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What he was going to take was the master teacher examination, how did 'Empire Building' come into the picture?

Master teacher examinations were centered around nurturing and guiding others, it shouldn't have anything to do with governance or anything of the sort.

Noticing Zhang Xuan's doubts, School Head Mo asked with a smile, "Principal Zhang, based on your journey here from Tianxuan Kingdom, what do you think the greatest difference between a kingdom and an empire is?"

"Difference?" Zhang Xuan frowned. He contemplated for a moment before replying, "The tier of the local Master Teacher Pavilions!"

Conferred Empire, Tier-1 Empire, Tier-2 Empire, Conferred Kingdom, Tier-1 Kingdom, Tier-2 Kingdom… The main difference between nations of differing classifications was their national strength.

And the biggest contributing factor to the difference in national strength was the Master Teacher Pavilion!

Master teachers nurtured the cultivators in the region they resided in, and the more capable a master teacher was, the stronger the students they taught would be. A capable master teacher could easily cause growth in a nation's power through their teachings.

Putting everything aside, if Tianxuan Kingdom had a 6-star master teacher, the entire kingdom would surely undergo overwhelming changes, and it would only be a matter of time before it became a Tier-1 Empire.

The chain effects that could be brought about by a powerful Master Teacher Pavilion were also significant. Not only would the locals grow stronger, it would also draw in experts to join the ranks of the nation.

At the same time, it would also attract the other occupations to establish a branch in the area as well, such as a Beast Hall, Apothecary Guild, Blacksmith Guild… These occupation guilds would provide the resources required for the nurturing of experts. With all of these in place, it would be difficult for a nation to not become strong!

Tianxuan Kingdom was only an Unranked Kingdom, but if it had a Master Teacher Pavilion in it, it could have been easily promoted to a Tier-2 Kingdom.

"Indeed, it's the tier of the local Master Teacher Pavilion!" School Head Mo nodded. "The higher the tier of the local Master Teacher Pavilion, the greater the nation's potential for growth. This can be said to be an unsaid truth in the Master Teacher Continent. Rather than say that Master Teacher Pavilions were built in kingdoms and empires, it would be more accurate to say that kingdoms and empires were built around Master Teacher Pavilions! Just take Hongyuan Empire for example, the main reason it has been able to withstand the trial of time, even though the surrounding empires have gone through numerous dynasties, is because there is a Master Teacher Academy here!"

Zhang Xuan nodded in agreement.

Even though a Master Teacher Pavilion didn't necessarily dictate the prosperity and decline of a nation, one thing was for sure—wherever a Master Teacher Pavilion existed, experts would gather, and enemies dared not invade.

Seeing that Zhang Xuan had understood what he was driving at, School Head Mo continued.

"Ordinary master teachers taking the 6-star master teacher examination will be evaluated based on their individual actions and accomplishments, but you aren't an ordinary master teacher. You are the principal of the Master Teacher Academy. You are no longer an individual but the symbol of our entire academy.

"For Empire Building, the examinee is to choose a Conferred Kingdom, and through his prowess as an individual, he is to rebuild the local Master Teacher Pavilion and successfully raise the nation to become an empire! This is a test that assesses not only one's capability as an individual but one's grasp of an entire situation as well. It is an extremely difficult test!"

"I see…" Zhang Xuan's lips began twitching uncontrollably. Turning to School Head Mo, he muttered hesitantly, "This… Is it too late for me to turn down the position as the academy's principal?"

"…" School Head Mo.

"If I had known that it would be so troublesome, I never would have agreed to it," Zhang Xuan complained grudgingly.

He only agreed to the position because he was told he would be granted access to all of the books in the academy. On top of that, with School Head Mo and School Head Zhao around, he thought that he wouldn't have to bother with most miscellaneous affairs regarding the academy as well.

Who would have thought that not only would the inauguration ceremony be so troublesome, he would even have a face a higher level of difficulty for his 6-star master teacher examination… If he had known in advance, he never would have accepted such a troublesome role!

He would have chosen to remain an ordinary master teacher, take an ordinary 6-star master teacher examination, achieve a breakthrough to Saint realm ordinarily, and turn around and leave… But this… he was now trapped on the darned ship known as the Master Teacher Academy!

Truly, a single mistake leads to a regret of a lifetime!

Zhang Xuan could only sigh endlessly.

"Cough cough!" Choking on his saliva, School Head Mo turned to Zhang Xuan with a look of speechlessness. "Even though your 6-star master teacher examination will be harder than anyone else, clearing it will strengthen your foundation more than the others, thus making it easier for you to be promoted subsequently. This is also the reason why most talented master teachers opt to take on the more difficult examinations as well. Not only will it temper them, it will also help pave a way ahead of them."

If anyone else was nominated to become the principal, they would surely be so overwhelmed by delight that they could spend multiple days celebrating. Yet, Principal Zhang was even complaining about it grudgingly…

If Lu Feng were to learn of your response, would he just spurt a mouthful of blood and die on the spot?

Lu Feng put so much into claiming the principal's seat, only for his efforts to end in futility. On the other hand, the position landed in your lap so easily, and yet, you are still so reluctant about it…

"What do you mean by 'it makes it easier for me to be promoted subsequently'?"

"Oh, it means that as long as you clear the Empire Building test, you will be able to apply for the 7-star master teacher emblem just by meeting the three fundamental prerequisites. You won't have to undergo the 7-star master teacher examination!" School Head Mo explained.

"In other words, as long as you clear this test, you will receive a free pass to becoming a 7-star master teacher! All you will have to do then is to raise your cultivation, temper your Soul Depth, and practice your supporting occupations!"

"There's actually such a good thing in the world?" Hearing that, the slightly frustrated Zhang Xuan's eyes suddenly lit up.

Every master teacher examination consisted of extremely troublesome procedures, filled with many rules and restrictions. If he could get a free pass to becoming a 7-star master teacher by clearing this test, it would definitely be worth the additional effort!

"Indeed!" School Head Mo nodded.

But one thing School Head Mo had neglected to tell Zhang Xuan was that even though the Empire Building test allowed one to skip the 7-star master teacher examination, raising a Conferred Kingdom into an empire was no easy task. On top of that, not only did it have a high requirement on one's eye of discernment, ability to impart knowledge, and reputation, more importantly, it required time!

Raising a Conferred Kingdom into an Unranked Empire didn't just take a couple of experts here and there but a steady foundation that could sustain the prosperity of the nation as well!

But building a steady foundation was bound to take a long period of time. Back then, Principal Mo Liuzhen had also opted to take on this test, and despite his incredible capability, he had still spent three whole years on it!

"Alright, I have decided. I will take on the Empire Building test for my 6-star master teacher examination!" Zhang Xuan nodded affirmatively.

"…" School Head Mo fell silent.

Why did it seem as if their principal seemed to take things too lightly?

This was the most difficult test of the 6-star master teacher examination, and most master teachers would flee as far as they could as soon as they heard of this test. To agree to it without any hesitation, shouldn't he at least consider it for a little longer?

Even if he had made up his mind, he should at least give a troubled frown or something so as to show some respect for the difficulty of the examination!

To agree so quickly, was he truly confident or did he not understand the difficulty of the test?

School Head Mo opened his mouth for a moment before closing it hesitantly and shook his head.

Their principal was always able to accomplish the unbelievable, producing miracles that others thought impossible.

Take the battle against the Cloudmist Ridge for example, he had honestly thought that they were heading there to negotiate with the Ten Indomitable Kings, but who knew that their principal was actually intending to overturn the other party's nest!

Perhaps, the most difficult Empire Building in the eyes of most master teachers could really be nothing at all to him.

Taking a glance at the sky to determine the time, School Head Mo realized that it was about time to begin the final preparations for the inauguration ceremony, so he decided to put the matter aside for the time being. "Principal Zhang, we should head to the academy now. School Head Zhao has worked together with the Celestial Designer School to design a special robe for you. You should head over to see if it fits!"

"There is even a special robe?" Zhang Xuan exclaimed before realization struck him.

As the succeeding principal inaugurating into the Master Teacher Academy, he would surely have to dress up well so as to leave a good impression on the attending crowd. Naturally, an ordinary master teacher robe wouldn't do.

Thus, the duo left the manor and headed for the academy.

The Master Teacher Academy was bustling with people. There were many esteemed guests and powerful experts attending the inauguration ceremony, be it the various clans in Hongyuan City or influential figures from the nearby empires. It sure was a rare festive occasion that one might not even witness once in a century.

In order to avoid unneeded trouble, the duo rode the Inferno Dragon Saint Beast straight to the Elder Hall.

Crowds flowed in and out of the Master Teacher Academy, and the entire place was bustling wherever one's gaze fell on.

Walking along a broad street, a young man asked, "Ruohuan, you are the most well-connected of us. Do you know who the succeeding principal is?"

Standing in front of him was a white-robed young man who held a foldable fan in his hands. That white-robed young man had a dashing appearance reminiscent of a young master from a prestigious clan.

He was Ruohuan gongzi, who had come to the Hongyuan Master Teacher Academy along with Zhang Xuan from the Myriad Kingdom Alliance.

And the one speaking behind him was also an old friend of Zhang Xuan's, one of the founders of the Xuanxuan Faction… Song Chao!

"How would I know?" Ruohuan gongzi shook his head and replied. "The identity of the succeeding principal is a tightly-guarded secret of the academy, so we will probably only learn of it during the inauguration ceremony."

Even though the Xuanxuan Faction had nearly half of the students in the academy as its members, they were still unable to uncover the identity of the succeeding principal.

"Anyone will do as long as it isn't School Head Lu Feng… He has a grudge with our faction leader, and if he becomes the principal, our Xuanxuan Faction won't be too far away from being dissipated!" Song Chao said worriedly.

"Indeed. Let's just hope for the best!" Shaking his head, Ruohuan gongzi sighed deeply.

The next moment, a young man abruptly rushed up to them anxiously and asked, "Ruohuan, do you know where our faction leader is at the moment?"

He was one of the members of the Xuanxuan Faction as well, a Grade-3 student.

"Why are you looking for our faction leader so anxiously?" Ruohuan gongzi asked with a frown.

Honestly speaking, their faction leader sure was irresponsible, leaving the work of managing the faction all to them. In fact, the other party had even disappeared from the academy without any notice a few days ago, and there was no news whatsoever about where the other party was now.

The young man surveyed the surroundings carefully before speaking in a hushed voice. "It's like this. I was on my way to the training grounds to find a seat and await the start of the inauguration ceremony when I suddenly encountered some suspicious-looking fellows. They were asking around for the whereabouts of our faction leader, and it seems like they are up to no good…"

"They are trying to find the whereabouts of our faction leader?" Ruohuan gongzi frowned.

"That's right!" The young man nodded.

Half of the entire academy's populace were members of the Xuanxuan Faction, so it didn't take long for those fellows asking around for Zhang Xuan's whereabouts to catch the attention of its faction members.

"Take me over to take a look!" Ruohuan gongzi instructed before abruptly stopping for a brief moment. "Wait a moment. Call Ying Qin and the others over first!"


The young man rushed off, and in just a few minutes' time, he returned with Ying Qin, Bai Mian, and the others behind him.

"Alright, let's head over to take a look together!" Seeing that everyone was gathered, Ruohuan gongzi gestured for the young man to lead the way.

Not too long later, under the lead of the young man, they found eight peculiarly-dressed fellows walking around the academy. They were scanning their surroundings warily as they moved, stopping passers-by from time to time to ask if they were aware of Zhang Xuan's whereabouts.

But considering how even Ruohuan gongzi had no idea where Zhang Xuan was at the moment, it was natural that those students were even more oblivious to it.

Approaching slowly with their ears pricked up, they soon heard those peculiarly-dressed fellows whispering discreetly among themselves.

"Why isn't there anyone who knows about the location of that Zhang Xuan? Young Master Liu has ordered us to teach that fellow a lesson, and we will be in a great deal of trouble if we mess this matter up. Could that fellow have learned of our plans in advance somehow, and he chose to hide himself out of fright?" a man with a scar on his face said with a conflicted expression.

He had already asked many passers-by, and while all of them seemed to know who Zhang Xuan was, there was not a single person who knew where he was. This had left him extremely troubled.

"They intend to teach our faction leader a lesson? Hah, so they are enemies after all!"

Hearing those words, Ruohuan gongzi, Song Chao, and the others traded gazes and nodded in unison, seemingly coming to an agreement.

To dare to teach their faction leader a lesson, they were truly courting death!

Since that's the case, allow us to show you the prowess of our Xuanxuan Faction!

You had better pray that your hearts are strong enough to not die of fright once you realize who you have just crossed!

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