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The Eight Notes of Heavenly Dragon that he had learned back then allowed him to subdue any beast possessing the Dragon's Bloodline as long as it had not reached the purity of a Pureblooded Dragon.

At the start, he had been a little apprehensive at using the Eight Notes of Heavenly Dragon as he thought that it would not be too effective against a Saint 8-dan beast. On top of that, it also expended a great deal of his zhenqi, which would only result in his weakening. Yet, contrary to his expectations, it worked much better than he predicted!

If only he had known that it would be like that, he would have just done so right from the start and spared himself some pain.

"You are… a Pureblooded Dragon?"

While Zhang Xuan was still in thought, the convulsing Netherworld Azure Dragon Beast stared at him with deep terror reflected in its eyes.

The hierarchy within the Dragon Tribe was extremely strict. Even though it was known as the Netherworld Azure Dragon Beast, it was still far from matching up to a real member of the Dragon Tribe.

"I am not a Pureblooded Dragon, but as long as you submit to me, I can help you refine your bloodline and make you stronger." Zhang Xuan walked over with a domineering attitude, as if saying that he would use the Eight Notes of Heavenly Dragon against it once more if it dared say no.

It did not take too long for the Netherworld Azure Dragon Beast to lower its head. "I'll submit…"

The fact that the other party was able to voice out the Eight Notes of the Heavenly Dragon meant that the young man was definitely associated with the Pureblooded Dragon, even if he was not one of them. Submitting to such a figure was not only not a shame, it could be said to be a blessing even!

He would have to be a fool not to grasp such an opportunity.

Seeing that the Netherworld Azure Dragon Beast had agreed to it, Zhang Xuan heaved a sigh of relief.

He had come here only to help Luo Xuanqing find the Dongxu Gourd, but who would have thought that he would end up taking in a Saint 8-dan beast instead? However, this was good too. Among the student populace, there were not many who would be able to defeat the Netherworld Azure Dragon Beast. With such a tamed beast, he would be able to stand unmatched in the Sanctum of Sages.

Within the cavern, Yuan Xiao was still slowly advancing.

Knowing that there was a Saint 8-dan beast in the cavern, he dared not use his Spiritual Perception too far nor fly for fear of alarming it. He could only cautiously advance, relying solely on his sense of sight to detect danger. However, the cavern was simply too big. Despite advancing for ten whole minutes, he still had not reached the end of it.

Just where in the world is the Netherworld Azure Dragon Beast?

After walking a little longer and finding himself back at the entrance of the cavern, Yuan Xiao frowned.

He had already walked an entire lap around the cavern, so why was the Netherworld Azure Dragon Beast still nowhere to be seen? Could it be that it was out hunting and was not back yet?

It would be wonderful if that was the case. He would be able to set up a formation at the entrance of the cavern and activate it as soon as the Netherworld Azure Dragon Beast returned to trap it. This way, he would not have to endanger himself by luring it.

If that's the case, I should hurry out to inform Luo Xuanqing and the others of this matter…

With this thought in mind, he extended his Spiritual Perception throughout the cavern and swiftly swept across it.

As expected, the Netherworld Azure Dragon Beast was really nowhere to be seen. Thus, he quickly made his way out of the cavern.

The fact that the Netherworld Azure Dragon Beast was not around meant that they could not rely on it to deal with Zhang Chun and the others anymore, so there was no point for them to wait anymore.

Squeezing out of the entrance of the cavern once more, he was just about to beckon Zhang Xuan over when he suddenly saw a massive figure lying on the ground, licking the young man's feet subserviently.

"This…" Yuan Xiao widened his eyes in horror, unable to believe what he was seeing. "Zhang shi, w-what is going on?"

How in the world did something like this happen?

It's one thing for the Netherworld Azure Dragon Beast, which he had been searching all around the cavern for, to be outside, but for it to be lying before Zhang Xuan, licking his feet subserviently…

Am I dreaming?

"Oh. The Netherworld Azure Dragon Beast happened to meet with me while it was on its way back to the cavern, and I happened to be free, so I decided to tame it," Zhang Xuan replied.

"You decided to tame it…" Yuan Xiao nearly fainted on the spot.

That's a Saint 8-dan beast! It's a figure that we would have to flee as far as possible from when encountering it, and yet, to just 'decide to tame it'… Furthermore, how long has it been?

Ten minutes? Twenty minutes?

In any case, it hasn't even been thirty minutes yet!

Suppressing the frenzy that was threatening to turn him hysterical, he looked at Zhang Xuan deeply for a long while before asking, "You… are skilled at beast taming too?"

"I did clear the beast tamer examination," Zhang Xuan replied with a nod.

At that very moment, Yuan Xiao felt so stifled that he was not even sure what he should say anymore.

It was one thing for that fellow to possess inconceivable prowess in terms of formations, but for him to wield such formidable capabilities as an apothecary, physician, and now a beast tamer as well. Really, was there anything in the world he was incapable of?

With the danger of the Netherworld Azure Dragon Beast resolved, there was no longer any point in them remaining there. So, Zhang Xuan waved his hands and said, "Let's head over to check up on Brother Luo and the others!"

Considering how there could be formations within the cavern and that Yuan Xiao dared not use his Spiritual Perception for fear of alarming the Netherworld Azure Dragon Beast, it was understandable that he was oblivious to the commotion outside.

However, Luo Xuanqing and the others should not have been too far either, so they should have heard the commotion. Yet, for none of them to attempt to come over to check things out, it could only mean that either things were really tight on their side or something had already happened to them.

Thus, the both of them quickly headed over to where Luo Xuanqing and the others were.

Before even arriving, they could feel a powerful gale rushing at them, and pebbles and boulders were flying all around. However, perhaps out of fear that their fight would draw in even more saint beasts, there was an intentional attempt on both sides to suppress their strength such that the shockwaves of their attacks would disappear after travelling a certain distance.

Walking through the various boulders flying around the area, Zhang Xuan and Yuan Xiao soon saw two figures exchanging blows in the air. Every single move they executed harnessed astounding might; even someone of Zhang Xuan's prowess would hesitate to close in on them recklessly.

Zhang Xuan could recognize that one of the figures belonged to Luo Xuanqing, so he turned to Yuan Xiao and asked, "Is he Zhang Chun?"

The person whom Luo Xuanqing was facing was a young man in his thirties. He had thick, bushy eyebrows and a pair of long and slender arms. He commanded a wholesome power that seemed to have very few openings for one to exploit. Just like Luo Xuanqing, he was at Saint 7-dan pinnacle, too.

"Un." Yuan Xiao nodded.

Zhang Xuan took a closer look at the battle, and just as Yuan Xiao had said, the blows that both parties were using were indeed vicious and callous.

However, it seemed like both parties were extremely familiar with one another, such that they could actually predict the move of the other party in advance. As such, despite how dangerous the battle was, neither side was actually able to harm the other, even slightly.

On the contrary, they felt like brothers of the same lineage trying to feed one another moves.

To the side, Bi Hongyin and Yun Lianhai were standing opposite two people from Zhang Chun's side with their arms crossed before their chests, watching the battle interestedly from the sidelines.

Yuan Xiao walked up to Bi Hongyin and Yun Lianhai and asked with a suppressed voice, "Why did the both of them start fighting with one another?"

Was the plan not to put on a show to stop Zhang Chun's advancement? Why did Luo Xuanqing end up fighting so seriously with the other party?

"We tried to stop him, but Zhang Chun proposed that they settle the problem through force, saying that the winner would gain the right to tame the Netherworld Azure Dragon Beast whereas the loser would have to scram as far away as he could!

"Provoked by those words, Brother Luo ended up fighting with him. However, as they are on the same level and are simply too familiar with each other's moves as well, the battle has dragged on till now," Bi Hongyin explained.

Then, she suddenly recalled a matter and asked with a frown, "Where is the Netherworld Azure Dragon Beast? You didn't lure it over?"

"Regarding that…" Recalling what he had seen earlier, Yuan Xiao was not sure how he could explain this matter to Bi Hongyin, so he shook his head and said, "It would be best for you to ask Zhang shi instead."

Bi Hongyin shot Yuan Xiao a perplexed look, but she still turned to Zhang Xuan and asked, "Zhang shi, how did the matter with the Netherworld Azure Dragon Beast go?"

"Oh. I fought with it earlier, and…"

Zhang Xuan was just about to explain the matter that had just happened when a powerful shockwave suddenly burst forth from ahead.

In the sky, Zhang Chun forcefully pushed Luo Xuanqing away before retreating from the battlefield. Then, he noticed Zhang Xuan and Yuan Xiao's figures and frowned. "The both of you are actually fine?"

The Netherworld Azure Dragon Beast had clearly marched off angrily to deal with the two of them, so how could they have returned completely unharmed?

Zhang Chun's words made Luo Xuanqing realize that there was something amiss with the situation as well, and he questioned, "What do you mean by that?"

"Xuanqing, that fellow met with the Netherworld Azure Dragon Beast before us and told it that you were going to tame it in order to provoke it. This way, it would harbor hostility toward us and attack with the utmost aggression if we were to ever encounter it," Yuan Xiao explained.

Zhang Xuan had already explained the matter to him while they were making their way over, and this made him realize that he had fallen for the other party's ploy too.

"Indeed, I did meet with the Netherworld Azure Dragon Beast before you. I knew that you were intentionally trying to block my way, but tough luck for you, that happened to work in my favor. You know, I was actually quite curious to see how powerful an enraged Netherworld Azure Dragon Beast would be!" Zhang Chun chuckled heartily, admitting to the matter forthrightly.

However, he still could not help but direct questioning gazes toward Zhang Xuan and Yuan Xiao. "The both of you should have encountered with the Netherworld Azure Dragon Beast, so how can you be completely fine?"

It was no wonder he was perplexed by the matter.

The Netherworld Azure Dragon Beast was a Saint 8-dan beast, and even he would be no match for it when it was in an enraged state. Yet, those two actually managed to escape unscathed from its clutches… This was simply illogical!

His plan had been to intentionally stall Luo Xuanqing from saving the others, thus causing two of his companions to sustain some injuries and be incapacitated. After which, he would lure the Netherworld Azure Dragon Beast over to deal with Luo Xuanqing. Through this, not only would he be able to sabotage Luo Xuanqing, he would be able to earn the Netherworld Azure Dragon Beast's goodwill too.

If the two of them managed to return unscathed, could it mean that they did not manage to meet with the Netherworld Azure Dragon Beast?

Instead of answering Zhang Chun's question, Zhang Xuan instead asked, "You are Zhang Chun?"

"That's right. Who are you?" Zhang Chun asked with a frown.

For a mere Leaving Aperture realm pinnacle fellow to address him directly with such an insolent tone, he sure had guts.

"You don't need to know who I am. I heard that you have intentions of courting the little princess of the Luo Clan. Is that true?" Zhang Xuan asked.

"What are you getting at?" Zhang Chun asked with narrowed eyes. He turned to Luo Xuanqing and asked coldly, "Luo Xuanqing, is he your man?"

"Zhang shi…" Hearing how his younger sister had been brought up, a frown emerged on Luo Xuanqing's forehead as well.

Zhang Xuan turned to Luo Xuanqing and said with a firm voice, "Brother Luo, just tell me if he harbors any inappropriate thoughts toward the little princess."

"Humph, he's just a toad lusting over the flesh of a swan. How could someone like him possibly be worthy of my younger sister?" Luo Xuanqing was not sure what Zhang Xuan was getting at either, but hearing about the matter between Zhang Chun and his younger sister still made him harrumph in displeasure.

In the first place, he was already filled with many dissatisfactions about the Zhang Clan, especially with the disappearance of the young prodigy. Yet, that bastard Zhang Chun still dared to harass his younger sister. If not for the limitations of his strength, he would have had Zhang Chun pummeled to the point where not even his parents recognized him!

"Since Brother Luo has said such words, he really does deserve a beating," Zhang Xuan said with an affirmative nod, seemingly making up his mind on something.

"Deserve a beating? Hah, you are thinking of beating me up?" Zhang Chun was still wondering what this nobody was up to, but upon hearing that the other party was dreaming of beating him up, he felt so enraged that he actually began laughing instead.

He was one of the top experts in the Inner Sanctum as well as an influential offspring of the Zhang Clan. There was no one who would not shudder before his wrath.

And yet, a Leaving Aperture realm nobody actually uttered such arrogant words to his face, showing a complete disregard for him!

"Zhang shi…" Luo Xuanqing was bewildered by those words, too.

Did someone knock Zhang Xuan silly earlier?

Zhang Chun was a figure who even he had trouble defeating, and that young man actually declared that he would give the other party a beating?

"Oh? You are smarter than I thought. I thought that I would have to repeat those words a few more times before you were able to get my point," Zhang Xuan replied condescendingly.

"You… Very well! I hope you possess the strength to back up the arrogant words you have spouted here!" With a cold sneer, Zhang Chun flicked his hand, and an overwhelming pressure immediately crushed down upon Zhang Xuan.

"Give him a taste of the floor!" Zhang Xuan snapped his fingers leisurely, showing complete nonchalance toward Zhang Chun's offense.


The next moment, a massive shadow abruptly covered the entire area above them. Following which, something reminiscent of a whip suddenly swept over with frightening speed.


Before Zhang Chun could even process what was going on, he had been sent flying into a nearby cliff, creating a huge pit in it.

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