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"Not bad!"

In face of the immense pressure exerted by the Deputy Sanctum Head Token, Zhang Xuan did not panic in the least. Instead, with a light smile, he raised his finger in preparation to deal with the attack before him.

In this moment, he had already fully reconstructed Zhao Ya's meridians, so there was no longer any need for him to remain seated on the ground. Straightening his back, he swiftly drove the energy within his body, intending to seal of the space ahead of him to seal the advancement of the Deputy Sanctum Head Token. However, before he could do so, his eyes suddenly narrowed, and his body stiffened in horror.

"Cr*p…" he muttered.

Following that, he felt strength receding from his body like an ebbing tide, vanishing in an instant. At the same time, his spirit also seemed to have been sapped from his body, and he nearly collapsed to the ground.

At this crucial moment, the power that he had gained from the Pavilion Master Seal actually vanished!

Could this be what Kong shi wanted to say previously, that the power only lasts ten minutes? Zhang Xuan nearly burst into tears on the spot.

The unreliable Kong shi had vanished without explaining the use of the Pavilion Master Seal, and it was the first time that he had used it as well. He had thought that he would still have enough time in order to overcome the current crisis, but who could have thought that he would only have a short ten minutes!

It would have been perfectly simple for him to deal with this attack when he was infused with the strength from the Pavilion Master Seal, but now that it had disappeared, as a Dimension Sundering realm primary stage cultivator, he might just end up being squashed into meat paste!


Such thoughts swiftly flashed across his mind before vanishing. By this point, the token had already arrived right before him.

Geji Geji!

Even under the pressure of the token, he could already feel his bones creaking in protest, and his head was squeezed to the point that it seemed almost as if it would burst at any moment. Any more than that, and he would really be exceeding the limits of his body.

It looks like I can only try to escape…

Knowing that the current him did not wield the strength to overcome the Deputy Sanctum Head Token, Zhang Xuan took a deep breath and prepared to flee.

However, as he was about to do so, a brilliant light suddenly glowed from his body, and following which, the imposing token charging at him in the sky started vibrating intensely.


It fell to the floor and lay down on the ground, not daring to raise itself in the slightest, almost as if a servant paying respects to its master.

"This…" Zhang Xuan was struck dumb for a moment before discreetly heaving a sigh of relief.

The close shave with death earlier had already left his back drenched with sweat.

While he was still trying to make sense of the situation that had just happened, in the sky, Zhan shi narrowed his eyes in shock after seeing what had happened, and his face immediately turned utterly pale.

Despite not exerting the slightest strength, he was still able to force the Deputy Sanctum Head Token to bow subserviently to him… There is only one possibility for such an occurrence—the Deputy Sanctum Head Token has viewed Zhang Xuan to be a person more esteemed than me and dares not make a move on him! However, the Deputy Sanctum Head Token harnesses the wills of countless experts, and to make them bow so deferentially… could it be that… But how could that be possible? Isn't it Feng Ziyi? How could it be him?

Zhan shi shook his head vehemently in disbelief.

There was only one thing in the world that could make the Deputy Sanctum Head Token submit completely, and that was the Sanctum Head Token!

While they had learned that Sage Kui had chosen a new sanctum head candidate recently, they had always thought that the person was Feng Ziyi. Yet, contrary to their expectations, it turned out to be Zhang Xuan instead!

After all the mess and damage that you have caused to the Sanctum of Sages… After making an enemy out of the entire Sanctum of Sages… Are you seriously telling me now that you are actually the sanctum head?

This massive shock left him feeling as if he would explode on the spot.

Since you are the sanctum head, the entire Sanctum of Sages is yours… Why did you cause such a huge fuss then?

How is this different from destroying your own home?

In his moment of distress, Zhan shi turned his head and saw Zhang Wuheng, and all of a sudden, he felt much better.

Indeed, no matter how vicious Zhang Xuan had been with the Sanctum of Sages, at the very least, it was not as bad as with the Zhang Clan. The fellow would go to the extent of destroying his real home, let alone the Sanctum of Sages!

The dismal Zhan shi could not take it any longer and sent a telepathic message over. "Zhang shi, you are the sanctum head…"

"Yeah." Zhang Xuan nodded.

After receiving the Sanctum Head Token, Sage Kui had warned him not to tell anyone of his identity until the three seals had been deciphered. However, in this case, it was Zhan shi who had guessed the truth himself, so it could not be considered a breach of the rules.

This was just like how Yang shi had guessed it back then on himself as well.

"As expected…" Hearing the confirmation, Zhan shi's body staggered weakly.

For a deputy sanctum head to actually issue an arrest warrant on the real sanctum head… that was truly a count of insubordination!

It was fortunate that Zhang Xuan had managed to get away then! Otherwise, if he had really killed the sanctum head, he would have become a great sinner!

Seeing that there was a lack of movement from Zhan shi after the Deputy Sanctum Head Token fell to the ground, Ren Qingyuan turned his gaze over and asked, "Zhan shi, are you admitting defeat?"

While the Deputy Sanctum Head Token had been launched with astounding force, it had fallen to the ground before it even reached Zhang Xuan. In the eyes of the outsiders, it appeared as if Zhan shi was intentionally going easy on him.

"I admit defeat!" Zhan shi hurriedly nodded.

"You said earlier that your grudge with him is irreconcilable, and yet, you went easy on him as soon as the battle started. Aren't you taking this matter too lightly? Is that all there is to the dignity of your Sanctum of Sages?" Elder Qu sneered coldly by the side.

The Glacier Plain Court and the Zhang Clan had already submitted so far. He had thought that at least the Sanctum of Sages would push its case to the very end, but who could have thought that it would be the one most lacking in backbone!

"Elder Qu, this is an internal affair of our Sanctum of Sages. An outsider like you should hold your tongue and refrain from interfering in our issues!" Zhan shi replied sharply before pocketing the Deputy Sanctum Head Token and backing away.

Then, he turned around to face the crowd from the Sanctum of Sages and declared, "From today onward, our Sanctum of Sages shall be under Zhang shi's leadership. His words are the very decree of the Sanctum of Sages itself, and if anyone dares oppose him, that person will be banished from the Sanctum of Sages and never to be recruited again!"

His voice resounded across the entire city, carrying a firm resolve behind it.


"Zhan shi, even if you choose to let him off, surely our Sanctum of Sages hasn't lowered so much as to have to submit to a person like him!"

"Why? I can't accept this decree!"

The elders who had followed Zhan shi there looked at one another, flabbergasted by what they had just heard.

Even if you can't defeat Zhang shi, surely you didn't have to make the entire Sanctum of Sages bow down to him, right?

This is illogical!

"Do you want to know the reason?" Zhan shi asked.

"Yes, I want to know! Without a convincing reason, there's no way I can follow such an order!"

"Indeed! Even if our Sanctum of Sages isn't a match for him, we still can't bow to another man so easily, let alone someone like him!"

The elders of the Sanctum of Sages protested indignantly.

"Very well, I'll tell you the reason then…" Hearing those words, Zhan shi shook his head. With a resounding voice, he revealed the truth. "Zhang Xuan is our new sanctum head!"

"Our new sanctum head?"

"W-what does that mean?"

Everyone was stupefied.

"It means exactly what it sounds like. He's the sanctum head that Sage Kui has chosen, and that's why my Deputy Sanctum Head Token submitted to him, not daring to injure him. Naturally, as the real sanctum head, his authority over the Deputy Sanctum Head Token is greater than mine, so it heeded his orders instead!" Zhan shi said.

"Our sanctum head… But…"

All of the elders were not able to process the shocking revelation that they had just heard.

Not only them, Sword Saint Xing, Ren Qingyuan, and the others were also shocked silly as well, and they stared at Zhang Xuan as if they were looking at a monster.

The head of the Zhang Clan, the teacher of Glacier Plain Court's court chief, and now, he had another identity to his name… the sanctum head of the Sanctum of Sages!

From a man who the three powers had been dying to tear apart, within less than a single hour, he had become a man who commanded all three of them.

Could there be anything more dramatic than this?

"My son has become the head of the Sanctum of Sages?" The Xingmeng Sword Saints stared at one another with eyes widened in shock.

Just finding their son was able to bring them utmost bliss, but who could have thought that their son would be like a pile of mystery boxes, bringing them surprises from unexpected corners one after another!

"H-how is this possible?"

Elder Qu's body twitched, and before that moment, he had never felt so tearful in his life.

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