushing open the classroom doors, a teacher walked in.

"The principal is looking for me?" Sun laoshi asked doubtfully.

"That's right. It seems to be something related to Liu Cheng laoshi!" The other teacher replied.

"Has something happened to him?" Sun laoshi was taken aback.

"It can't be that you haven't heard of it yet..." Noting the confusion in the other party's expression, the other teacher was speechless. How could you remain nonchalant and conduct your lesson calmly with such a huge ruckus outside?

"A fight broke out between Liu laoshi's student and Master Teacher Zhang Xuan's student... Since you entered the academy with Liu laoshi and is familiar with him, the principal wishes for you to talk to him on the academy's behalf!"

The other teacher replied.

"Liu laoshi... and Master Teacher Zhang Xuan?" Sun laoshi was dumbfounded.

If Zhang Xuan was here, he would have definitely recognized this Sun Cheng laoshi. It was the unparalleled genius who was currently taking the 2-star master teacher examination along with him... Mo Hongyi!

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