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"Zhang Xuan? You are a student of Principal Zhang?" Overwhelmed by agitation, Wo Tianqiong's voice sounded a little shrill.

Wu Ran and Shen Pingchao had also stiffened in shock by the turn of events.

Wasn't Principal Zhang only a Half-Saint cultivator himself? Yet, his student was already at Chrysalis realm and… was even capable of rivaling opponents stronger than himself, such that even a Hundred Men Commander of the Combat Master Hall wasn't a match for him?

It was laughable how they had thought that Principal Zhang was only skilled at imparting combat techniques but was unskilled in nurturing a student's zhenqi and physical strength. It was only at this moment that they realized how ridiculous the notion was.

How could a man capable of nurturing such a talented student possibly be simple?

"It's no wonder he was able to solve the problem left behind by Kong shi. It seems like Principal Zhang is not only capable in his supporting occupations but combat as well," Wu Ran remarked.

Based on what he had seen previously, he also wouldn't be a match for Zheng Yang had the both of them been at the same cultivation realm.

Since even the student was so formidable, wouldn't the teacher be even more powerful?

Zhuo Qingfeng also had the same thoughts in mind, and he couldn't help but ask, "If that's the case, does that mean that Principal Zhang is even stronger than you?"

"Compared to my teacher, I am like the light of a firefly against the blazing sun, a raindrop before the vast ocean… Truly not worth a mention at all!"

Speaking of his teacher, Zheng Yang's expression immediately turned respectful. "My only dream in my life is to attain a ten thousandth of the greatness of my teacher, and I will be satisfied."

"T-this…" Zhuo Qingfeng's body stiffened.

If even a person of the young man's caliber hadn't even reached a ten thousandth of Principal Zhang's capability… just how powerful was Principal Zhang?

"Are you willing to join our Combat Master Hall to become a combat master?" Zhuo Qingfeng asked.

Hearing those words, Zheng Yang shook his head. "I am not a master teacher, how can I become a combat master?"

Combat masters were the talented fighters sieved out from the master teachers. Given that he wasn't even a master teacher, how could he be qualified to join the Combat Master Hall?

"It is true that the Combat Master Hall belongs to the Master Teacher Pavilion, but the examination for it differs from that of a master teacher. It doesn't matter whether one is a master teacher or not; the only prerequisite required to join is for one to possess sufficient strength!" Zhuo Qingfeng explained hurriedly.

"Considering the nigh invincible strength you wield within your cultivation realm, such that even I am not an opponent for you, it shouldn't be too difficult for you to clear the examination."

"You mean to say that… I can become a combat master?" Zheng Yang was stunned.

"Of course!" Zhuo Qingfeng nodded. "Considering your talent, you will surely receive the best resources if you join the Combat Master Hall. With your abilities, becoming a Thousand Men Commander, Vice-Captain, or even a Captain isn't beyond reach!"

There was a hierarchy within the Combat Master Hall as well, ranging from an ordinary member to a Captain.

Zhuo Qingfeng himself was a Hundred Men Commander.

"Furthermore, the resources available at the Combat Master Hall are even greater than what Qingyuan Conferred Empire can provide. If you join its ranks, you won't have to worry about procuring resources anymore," Zhuo Qingfeng persuaded anxiously.

Since even he was no match for the young man before him, it meant that the other party had already achieved strength equal to a Hundred Men Commander, and this was still given that the other party hadn't gone through the systematic training of the Combat Master Hall. If the other party were to become a combat master, he had no doubt that it would just be a matter of time before the other party became the Combat Master Hall's ace.

He couldn't let a genius like that go.

Noting the respect the young man had for his teacher, Zhuo Qingfeng continued his persuasion. "Besides. Principal Zhang is a master teacher. The only way for you to follow his footsteps is to become a combat master. Otherwise, it will reflect badly on Principal Zhang if his direct disciple is only an ordinary cultivator…"

"This…" Zheng Yang fell silent.


His teacher was moving too fast. His teacher wasn't just a master teacher but the principal of an entire Master Teacher Academy now, and he would only climb higher as time passed. If he were to remain stationary, it would only be a matter of time before the distance between them grew so big that his teacher was beyond reach.

Furthermore, Zhao Ya, Yuan Tao, and Lu Chong had already gone out to seek their own opportunities, and they would only be stronger than ever when they returned.

As a disciple of Zhang laoshi as well, he couldn't and wouldn't allow himself to lag behind.

Without hesitating for too long, Zheng Yang nodded. "Alright, I am willing to join the Combat Master Hall. Where can I take the examination?"

"I am not qualified to assess a person of your prowess, and given that you aren't a master teacher, the procedures will be slightly more troublesome as well. Why don't I send a message to the Combat Master Hall to have them send a Vice Captain over to assess you personally? It won't take too long, around three days at most," Zhuo Qingfeng said.

While fighting prowess was the only prerequisite to joining the Combat Master Hall, the Combat Master Hall was still a branch of the Master Teacher Pavilion, so it would be more troublesome for an individual who wasn't a master teacher to join it. Given Zhuo Qingfeng's current standing, he was still unqualified to make the call.

Thus, he could only report it upward so that they could send someone qualified over.

"Alright, I will be waiting for the assessment in three days. However, I might not be the only one participating in the assessment!" Zheng Yang said.

"You might not be the only one?" Zhuo Qingfeng frowned doubtfully, not comprehending Zheng Yang's words.

"I still have a senior and two juniors who are on par with or even stronger than me. I hope that they can take the combat master assessment as well." Zheng Yang nodded.

He had come here alone, but if Wang Ying, Liu Yang, and Wei Ruyan were to learn that they had the opportunity to become combat masters as well, they would surely be interested in taking the assessment. In any case, it would be best for him to alert the other party of this matter.

"Even stronger than you?" Zhuo Qingfeng's lips twitched in shock.

He had thought that the reason the young man before him was so powerful was attributed mainly to his overwhelming aptitude for combat, and it was already very fortunate for a master teacher to accept a genius as talented as that in his entire lifetime.

Yet, judging from the young man's words, it seemed like Principal Zhang not only accepted him but many others as well…

This was too ferocious!

"Alright, I will agree to it!"

It would benefit any organization to gather as many talents of such caliber as possible, so how could Zhuo Qingfeng possibly turn him down? Thus, he hurriedly nodded in agreement.

"Un." Hearing that he had the other party's permission, Zheng Yang heaved a sigh of relief before bidding farewell and heading out.

His purpose for coming to the academy had just been to see the prowess of the combat masters, and now that he had seen it, honestly speaking… he was really disappointed.

Knowing that the young man was Principal Zhang's student and couldn't possibly disappear out of the blue, Zhuo Qingfeng wasn't anxious at all. After the other party left, he clasped his fist toward Wo Tianqiong and said, "Principals, pardon me, but I won't be able to accompany you anymore. Farewell!"

"Farewell!" Knowing that Zhuo Qingfeng was showing them the door, the three principals clasped their fists in response and left.

After they left, Zhuo Qingfeng took out his Communication Jade Token without any hesitation and reported everything that had happened back to the Combat Master Hall.


Oblivious to the fact that his student had caused a ruckus at the accommodation of the combat masters and defeated everyone there, at that moment, Zhang Xuan had finally finished lecturing the method of condensing one's zhenqi and the simplified version of the Quintuple Incandescence Golden Body.

Looking at the crowd busily cultivating before him, he heaved a sigh of relief.

His lecture paired with his Impartation of Heaven's Will had benefited the students greatly, and the several hundred high-tier spirit stones he had tossed into the Spirit Gathering Formation had also allowed them to make huge progress in their cultivation.

It was just a single night, but the average fighting prowess of the candidates was raised by more than twofold.

If only I had three days, I could reinforce their cultivation further, and they would be much stronger than this… Zhang Xuan sighed in lamentation.

While the content he lectured seemed to be simple on the surface, it was aligned with the essence of the world, so it was not that easy to grasp. It was only because of the exceptional talent of these hundred students that they were able to learn so quickly and make such massive improvements within a limited period of time.

If they had been just an average student of the academy, they wouldn't have been able to make such considerable advancements in their cultivation even if Zhang Xuan had lectured them for three days straight.

While talent didn't necessarily determine one's end point, the talented were still bound to learn faster than the untalented given the same lecture.

Considering that these students were able to emerge as the top twenty of their respective grades in the Master Teacher Academy, which was overflowing with geniuses, it went without saying that each of them possessed amazing talent.

But even so, a night of teaching had only given them a glimpse into what Zhang Xuan had tried to teach them.

After the lecture came to an end, the students gradually awakened from their trance. Even though they weren't too sure how strong they had become after the lecture, they could still vividly feel the devastating strength coursing through their bodies.

And the one who had given them such power was the young man before their eyes!


The hundred students kneeled to the ground as they gazed at Zhang Xuan in admiration and respect.

Regardless of whether the other party was willing to acknowledge them as his students or not, they would never forget the grace he had shown them.

"Good. From today onward, you shall be my students."

After all Zhang Xuan had imparted to them, even if the students still couldn't be considered his direct disciple, they could surely be considered his own students. As such, he didn't turn them down.

"Yes, Teacher!" the crowd replied.

Fearing that the students would be unable to exert their full strength due to their nervousness, Zhang Xuan offered some words of reassurance. "Alright. The day is up, and the Combat Master Hall's assessment should be beginning very soon. Later on, as long as you exert your full strength, you should be able to clear the assessment with ease."

In response, the students nodded in agreement.

Leaving the room, they immediately noticed that the world outside had already brightened up. The warm sunlight that shone on their bodies felt very comfortable.

It was already nearing the middle of the year, and summer was nearing its end. The morning sun wasn't particularly warm, but it was devoid of the slight frigidity typical of autumn.

Arriving at the training grounds, they found that it was completely packed with huge crowds just like the day before.

A night was more than sufficient for the entirety of Hongyuan City to learn about the affairs that had occurred the previous day. As such, even Emperor Yu Shenqing had come personally this time around to witness history being made in the Hongyuan Master Teacher Academy.

Before Hongyuan's party reached their allocated area within the training grounds, a young man suddenly walked up to Zhu Jian and asked with a smile, "How do you feel after a night of training?"

It was the champion of Luoqing's internal selection, Zhang Qingshan!

He was one of the few who had cleared the selection yesterday and become a member of the Combat Master Hall.

His question raised a ripple among the crowd as curious gazes swiftly turned over, desiring to hear Zhu Jian's response.

If an hour lecture from Principal Zhang could grant them astounding strength capable of subduing even the combat masters, how powerful would they become after a night of cultivation?

Zhu Jian shook his head. "I am not too sure either."

He was not being humble by saying these words. This was indeed how he felt at the moment.

He had felt his zhenqi becoming purer and more condensed after a night of training, and his physical body had strengthened significantly as well, but he wouldn't be entirely sure to what extent his improvement was until he tested it himself.

"I see… Why don't I trade a simple punch with you using just our physical and zhenqi strength? We won't use any battle techniques. This way, we should be able to roughly gauge the extent of your improvement!" Zhang Qingshan said.

From the assessment of the Stone of True Breath the previous day, it was shown that he had a score of 4.5 whereas Zhu Jian only had a score of 2.1, a significant difference between them. In other words, in a clash of brute strength, he would be able to overwhelm Zhu Jian easily. Through trading fists, they should be able to estimate where Zhu Jian roughly stood after a night of cultivation.

"Alright!" Thinking that the idea was great as well, Zhu Jian nodded in agreement. Chuckling softly, he clenched his fist tightly and flung it toward Zhang Qingshan.

"Hehe, be careful. My strength is no joke!" Seeing how candid Zhu Jian was, Zhang Qingshan chuckled in response and retaliated with a punch of his own.


As the two fists collided, the smile on Zhang Qingshan's face immediately stiffened as a jolt ran through his body.


A piercing scream of agony escaped from his mouth as he flew rapidly into the distance, disappearing from everyone's eyes. This strike had probably sent him several hundred meters away.

"Hey, don't be in such a rush to fly away… I haven't used my full strength yet." Zhu Jian scratched his head in embarrassment.

"…" The dumbfounded crowd.

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