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Ye Wentian leaped in shock at those words, and cold sweat immediately started trickling down his back.

He might be the emperor of Huanyu Empire, but before the other party, he dared not pull his weight.

Huanyu Empire was only one of the many Tier 2 Empires beneath Hongyuan Tier 1 Empire. If the other party really wanted to replace him with someone else, not even Wei Jiang would be able to help him.

"Pardon me, but may I know the reason behind Your Highness's anger? I might not be talented, but I have worked hard in governing this country… If Your Highness thinks that I might have failed in certain aspects, I'll definitely do my best to correct my flaws so as to not let down Hongyuan Empire's trust in me…" Ye Wentian quickly said.

This Sixth Princess was still fine earlier this morning, why would she be chastising him all of the sudden?

"Humph, to think that there would be hooligans even within the capital…"

Recalling that shameless young man, Princess Fei-er gritted her teeth in anger.

To think that a princess like her would actually lose a bet and become the maid of another, this was truly the greatest humiliation she had ever suffered!

"Hooligan?" Ye Wentian was taken aback.

He thought that the other party was dissatisfied with his governance, but hooligan… what was with that?

What kind of hooligan could possibly provoke this princess like that?

"Indeed. It's a young man in his twenties. Just from that shameless look on his face, one can tell that he's no good person. I met him in the Mystical Treasure Hall!" Princess Fei-er said.

"Mystical Treasure Hall? Alright, I'll send my men to look into the matter right now…"

Knowing that the other party's dissatisfaction didn't originate from a problem in his governance, Ye Wentian heaved a sigh of relief. He hurriedly clasped his fist and bowed. "When I find him, I'll capture him and send him over to Sixth Princess so that you can deal with him as you deem fit!"

"Who wants to deal with him?"

Princess Fei-er stomped her feet in frustration. "Did I tell you to capture him?"


Ye Wentian suddenly felt his head blowing up. He had no idea how to respond to the other party's words.

He had long heard that Princess Fei-er had an eccentric personality, but to think that there would come a day that he would be subjected to it!

He was the emperor of Huanyu Empire, a Transcendent Mortal 8-dan pinnacle expert! To be chastised to his face as though a child, just the thought of him left him light-headed.

But even if someone were to inflate his guts, he would never dare to talk back to the other party.

Putting aside the other party's identity as the Sixth Princess of Hongyuan Empire, just the fact that she was accepted as the direct disciple by the principal already made her a figure that few would dare to offend.

"What I? How can an emperor like you not know his own men?" Flinging her hands, Princess Fei-er harrumphed coldly.

"…" Ye Wentian looked as though he had eaten a bitter gourd.

Huanyu Capital extends for several hundred kilometers, and the population exceeds a hundred million… No matter how formidable I am, I can't possibly know every last one of my citizens!

"Alright!" Seeing the situation turn awkward, Luo Qiqi stepped forward and smiled. "Emperor Wentian, Fei-er just has an eccentric personality, so you need not take this to heart! It's truly nothing much, so you need to worry about it!"

After which, she turned to the lady beside her and sent a telepathic message over. "Didn't you get Ye Qian to look into the matter already? When he finally uncovers that fellow, I'll help you get back at him for you and win you back…"

Princess Fei-er was already an adult, but she still retained some of her childishness. Sometimes, her behavior could really leave one at a loss as to cry or to be mad.

Losing a bet and becoming another's maid wasn't an honorable affair, so you shouldn't be going around telling others about it. Besides, it's your own personal matter, why are you venting your anger on Emperor Wentian instead?


Hearing the promise from her best friend, Princess Fei-er felt her rage subsiding a little. Ignoring the emperor, she puffed up her chest and said, "Let's go to the banquet!"


Luo Qiqi and Xing Yuan hurried forward. Ye Wentian and Wei Jiang glanced at one another and shook their heads together. Afterward, they followed behind the trio to the banquet hall as well.

The Sixth Princess was famous for her eccentric personality. It was fortunate that his son, Ye Qian, didn't have any intention of courting her. Otherwise, he would probably suffer a great deal. Putting everything aside, Xing Yuan had pursued her for many years already, but he was still subjected to the rapid emotional changes of the latter.

As the group over here headed for the banquet hall, the guard at the entrance took a detour, rushed to the banquet hall, and informed Ye Qian of this matter privately.

"Father and Wei shi are here? Sixth Princess, too? Why are they together?"

Taken aback, Ye Qian quickly stood up and announced, "Everyone, Sixth Princess, my father, and Wei shi will be arriving very soon, so let's stand up to welcome them!"

"Sixth Princess is coming?

"I didn't expect Wei shi and His Majesty to be coming here too!"

Upon hearing that the Sixth Princess of Hongyuan Empire and the others were coming, everyone immediately stopped what they were doing and stood up.

Just like the others, Zhang Xuan also got to his feet and turned his gaze to the doors. At that moment, a few figures walked into the hall.

The one leading the way was a lady dressed in a purple dress which accentuated her beautiful figure. Paired with pale, smooth skin, her beauty was indescribable.

"She is the Sixth Princess?"

"How beautiful!"

"I think I'm falling in love with her, what should I do…"

"Falling in love with her? Why don't you take a good look at yourself? With a face swollen like a pig's head, I think you should pray that your appearance won't disgust her instead!"

"Talk about yourself! Your nose is entirely crooked, you aren't anywhere better than me…"

Upon seeing the beautiful lady, the eyes of the master teachers in the room suddenly glowed in excitement.

The Sixth Princess resembled a goddess who had stepped out of a painting, and her presence sent the blood of young men running.

Just that, with the exception of the crown prince and a few others, all of the young men in the banquet hall had been beaten up badly by Zhang Xuan, and the sight of a group of disfigured men staring at one in agitation seemed more like a scene of horror instead.

"Sixth Young Mistress? Sixth Princess?"

Zhang Xuan was also taken aback.

He never thought that the Sixth Princess would actually be the Sixth Young Mistress whom he met at Mystical Treasure Hall.

It was no wonder why she could afford to take out several hundred middle-tier spirit stones in a single go…

On the other hand, as soon as the Sixth Princess and the others entered the banquet hall, they were immediately met with bruised and swollen faces, and this left them confounded.

Shouldn't a banquet involving master teachers be refined and dignified?

Why did all of them look as though they had come from a butchery instead then?

The swelling on their faces were so severe that their eyes could hardly open, and some of them even had an arm sling hanging before their chest… What was going on?

In fact, why were the 5-star master teachers in the room severely wounded as well?

"Sixth Princess, it's him…"

Just as Princess Fei-er was completely baffled by the scene before her, a voice suddenly sounded by her ear. Frowning, she traced the other party's finger, and the sight she saw immediately caused her to stagger.

It was the fellow who nearly angered her to death back at the Mystical Treasure Hall! He was actually here!

The other party was holding a wine glass in his hand casually, creating a leisurely atmosphere around him.

"Qiqi, it's that fellow…"

Gritting her teeth tightly, Princess Fei-er turned to point out her mortal enemy to her close friend, only to be stunned by the sight before her once more.

The eyes of her cold and composed close friend were actually shining in agitation, as though they had caught sight of a treasure chest.

Princess Fei-er was stunned.

Could her close friend be fond of men who were beaten up?

"It's him…"

Amidst her confusion, Luo Qiqi suddenly pointed her finger toward a young man.

"That… Qiqi, I know that he's my enemy, but surely you need not… get so agitated!"

Upon realizing that it wasn't due to some bizarre taste in men, Princess Fei-er became even more speechless.

I was the one who was forced to become the other party's maid. The one who should be getting angry and agitated should be me, right? Then why are you getting so excited all of the sudden?

Perplexed, Princess Fei-er was just about to ask about the matter when her close friend suddenly started charging up to that hateful fellow.

"Qiqi, even if you want to teach him a lesson for my stead, you need to take note of the occasion…"

Princess Fei-er nearly fainted on the spot.

Qiqi has always been a reliable and dependable figure, why would she suddenly get agitated and act so recklessly?

There are so many master teachers in the room. If she were to teach the other party a lesson here, won't the matter of me being the maid of the other party be exposed as well?

Just as Princess Fei-er was about to rush up to stop her, her close friend was already standing right before the hateful fellow. Following which, her close friend clasped her fist and bowed respectfully. "Student Qiqi pays respect to Zhang laoshi!"


All of the words Princess Fei-er wanted to say suddenly jammed in her mouth, and her eyes widened in shock.

What is this situation?

Aren't you going to teach him a lesson in my stead?

Student… Zhang laoshi?

Could it be that… this hateful fellow is that… refined, magnanimous, intelligent, and awe-inspiring young talent you spoke of?

But he is a shameless hooligan, right? Why would he suddenly turn into such an impressive figure in your mouth?

What is with this situation?

Princess Fei-er's face twitched intensely, and she nearly burst into tears.

She was still thinking of having her close friend teach that fellow a lesson, but who knew that the latter would betray her as soon as the both of them met…

Where's your loyalty to your friend? Shouldn't you at least show some hesitation in your betrayal?

On the other hand, the others in the hall petrified instantly.

"The lady who's with Sixth Princess… should be Luo Qiqi Luo shi!"

"The famed ice beauty of the Master Teacher Academy is actually… Zhang shi's student?"

"What's going on?"

Luo Zhao and the others were aware of Luo Qiqi's nickname.

While the latter might be beautiful, she was known for being cold and distant… And yet, she was currently bowing excitedly before a person who was even younger than her, addressing him as teacher…

Did reality really need to be so exaggerated?


Wu Zhen and Xing Yuan's mouths twitched at that sight.

In terms of familiarity, they were relatively closer to Luo Qiqi than the others in the room, and they knew much more than about her as well.

Hongyuan Academy Apothecary School's most talented genius, as well as a cultivator possessing a fighting prowess far above them, she was ranked in the top few amongst Grade 2 students, and her fame far exceeded the Sixth Princess in the academy.

For a proud phoenix like her to actually acknowledge Zhang shi as her teacher…

Are my eyes playing tricks on me, or are the both of them pulling our legs?

"Oh, Little Qi, it's you! Why are you here?"

Zhang Xuan was taken aback to see Little Qi here.

Wasn't this lass at the Apothecary Guild earlier?

But after giving it some thought, he suddenly came to a realization.

The fact she came from the headquarters of the local Apothecary Guild meant that she came from Hongyuan Tier 1 Empire… On top of that, given that she was a master teacher as well, it was highly likely that she was a group with the Sixth Princess and Wu Zhen. It was precisely due to these people that he had to fight over the Cleansing Lake slots that should have belonged to him in the first place.

"Little Qi?"

Dang lang!

The wine glass in Wu Zhen's hand fell to the ground.

The Sixth Princess and Xing Yuan suddenly felt their legs turn weak, and they nearly fell to the ground.

Luo Qiqi nodded before hurriedly introducing her close friend to her teacher.

"I came here with my friends. Teacher, this is Hongyuan Empire's Sixth Princess, Yu Fei-er!"

"Un, I've met her before!"

Zhang Xuan nodded. "I see, so your name is Yu Fei-er… What are you waiting for? Hurry up and pour me a cup of wine!"

"Zhang shi, you do know that she's the Sixth Princess of Hongyuan Empire…" Hearing Zhang shi's words, Ye Qian nearly fainted on the spot.

Ye Wentian also found his vision turning dark.

Even he dared not breathe loudly before the Sixth Princess. What is a 4-star master teacher like you acting so arrogantly for…

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