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Amid Zhang Xuan's doubt, two massive characters floated up from the opened scroll, and they covered the entire sky with an air of valiance.

"Arrest Warrant?" Zhang Xuan was taken aback.

Those two characters were the words 'Arrest Warrant' written in an ancient script. What could that mean?

While Zhang Xuan was still in shock, he heard an exclamation from the crowd around him. "Could the Master Teacher Pavilion be placing an arrest warrant on someone?"

Zhang Xuan could not help but ask, "What does that mean?"

"Based on what I know, if someone who has committed a heinous crime is on the run, the Master Teacher Pavilion headquarters can release an arrest warrant to have that person apprehended. Usually, once the arrest warrant is released, that person is done for because there's no way to escape from it! Any locations that have a Master Teacher Pavilion will surely receive the arrest warrant, so there's absolutely no way the wanted person could escape arrest! But ever since the founding of the Master Teacher Pavilion headquarters, the arrest warrant has been issued less than ten times…"


Hearing the explanation, Zhang Xuan's eyelids twitched a little as an ominous premonition surfaced in his mind.

Could it be…

Before he could finish formulating his thoughts, a deep voice boomed across the air

"8-star Master Teacher Zhang Xuan has disrespected his seniors by disguising as a high-rank master teacher. He has willfully caused great destruction in the Zhang Clan, wreaked havoc in the Sanctum of Sages, and kidnapped the young court chief and leveled countless buildings of the Glacier Plain Court. In view of the atrocities that he has committed, the Master Teacher Pavilion headquarters has decided to place an arrest warrant on him. This is his soul aura and his appearance. Anyone who finds him can report him to the local Master Teacher Pavilion, and once the news is verified, the informant will be awarded one hundred pinnacle spirit stones!"

"100 pinnacle spirit stones?"

"Just how desperate is the Master Teacher Pavilion headquarters to capture him?"

"Destroying the Zhang Clan, wreaking havoc in the Sanctum of Sages, and kidnapping the young court chief of the Glacier Plain Court… Has he lost his mind?"

"Wait, doesn't that mean that the Zhang Clan, Sanctum of Sages, and Glacier Plain Court all failed to capture him?"

"Just who is that Zhang Xuan to wield such formidable capabilities…"

A huge commotion broke out amid the crowd as looks of belief surfaced all around.

Those three powers symbolized the top echelons of the Master Teacher Continent, and yet, an 8-star master teacher had actually managed to cause trouble in their home turf and get away scot-free, forcing the Master Teacher Pavilion headquarters to put out an arrest warrant on him.

Just what kind of formidable capabilities did Zhang Xuan wield to be able to pull off something like that?

"Teacher…" Standing beside Zhang Xuan, Zhao Ya's face turned ghastly pale upon hearing those words, and she hurriedly turned to look at him with concern.

She knew that her teacher had rushed over from afar in order to save her, but she did not think that he would actually cause such a huge commotion for her.

Zhang Xuan's lips also twitched a little upon hearing the decree.

To be honest, while he did cause quite a bit of destruction, those three powers, the Zhang Clan, the Sanctum of Sages, and the Glacier Plain Court, also held irrefutable blame.

The First Elder of the Zhang Clan, Zhang Wuheng, had tried to kill him, which eventually resulted in the ensuing tragedy.

Zhan shi of the Sanctum of Sages had forcefully attempted to stop him and hand him over to the Zhang Clan, and it had been in retaliation to their hostility that a huge part of the Sanctum of Sages had ended up being destroyed.

As for the Glacier Plain Court, they had actually forced their young court chief to resort to depraved arts, and not to mention, Zhao Ya was his student, so how could his actions be considered kidnapping.

Yet, to think that they would be so shameless as to report this matter to the Master Teacher Pavilion headquarters and push for the issuing of such a decree…

All he wanted to do was to resolve his Innate Fetal Poison and live a peaceful life as a teacher.

Why was this simple wish of his just so difficult to achieve?

With the issuing of this decree, the entire Master Teacher Continent would swiftly know of him, and he would no longer be able to live quietly.

This was something that he absolutely did not wish to see.

"Teacher, they said that you… destroyed the Zhang Clan and wreaked havoc in the Sanctum of Sages… What's going on?"

At this point, Zhao Ya could not keep her cool any longer.

Ever since she regained consciousness, her teacher had made sure to steer clear from mentioning what had happened earlier, so till now, she had still been unsure of what the exact circumstances were.

She had willingly left with her teacher, so how did it become her teacher kidnapping her instead?

Furthermore, the leveling of countless buildings of the Glacier Plain Court… Considering the limited cultivation of her teacher, surely there was no way he could have pulled something like that off.

Knowing that he could not hide this matter from Zhao Ya anymore, Zhang Xuan shook his head helplessly. "This isn't the place to speak. I'll tell you everything after we find a quiet place later on…"

There were experts all around them, so zhenqi telepathy and the sort were not too safe. It would be better for them to find a safe location, where he would set up an isolation barrier, before explaining everything.

Otherwise, he would only put this student of his in greater unease if he continued keeping silent about everything.

"Alright!" Knowing that they were not in an appropriate place for them to speak as well, Zhao Ya nodded.

Soon, after the old man was done announcing the Master Teacher Decree, the crowd in the square dispersed. Suppressing his cultivation, Zhang Xuan brought Zhao Ya toward the suburbs of the Empire Alliance City.

He had been thinking of entering the Blacksmith Guild, but from the looks of it, it was fortunate that he had not. Otherwise, he would have been caught as soon as he walked in.

The two of them quickly left the Empire Alliance City and entered a relatively peaceful valley. Zhang Xuan set up an isolation barrier around the area and checked once more that there was no one around before he began explaining everything to Zhao Ya.

From the conflict in the Zhang Clan, the teleportation at the Sanctum of Sages, to the lightning tribulation at the Glacier Plain Court, before Zhang Xuan could finish his story, Zhao Ya's eyes were already widened to the brim. She was completely dumbfounded by what she had just heard.

She had thought that she was already very bold, but compared to her teacher, it seemed like her boldness was only child's play.

Those were three major powers on the Master Teacher Continent! Just getting on the bad side of any one of them was enough to render any cultivator so uneasy that they would not be able to eat well or rest well. Yet, her teacher actually still had the guts to bring her into the Empire Alliance City and even listen to the Master Teacher Decree in person.

"Teacher, it's all my fault. I shouldn't have sent that message to you…" Zhao Ya could not help but bite her lips in regret.

It was for her that her teacher had ended up offending so many powers at once. Otherwise, given his capabilities, he surely would have been highly regarded by the Master Teacher Pavilion, and he would not have ended up in such a position.

"It's fine!" Zhang Xuan waved his hand.

He had intended to wreak havoc in the Zhang Clan anyway, so he did not mind souring his relationship with them.

As for the Sanctum of Sages, that was even less of a problem. He was the sanctum head candidate, and he had already unlocked two seals on the Sanctum Head Token so far. As long as he could find suitable optic art manuals to perfect the Divine Eyes of the Ninth Netherworld, he would be able to unlock the final seal. By then, he would be able to reveal his identity, and the problem would be resolved by itself.

Regarding the Glacier Plain Court, given what they had done to his student, putting aside destroying them once, he would have no qualms with destroying them a second time or even a third!

So, the matters that had left the crowd lowering their jaws in shock were actually nothing much to him at all!

It was just that with his 'notoriety' spreading far and wide, it would be hard for him to maintain a low profile.

"Teacher, with the arrest warrant put on you, the master teacher rank that you have earned with great difficulty will be completely put to waste," Zhao Ya exclaimed anxiously.

Given that even the Master Teacher Pavilion headquarters had gotten involved, there was no doubt that her teacher would be stripped of his master teacher rank. She had seen with her own eyes how her teacher had advanced from an ordinary teacher to a master teacher and the painstaking effort that he had put in so as to scale the master teacher ladder. For it all to be ruined just like that…

Putting aside her teacher, even she felt indignant on his behalf!

"What's the point of remaining as a master teacher if I had to abandon what I stand for? As long as I stand by my values as a teacher, what does losing a mere title matter?" Zhang Xuan shook his head as he reassured his student.

A moment later, he suddenly froze on the spot.

The words that he had said to Zhao Ya had made him realize something.

All along, he had thought that his Innate Fetal Poison would not be resolved if he lost his title as a master teacher.

But back in Kong shi's earlier years, the master teacher occupation still had not come into existence.

If so, how did he resolve the Innate Fetal Poison?

What was it that defined one as a master teacher? If one acted and behaved as a master teacher but lacked the recognition from the Master Teacher Pavilion, would that mean that they were not a master teacher anymore?

Ultimately, the Master Teacher Pavilion was just a formality. As long as one embraced the values of a teacher, why should they care about how others view them?

Did it really matter that much whether a master teacher wore a master teacher emblem or not?

As long as anyone saw themself as a teacher and conducted themself as one, even if they did not don the master teacher robe or have the recognition of the Master Teacher Pavilion, they would still be a true teacher!

Hong long!

As soon as this thought emerged in Zhang Xuan's mind, his body suddenly stiffened. A unique surge of power descended from the heavens and shrouded his body.

The fifth acknowledgement of Celestial Master Teacher had begun!

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