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"Pu!" Luo Qiqi nearly fainted on the spot.

However, with her sharp wits, she swiftly understood what kind of bizarre thoughts were in her teacher's mind, and a helpless smile appeared on her face.

Her teacher was a person of great capability, but sometimes, his thoughts tended to be eccentric.

"Xuanxuan?" Hu Yaoyao asked, bewildered by the bizarre name she was hearing.

Fearing that the other party might misunderstand his intentions, Luo Qiqi quickly replied, "He is my apothecary teacher, Zhang Xuan!"

"Zhang Xuan? So, you are the freshman who wrecked the business of our student factions?" Hearing that familiar name, Hu Yaoyao suddenly recalled something, and a glint flashed across her eyes.

A chilling smile emerged on her flawless face as she examined the young man before her, determined to see what it was about him that dealt such a heavy blow to the finances of so many student factions at once.

Ever since the establishment of the Master Teacher Academy, there had never been a freshman who had caused such a huge uproar in the academy before, resulting in nearly all of the student factions incurring huge losses.

However, no matter how she looked at the young man before him, he had an honest face and an earnest gaze, completely unlike how the rumors made him out to be. She couldn't help but feel a little surprised.

Hu Yaoyao turned to Luo Qiqi and asked, "You just said that… he is your apothecary teacher? What is going on?"

Just like her, Luo Qiqi was a reputable figure in the academy, famed for both her talent and beauty. In terms of prestige, the other party might be beneath her at the moment, but that was only due to her young age.

She had no doubt that with sufficient time, Luo Qiqi would be able to surpass her.

Thus, she had been keeping tabs on this young lady since shortly after she enrolled at Hongyuan Master Teacher Academy.

Yet, such an outstanding person actually said that Zhang Xuan was her apothecary teacher. This was particularly astonishing.

"Just like I have said, Zhang shi has been guiding me on pill forging," Luo Qiqi replied shortly, choosing not to go into detail. "Since you know where the old residence of Elder Wu Yangzi is, can you tell us where it is? Once we confirm the location, I will compensate you with two Academic Credits."

"I don't want the two Academic Credits!" Since Luo Qiqi was unwilling to explain, Hu Yaoyao also chose not to probe into the relationship between her and Zhang Xuan.

"You don't want them?" Luo Qiqi frowned.

The Succor Tower was basically like a market, a platform for students to liaise with one another and conduct trades. Since the other party had accepted the request, it could only mean that she had acknowledged the reward as well. If so, what did the other party mean by rejecting the reward?

Fiddling with her hair, Hu Yaoyao replied with a smile, "I can tell you where Elder Wu Yangzi's old residence is, but… you have to tell me the reason why you are willing to spend such a heavy price for the information."

It had been two thousand years since Wu Yangzi had disappeared from the face of the world. There had been many people who had inherited his old residence in this period of time, so any treasure left there should have already been swiped clean by others.

Yet, Luo Qiqi was offering two Academic Credits to purchase information about his old residence. It was clear that she was up to something.

"Pardon me, but I can't tell you that!" Luo Qiqi shook her head.

Wu Yangzi was the most famous blacksmith in the history of Hongyuan Empire, so there was no doubt that the treasures he had in his possession would surely be of exceptional value as well.

There might be a few who would attempt to do them harm out of greed if news regarding Wu Yangzi's treasure was to be made known.


Seeing that Luo Qiqi was unwilling to talk about it, Hu Yaoyao said, "If you refuse to say it… it only means to say that our deal is through, and I won't be able to tell you where Elder Wu Yangzi's old residence is located. Let me just tell you this, I am the only one who knows where it is. Even if you were to search through all of the books in the academy, you won't be able to find his old residence without my help!"

Luo Qiqi turned to Zhang Xuan, and upon seeing him shake his head, she said, "I see, but we will still have to turn down your offer if that is the case. We will manage it one way or another."

Following which, she clasped her fist and bowed. "I apologize for wasting your time. We will be taking our leave now!"

After which, she left the gazebo together with Zhang Xuan.

They were determined to find Wu Yangzi's treasure, but even so, they knew that they mustn't let anyone else learn of it. Otherwise, not only would they be unable to obtain the treasure, their lives might even be threatened as well.

"Wait a moment…" Seeing that the other party would rather abandon the deal than speak of their goal, Hu Yaoyao's lips curled up as she said, "Since you are unwilling to speak of it, allow me to change the conditions then!"

Luo Qiqi halted in her footsteps and turned around.

"You should have heard the news by now, right? Zhang Xuan has offended nearly all of the student factions in the academy, including mine. As long as you hand him over to me, I will show you to Wu Yangzi's old residence!" Hu Yaoyao said.

"Hand him over to you?" Luo Qiqi frowned as her face darkened. "Hu Yaoyao, I respect you as a senior, but this is a grave humiliation. You want me to hand my teacher over to you?"

She had already introduced Zhang Xuan as her teacher, but the other party still demanded that she hand him over. This was no different from a direct slap to her face!

As the saying goes, 'A day as one's teacher, a life as one's father!'

If she couldn't even protect her own teacher's dignity, what remaining pride would she have?

Realizing the problem in her words, Hu Yaoyao swiftly apologized. "Ah… I apologize for my inappropriate remark. Even though Zhang Xuan is your teacher, he is a Grade-1 student of the academy as well… I ask of you to pardon my discourtesy."

Teachers were highly respected in the Master Teacher Continent.

Heaven, Earth, Kin, Teacher, Sovereign.

Beneath the heaven and earth, the position of one's teacher was even above that of one's country.

It had been ingrained so deeply into her that Zhang Xuan was a Grade-1 student that she'd accidentally neglected the fact that he was Luo Qiqi's teacher as well. To insult one's teacher before one's face was grossly disrespectful.

To display such blatant discourtesy for another's teacher despite being a master teacher, her reputation would be sullied if this were to be made known to others.

After apologizing, she turned to Zhang Xuan and said, "Zhang shi, since you have come here with Luo Qiqi, you must be interested in locating where Elder Wu Yangzi's old residence is as well… As long as you agree to my conditions, I will tell you where it is. What do you think of it?"

Seeing that the other party had decided to turn her efforts to him instead, Zhang Xuan asked with an earnest smile, "What are your conditions?"

"It's simple. You ruined our Bewitching Devil Faction's opportunity to earn money, so it's only right that you make up for it. As long as you join us and help us earn a hundred thousand middle-tier spirit stones within a year, I will tell you what you want," Hu Yaoyao said with a smile.

"Bewitching Devil Faction?" Zhang Xuan was taken aback. "Is that your faction?"

There were many benefits to having a faction, so most of the top Grade-5 students would choose to create and manage their own factions. Zhang Xuan seemed to recall hearing something about the Bewitching Devil Faction before, and from the looks of it, it seemed to be related to the young lady before him.

Seeing the look of confusion on her teacher's face, Luo Qiqi sent a telepathic message over to fill him in.

"Hu Yaoyao, her name carries the character 'Yao'. At the same time, she possesses bewitching charm… As a result, her faction is also known as the Bewitching Devil Faction!"

"That's right, I am the leader of the Bewitching Devil Faction." Seeing that the other party was ignorant of this, Hu Yaoyao was a little speechless.

To offend so many student factions despite not knowing who their leaders were, this fellow sure was impudent.

"I see."

Coming a realization, Zhang Xuan nodded. Gazing at the seductive young lady whose voluptuous figure could easily hasten a man's breathing, he said calmly, "I am not interested in joining any faction… As for earning a hundred thousand middle-tier spirit stones, I don't even have that sum myself, so how could I possibly earn that for you? Choose another condition!"

He was the type of person who would never allow himself to be placed in a disadvantageous position, and yet the other party wanted him to pay? That was a good joke!

"Change another condition? Sure!" Hu Yaoyao stretched her back lazily, accentuating the beautiful curves on her body. "Serve as my servant for a year, and I will forgive you for crossing my Bewitching Devil Faction. At the same time, I can tell you where Wu Yangzi's old residence is as well."

"Servant?" Zhang Xuan was speechless. That lady was truly going further and further.

Shaking his head, he replied, "I wouldn't even accept you as my maid, and you want me to be your servant? You sure have a vivid imagination…"

Zhang Xuan meant those words. In his opinion, the only thing that was commendable about the other party was her beauty, but even that paled far in the face of Luo Ruoxin.

He wouldn't even be interested to have her serve as his servant, and yet she wanted him as her servant? Dream on!

Hearing the arrogant words from the young man before her, Hu Yaoyao's face reddened in fury, and she snapped, "Then there's no way our negotiation can go on… I wish you luck in your endeavor then!"

Born with both talent and beauty, she was a prideful person. She had always been respected and admired by others, and she'd thought that she was already doing the other party a favor by offering to take him in as her servant. Yet, that fellow turned her down so haughtily.

He would regret his decision.

After saying that piece, she turned around, and with a step, she soared into the distance.

Exerting her strength as a Transcendent Mortal 9-dan Chrysalis realm expert, she swiftly disappeared from the view of the duo.

In truth, the Bewitching Devil Faction was one of the larger student factions in the Master Teacher Academy. As its leader, she had no lack of Academic Credits or spirit stones.

The reason she wanted Zhang Xuan to join them or to serve as her servant was because he had embarrassed all of the seniors with his previous deed. If she could make him submit to her, her reputation would surely soar amidst the student populace.

However, that fellow didn't know what was good for him.

Since the other party had already rejected her so bluntly, there was no room for negotiation.

After Hu Yaoyao left, Luo Qiqi turned to Zhang Xuan and said, "She is the leader of the Bewitching Devil Faction, and I heard that she spent a great deal of effort compiling the information in the Teacher Information Documentation. Yet, her effort ended up in vain, so it's inevitable that she carries some hostility toward you… She was intentionally trying to humiliate you, so there is no need to take it to heart…"

"Don't worry, I won't." Zhang Xuan smiled. "But with this, we have reached an impasse. Alright, leave this to me. I will find a way to make her spit out the location of Elder Wu Yangzi's old residence obediently!"

"Leave it to you?" Luo Qiqi frowned. "Hu Yaoyao is an extremely prideful and cunning person. It won't be easy to make her speak…"

In the past, there had been a handful of people who had attempted to do in Hu Yaoyao, and all of them had ended up paying a heavy price for their actions.

Even with her teacher's capability, it wouldn't be easy for him to make Hu Yaoyao reveal the location of Elder Wu Yangzi's old residence.

"Don't worry, wait for me at my residence in the Elite Sector. I will be back very soon!" Zhang Xuan instructed with a smile before he activated the Eye of Insight and followed Hu Yaoyao's trail.

In any case, he was already in a hostile relationship with the Bewitching Devil Faction. There was no way he could mend the relationship anymore, so perhaps he could attempt another method instead.

"Teacher…" Seeing Zhang Xuan pursue Hu Yaoyao, Luo Qiqi froze for a moment before yelling, "Senior Yaoyao is a student of the Terpsichore School… She specializes in soul attacks, so you must be careful!"

However, Zhang Xuan's figure had already disappeared amidst the night sky. Perhaps, he hadn't heard her words at all.This is a phrase saying that even if a person has only spent a day as their teacher, they should treat him with as much respect as their own father for life.This is a slightly tweaked Confucian saying. The original is Heaven, Earth, Sovereign, Kin, Teacher, and this denotes the various figures whom Confucians should pay respect to, with the order denoting the level of significance.Bewitching Devil Faction is "Yao Nie" Faction in Chinese, which is a phrase to describe women who are so beautiful that they can bring downfall to an empire.

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